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HAARP and animals walking in circles

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 02, 2023

Short comment from Yazhi (given yesterday) on HAARP and animals in circles: "Yazhi: A comment on what the conspiracists say that on Dec 27th they activated HAARP. We didn't see anything unusual from here, and the Toleka is close by and with sensors that can detect even a working car coil. But the point is not that they did NOT activate HAARP. Rather, from here we see that it is working all the time, so it is normal. And there was nothing abnormal these days. And it is no longer HAARP as it is known as those installations in Alaska and in Australia, that is old, the "beginnings of HAARP". It's a system of many smaller units, some fixed, in normal facilities on bases, and some mobile like on warships and specialized. Then they put many of those transmissions together, add them up and cause a reaction as if it were one big installation. But because the signals come from countless sources, those who control HAARP have much more control and precision over what comes out as a result. In the case of the 27th, nothing happened that day but we did see the dynamics change with respect to cold winds (cold fronts) coming from Canada and moving down into the United States two days earlier, on Christmas Day, the 25th. But it was not an unusually strong change to say that they "activated HAARP". You must understand that they use it all the time. The weather is controlled. Not just on occasion. This is important. And a quick comment about the animals going around in circles. We continue to find nothing unusual, but accept that we have no way to conduct a more detailed investigation. However, we still think it may be something staged as a distraction and not reflective of what is really going on in the field. But that's just an educated opinion, we don't have enough data to make a final judgment."