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Athena´s Flight Report and more - Ukraine

Cosmic Agency, Gosia March 20, 2022

Originally in Spanish - March 19, 2022

Robert: It came very strongly to my mind today... that the Ukrainians are using the civilian population against their will.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, that's right. The Western media disinformation is monumental in Ukraine. Basically, nothing they say is true.

Let me inform you. I flew three days in a row in the area. What I saw is that around Ukraine over Poland mainly it is plagued by NATO machinery. Tanks, armored vehicles and so many planes that it looks like a hornet's nest, but nobody is allowed to cross the border or court martial. So many Western fighter planes make my job much easier, they get confused among themselves and don´t even know who is who in the air, a lot of disorganization.

What I saw is a lot of anti-aircraft ammunition, SAMs (missiles) M270 MLRS which are armored vehicles that put out clusters of rockets to destroy a whole area. In the Black Sea there are US NAVY and Royal Navy ships. At least six submarines. In the Baltic there is only one submarine, from Hampton. But the submarine is a fighter, not a missile carrier. Although it carries Tomahawk. It can hit a population inland. It is a Los Angeles II- class.

Romania has 10th mountain division of the US ARMY. Complete a division, 1 100 men. Helicopters but in swarms.

On the Russian side I can't see from air. But unlike my last report that there were no planes in the air, the Russians are also swarming. I'm talking about thousands of planes on both sides. And there have already been incidents of near collisions with each other.

Including me. As I flew low, I passed dangerously close by a T-6 Texan II taking off. We went right past each other.  

Robert: And you filmed all that for the Toleka to see?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, and it was on the Gun Cam. But it was very disturbing because we passed virtually at about two or three meters. The tail of the Texan II passed grazing my rear stabilizers. The mountain was blinding me and we were both at about 90 meters AGL altitude. She was flying inappropriately for the location and altitude, I was in approach position, on my ILS path by instruments.

Robert: That means they bring in inexperienced pilots.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, and that's my point too. They brought in everybody. Greens especially. For example, if you look on the internet, the T-6A Texan II is the USAF's primary trainer aircraft. What is it doing in Poland?

What's going on there is a powder keg waiting to explode. Anything happens and it's the Russians' fault, worst time I've ever seen.

Now, part two. This is no longer reported by me because I can't see inside Ukraine because I can't fly there. We know it by other methods. 

You don't see fights as they tell you in the news. You see Russian positions at key points like nuclear plants and bridges, as well as airports and military bases taken. As if Russia has already taken Ukraine almost completely. ALMOST.

Because what you do see are many refugees in large numbers. Walking towards the borders with Russia, Poland and Romania. Thousands and thousands carrying what they can. Scenario comparable to the Second World War. And many villages and towns destroyed and burning. It looks like arson attacks. It looks like the Ukrainian Army is the one attacking the people, as Robert suspected.

The West is pushing an absurd narrative. Completely fake news. What you do see is that they are attacking Ukrainian civilians and for sure making them think it is the Russians who are attacking them. But at the borders and in some refugee formations or convoys Russian wheeled armored vehicles have been seen escorting people 

What is being said here, by the military analysts of Taygeta, Dhor Kaal'el and Khila mainly, that they are pushing the narrative of "heroes" of the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian air force and of ordinary people who have remained to fight against the Russian invasion... to not only manipulate the Western perception against Russia but also to encourage the Ukrainian people themselves to fight, thereby exploiting their courage and their impetus.

Robert: So they are afraid that the civilian population of the West will see that all these atrocities are done by mercenary commandos who are surely from the US.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. We cannot say whether or not they are "mercenaries" as such (paid army) nor can I be sure that there are US or NATO Special Forces inside doing the atrocities, but knowing how they operate, and based on what history has shown us, I am convinced that Ukraine is full of American SOC soldiers (Special Forces, Delta Force, Navy Seals, Marine Pathfinders and so on). And more than mercenaries, it´s the Ukrainian armies themselves working for the West. 

Gosia: One thing I don't understand. You said that you haven't seen the fights but on the other hand that everything is destroyed, in flames, and people escaping. How is that possible without some form of combat?

Swaruu X (Athena): We don't think it's combat, more than anything an army arrives, whichever, and takes out the people and then sets the houses on fire. Also a lot of mortar damage. They can also come into already evacuated villages and destroy them.

CIC reported to me just a moment ago before I came in with you, that they can't find a single real Gun Cam type footage showing combat between Russian forces and Ukrainian Forces. 

For example, there is footage of a Russian APC Armored vehicle of the BMP type painted with a Z like the Russians have it in Ukraine that they are destroying and burning. It turns out that that type of BMP is no longer used by the Russian military since the 1980s. It's a farce. So yes, we see that there has been combat between Russians and Ukrainians, there must have been, but since the Russians surely dominated, there is no footage.

So what we see is that the Russians came in, dominated almost everything and the West pushes another narrative.

Robert: What can happen with the President of Ukraine? It looks like they came to some kind of agreement.

Swaruu X (Athena): This is where, in my view, the Cabal's larger plan that controls both sides comes into play. 

And yes, we believe there was bloody combat and deaths on both sides, but not as pushed by the Mass Media. CIC also reports plans that YouTube will stop working in Russia imminently. Don't know if this is true or not, but it doesn't surprise me.

Gosia: And another really is the status of this war then? Is Russia winning? What do you see possibly happening?

Swaruu X (Athena): Street level - Russia is winning and overwhelmingly so. The Western Mass Media will never say that. Whether they win, however, does not depend on whether they have better strategy, technology or armaments. It depends on what the controllers want. If they decide so, tomorrow Russia can lose the war, and they would justify it with the same rubbish that they have been publishing against it.

Gosia: And what do you think they might want here? Just for the war to spread, right? To cause problems all over the world.

Swaruu X (Athena): It only depends on the Cabal's plan that controls both sides. Yes, a big false flag Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam) style is possible and for it to start NATO war against Russia. Because I DO see everything in place for that. All in their positions. Whether it happens or not, I don't have the answer. Thinking about steps for civilization reset, war between NATO and Russia would be a good option. It would collapse economies, motivate people to fight and work hard, and to accept new oppressive norms.  

Robert: And a good excuse to cover up the side effects of vaccines.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, that too, exactly. They would say it's because of Russian chemical weapons or radiation. I see that as a possible narrative, yes. I don't see anybody dropping dead from vaccines anymore, because it's not even reported in the conspiracy media anymore. And that's very dangerous.

Robert: Once Russia takes Kiev what will happen? I think they are already surrounded.

Swaruu X (Athena): Russia, according to my reports, already took Kiev. Maybe there are some places of resistance left, isolated, because Kiev is big.

The Ukrainian Army didn't stand a chance against Russia, that's why they went against the civilian population to make the atrocities fall on Russia (false flag) and thus get more Western support. Because the Cabal's agenda is to demonize Russia, and has been doing so for years now, not counting the Cold War. This is to create two strong sides for population control.

Robert: Well, I mean the parliament.

Swaruu X (Athena): Directly on that, I have no data. I am talking about military positions around and inside most of Kiev, at least. I don't have that specific detail.

Robert: And this fake news, Tina: "Russian astronauts board the international station in the colors of Ukraine". How if there is nobody there?

Swaruu X (Athena): Everything is rigged. The ISS is not what people are told, the filming is done in the green screen studio or underwater. That is false. What happens on the ISS is not given to the public.

The only real thing about the ISS is that sometimes they do transmit some real remote camera shots back to Earth, only sometimes, not all, because most of them are re-runs of the ISS itself. But few times, if it happens, it is real but not live. It goes through censorship first and then it is transmitted. Never in real time. We know this because from the Toleka we see the clouds and places as from the ISS and they don't match.

Gosia: One question, going back to Ukraine itself. The false flags made by Ukrainians in Ukraine... do you see it done by Ukrainians paid by the West, or by Ukrainians themselves looking to be seen as victims to get more Western support as you said? Or both?

Swaruu X (Athena): Both.

Yes, they happen and that is what we see that is driving people out of Ukraine, civilians. I don't doubt that there have been Russian atrocities, they always happen, but the evidence that we have now points to the fact that it is the very Ukrainian armies and mercenaries and US special forces infiltrators who are doing those atrocities and destruction.

Robert: So could Russia formally accuse the President of Ukraine for war crimes?

Swaruu X (Athena): Street level, definitely YES. As you told me today that you were suspecting that. Which also explains the media censorship and everything coming from Russia.

Robert: And what is the purpose of burning all the houses?

Swaruu X (Athena): To create refugees, resentment against Russia, to accuse Russia of war atrocities, of attacking civilians, and thereby gain support from the Western population and governments (street level). Expanded level, create destruction and suffering in the Ukrainian people who are key.

Gosia: I have a question. Matias told me how people, his family here in Finland for example, are scared and all that. They think they have to prepare food and so on. I myself have seen people in Finland FB groups talking about where the bunkers are positioned to hide. What could be said to people at this level? Is there a possibility that the war would spread to other countries like Finland, for example?

Swaruu X (Athena): If it does, it will spread to the whole world. If NATO starts fighting against Russia, yes. Finland would be in the middle. Between the Russian bases in Kola and the NATO bases in Norway. We don't have the exact agenda, but it doesn't look good. Still, there is not much that can be done, but if they can prepare it would not hurt anything. I don't want to cause panic though. 

Gosia: Matias also asks me about the Agenda 2030 PDF document. He asks if this war has something to do with that, and if that document has to do with the Cabal's real plans?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. It is part of the Agenda 2021, now 2030 depopulation. That document, of which I am aware, does say a lot and they are obligated to tell people what they will do so that the blame will fall on them. But it does not mean that things will happen exactly as in that document. But it does contain elements that we see as real. It is a very serious warning. But it is not possible for us to know with what certainty they will do this or that or how. We do not know what is coming. But don't be alarmed yet.

Also, the lack of military presence in the Baltic shows us that there is not much action there, which strikes me because there are the Russian bases in Kola. However, there is a lot of activity in Norway and the North Sea, mostly from the English Royal Navy.

Side point: At the moment the quietest place in Latin America as far as agendas are concerned is Mexico. East and South, North NO. Far from the narco zone and US influence. Rural Mexico, which is Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Campeche.

I am referring only to issues related to the Covid agenda. Because Mexico is plagued with problems of drug trafficking and Mafias and corruption. However, even so, we see that comparatively it is not so bad in terms of Covid agendas. For now, tomorrow is unknown. Because they do have very strong plans for Mexico, to destroy it as using a "Balkanization" or fragmentation into smaller independent states, among other things. And I have no reports from Peru or Bolivia or Venezuela. So they could be better off, or worse off, but I don't know yet.

I feel that the Mexican people have defended themselves, but not by waking up, not by protesting. But by their own internal disorganization and ignorance. With all due respect to the Mexican people. Making it very difficult for them to impose measures as in a first world country, however it depends on where in the Mexican Republic. Because Mexico is very big.

Another thing now in favor is that Mexico is surrounding the "eye of Gaia" or major energetic point, as "pineal gland" of the Earth (The Gulf of Mexico). So it is full of mystics, shamans, and very advanced people, of strong paranormal phenomena. These people, whatever they feel and whatever they do, they distribute along the ley lines to the whole world. Comparatively to the Ukrainian people, also sitting on a very large energy node.

The Mexicans themselves, I think, would accept that the very chaos in which they live, so much poverty, extremes of social classes, all that causes them to be difficult to manage as a population. And I see this as an example that passive resistance does more harm than overt demonstrations which the Cabal is prepared to deal with.

Whether Mexico defends itself because they simply do not obey but because they are disorganized, corrupt and ignorant, the result is the same: they are difficult to control because they are not inside the system as much as they are in other countries. I speak of mass of population, because of course there are populations, groups and cities completely Matrix in Mexico, but I speak of population that in general the majority is very poor little educated.

Gosia: Ok. And another question. How can the West be pushing a narrative so opposite to what is happening if all these people, thousands of them, who are coming out of there, can now tell the truth of what is really happening? I mean the civilian refugees. Unless for some reason they too, even having been inside, were manipulated and can't tell who is who. But I doubt it. How do we explain that?  

Swaruu X (Athena): Because for the refugees it was the Russians who did the atrocities to them, being that the overwhelming likelihood is that it was Ukrainians, or mercenaries posing as Russians to accuse them. Then the refugees will go and say it was the Russians.

And I haven't seen a single interview with refugees, and if there are any they could be staged, meaning those they are interviewing are not refugees but paid crisis actors. If it comes out in the Mass Media you can't trust it at all, they never tell the truth anymore.