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Message to Moderators

Cosmic Agency, Gosia July 31, 2022

This message is for the moderators of Cosmic Agency groups on Telegram and forum. I have more and more moderators whom I thank for their work, but just as there are rules for members, I want moderators to follow certain guidelines as well. Guidelines for moderators:
1. Eliminate repetitive posts.
2. To moderate, you need to be focused and "moderate" with compassion, balance, and patience.
3. It is not recommended for the moderators to get into emotional and intense discussions with the people they are moderating even if these people show negativity themselves. Stay centered and as balanced as possible in the way you express yourself.
4. Being a moderator does not imply being a gatekeeper with a sword in hand cutting off heads of whoever does not agree, but more like a wise judge, patient but firm. Pay attention to your words.
5. It is not allowed to ban people who ask questions or question concepts if these are made out of respect and the true desire of wanting to understand. Try to find out the intention of each person who seems to be questioning first.
6. Members who show obvious dismissal or aggressiveness towards our work or Toleka crew should be immediately banned (without debate).
7. Moderators are prohibited from showing any type of aggressiveness or disrespect towards any member of the group.
8. I encourage moderators to make new members feel welcome and accepted.
9. Stay positive.
10. If there are two or more people arguing, the moderator's role is to ensure that it doesn't escalate and that all parties are treated with respect, regardless of the moderator's personal opinion.
Thank you all for your support and le´ts keep cooperating! ?