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Scarcity and Elon Musk

Cosmic Agency, Gosia April 29, 2022

Something Athena Swaruu said recently about scarcity and on a separate about Elon Musk (translated from Spanish): Scarcity: "I corroborate the general rumour. The agenda against humans is now focused on creating food shortages. It's artificial, don't be fooled, they'll say it's because of the plandemic. Rather, it's because they're attacking food processing plants all over the world." (04/27/2022) Elon Musk: "He is from the club, nothing good there. Don't be fooled, in my opinion it's the same formula as Q anon, of controlled dissidence giving the impression that someone is fighting for freedom of expression. I doubt very much that he does anything for freedom of expression. But what I do see him do is imposes "shadow banning" algorithms where people don't even realize they are being censored, and giving the appearance of free expression. Since Musk is good with AI and tricks like that. People won´t believe it until they see it careful with the new censorship systems in disguise that seem not to be there when they are stricter than ever. One thing is for sure, Musk is NOT working for the people." (04/29/2022)