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Vaccine against Melanoma? What does Athena Swaruu think?

Cosmic Agency, Gosia April 27, 2023

Let me share a conversation we had yesterday with Athena Swaruu: ✨

Gosia: Tina, what do you think about this? Someone passed it on to me. Cancer vaccine, being developed by Moderna. It's against melanoma.

Athena Swaruu: I think it's another trick like the bug vaccine. The tumor is not the problem, that is a reaction of the body to try to contain a point of high toxicity. It's another scam for people and another excuse to inoculate them. Cancer is not something to inoculate against, because it is not a disease, it is a symptom of a series of complications.

The very fact that suggests it works involves DNA altering technology. Which is serious because it would cause an auto-immune reaction by programming the body to attack cancer cells that are more cells of itself.

Every cancer cell is different and varies from person to person. It is a problem of the cell trying to survive in a hostile environment, that is why it does not die as it should to be replaced by new ones, that is why it is cancerous.

Cancer cannot be solved that way, much less with vaccines. That is a scam to inoculate.

Gosia: Thank you. By the way, is there anything new on the investigation of deaths from COVID vaccines, or with all that nanotechnology in vaccines? Hardly anyone talks about COVID anymore.

Athena Swaruu: Yes, I have new data. More than anything they are removing the COVID vaccines and the regulations that impose them, because more and more people and doctors are realizing what it really was, to the extent that there are now strong lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies, so much so that now the Cabal is campaigning to erase all the records that have to do with COVID, and that is why you do not hear anything, because the media is silent on this issue.

Gosia: But their plans with the vaccinated are still underway?

Athena Swaruu: Yes, that is something that can no longer be stopped, the vaccinated will gradually collapse due to other health problems that will not be connected with the vaccine itself. What I see more likely is that it will be over several years and not with one tremendous event. Here we see that everything is being done as for them to seem to die from other causes. All slow.

Gosia: Do you think they "just" want that, or will they still try that remote activation of the graphene?

Athena Swaruu: That is also a very real possibility. Even so, they don't necessarily have to activate the vaccines, since their mere existence in the inoculated bodies will bring about a progressive collapse of their health, and that will only be understood as being due to different causes and not linked to the inoculation, since they could present those symptoms years down the road.
Gosia: But do you think they have succeeded in their plans with all that vaccination of the world or maybe it has not gone the way they wanted?

Athena Swaruu: I am sure that they succeeded in a very large percentage, there is no way of knowing how much. Even so, the effects they are looking for are not yet fulfilled, but they may be within what they expect or calculate. It may not have been exactly what they wanted, because nothing is perfect, but it may have been better than they expected. And they will remember how easy it was to manipulate the masses.