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Yazhi´s response to Robert´s question about the coronation

Cosmic Agency, Gosia May 10, 2023

That's what Yazhi answered when Robert asked him about the symbolism in the crowning of the King of England. Yazhi Swaruu: The subject of the Lizard King makes me sick. For example, what he says or they say that he is the King of everyone on the planet, in fact he is from his point of view. The British Crown is the sole owner of the vast majority of the planet regardless of nations, everything is legally theirs. Of course, they moved the laws to make it so. And that King is just another puppet, he is a public front for the people. To channel the energy of the people in that direction. He's a lizard priest, and I don't care if many don't "buy" into that fact. And he is not the one at the top. Those are not even seen and are hidden below, and you don't know who they are. And that's the way they like it. The real leaders are never seen, they are not interested, the people who believe that the leader is interested in being seen and heard by the people, do not have the slightest idea of how things work. People are cattle to them. These leaders are no more interested in being seen by the people than the farmer is interested in letting his chickens know that he is in charge. By all accounts, that coronation is a disgusting opulence in a world where people suffer. Look at the shape of the little cross at the top of the crown, it's superfluous. The crown itself symbolizes connection with the divine. They are truly disgusting. They are parasitic lizards, that's what they are. They are only there because people pay attention to them. I didn't even know there was a coronation except that I passed by CIC with my little plane playing and I saw that it was on one of the screens there, with no one watching. We should not put our attention there. I know it's what's trending on the social media, but that's the attention that continues to keep them in power. Let them rot in their gold, don't give them your life energy. So I won't go into their symbolism in detail because it makes me sick. That makes one sick. I send you many hugs, greetings and kisses.