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False Claims about our Contact

Cosmic Agency, Gosia April 14, 2022

Super quick message to all of you getting dupped by someone out there claiming the Taygetans/Swaruunians are not in contact anymore as they were "demolecularized" (LOL). FALSE. Contact is on, talked to Athena Swaruu just last evening, and whoever is behind "news" of that kind, is deceiving you (yet again). Remember, CIA, Illuminati, regressives, and all sorts of enemies of what we do, are out there, and always on the look out to take us down. (Which is a sort of a compliment to me actually - there would be nothing worse than being ignored by the Matrix and the like haha!) In short - do not pay attention. If the announcement of lost contact does not come from us personally, it is false. New video about Sodium coming up soon! ?✨