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Why are Taygetans white (lol)?

Cosmic Agency, Gosia May 03, 2022

Silly questions I see pop up here and there around my channel and I feel the urge to respond: "Why are they all white"? LOL - Really? And why are Andromedans blue, Mayas brownish, and Ethopians black? Uhhmm... they are white... because that´s how Taygetan race is! White. The same reason I am white as I was born in Poland. If I talked to Andromedans, would you also ask why are they all blue? Or if you went to Zambia, you would also ask the residents: " why are you guys all black" haha? What is it about the modern days that one simply cannot be what one is but must mix it up for exagerrated absurd "political correctness"? Taygetans are WHITE, period. Same reason Smurfs are blue lol.