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Past chat with Yazhi about giving more technology to humans

Cosmic Agency, Gosia May 04, 2023

Reviewing the past chats, I came across this bit where Yazhi is responding to Dale Harder´s idea of receiving more Free Energy technology from Taygetans, distributed to the whole group of people spread around the world at once, so that it is safer for them and not taken away. Dale feels very passionate about helping humans and would like to contribute more, hence the idea. But what does Yazhi think? I am sharing it here as I doubt it will end up being included in a video (too much to share always).  

"Yazhi: We have been explaining why that cannot be for over years now. If we could, we would have done that already. And we have already done that and it only made the Cabal stronger, it becomes theirs, we cannot give anything to anyone. We only feed the problem. I cannot give Dale plans for a toilet without him getting arrested in the next 24h and I'm serious.

Gosia: But not one Dale. 30 "Dales" around the world. They can´t take everyone out.

Yazhi: They would end up discredited and even attacked. We've done that already, not only us, countless others. We've been all over these types of plans for decades now, and all we do is feed the Cabal.

Did you know there were water generators in each house in the lat 1800? Those could supply enough electric power to light up the entire house. Where are they now? With tap water. Same installation. People don't even know they existed. And that's over 130 years ago.

It is set in such a way that anything we give out ends up being "a great  achievement" of  some great tech company, or ends up in a file cabinet in DARPA. And the people we gave it to serving a sentence in Levenorth.

Gosia: But they can´t arrest 50 persons at once spread all over the world.

Yazhi: They can. You are saying "but this", "but that", as if we haven't realized any of it. Countless good races have been at it for decades and only made everything worse. As we have said before, the Cabal must be removed first, that is the only way. For now, they hold monopoly over everything.

So we get upset when we hear these ideas because we've exhausted options including those. If we could do that, we would have already done it. And many times we have done it with disastrous results, like that wingless Russian plane. Rats! That's a direct rip off of a shuttle like the ones we've been telling you we have right here in the hangar! 

Gosia: Then how do all the other inventions go through?  

Yazhi: It is a complicated legal mess, I know eolic or solar are "allowed" but that is only if you use their approved systems, and also turn in your "excess" power into the grid. They are leaking that tech because they have a reason to, and it is never for the people.

P.S. The video in which the wingless planes gets mentioned: (min. 37:02) GO TO VIDEO