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More on blood transfusions

Cosmic Agency, Gosia April 13, 2023

Hi guys! Although I will comment this in some future episode of MiniTopics, I am sharing it here too because the topic is recent and may be of interest to you. It's about blood transfusions. Our friend Dr Alex asked me this question which I passed on to Yazhi: "I have a question regarding the video on blood transfusions and DNA. The most common transfusion is red blood cell concentrates. Those are cells without nucleus and therefore do not have DNA. It is true that they will have RNA and in the liquid that contains them there can be loose DNA molecules but in a very small quantity. With such a small quantity does it have the same effect on the recipient?" Yazhi answers: "With a minimal amount of DNA there is already an alteration, when the recipient's body takes it mostly as invasive organic material and discards it just as it does with an exosome (virus). However, it is not only a problem of DNA transmission, which in itself is serious enough, but of energy, of personal frequencies, it is something more etheric. In the end, we are always transferring soul or personal energy, so I would not see it as an invasion or something to worry about. However, I insist on not mixing with people with bad vibes, because they do invade us, although for that we have personal shields, among them, the aura as a barrier." On the subject of soul intertwining due to transfusion, Yazhi comments, "You can also look at the way you had that transfusion with that strange person because you already had a connection in the afterlife. From the point of view of souls and their agreements before they were born, that's the way it is, because you can't have anything to do with anyone else in any way if there's not a certain frequency match between those people." However, Yazhi here also adds that this does not mean that we can go to another extreme and mix with anyone just because "on the etheric side we had to already be linked." "It doesn't mean that we should accept everything, without protecting ourselves from those energies that we consider as not agreeing with what we want. Or that do not agree with us. What happens here is reflected on the etheric side also, being that... in the end it is the same. We must always be responsible and congruent with our actions."