Are Extraterrestrials Similar to Humans Culturally? (Taygetean Pleiadian Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 09, 2020

Are Extraterrestrials Similar to Humans Culturally? (Taygetean Pleiadian Communication)

Swaruu: I know Anéeka said her chair lost a screw the other day. Many people would say a screw? So human. "I'm sure they would have invented something better by now". Actually, no. Those things are quite standard. You won't find the same gauge screws. Not millimetrical not imperial.. TP gauge. But still a silly screw!

And that is because there is no death and because people jump into being one and / or another species. And they take those concepts with them. Starseeds "seed" those ideas all over the place.

Screw is just an example. But in general, everything is the same or of the same origin. For example a tooth brush is a tooth brush and although there are electric ones, the old ones work better. So most things will be the same. But with a twist depending on the culture and depending on the influence other non Lyrian species may have upon a culture. And to that add the technology that some Lyrian species do not have, like humans for example.

There is medical technology, yes, like those small medical instruments that heal fast. They are basically a small Med Pod. For example to heal a broken hand. No need of fully immersing a person. But in the end it is simpler to use a tooth brush! We now know that over technology tends to take away more from you than what it gives you. You become servant to the technology and not the other way round.

Dale: You use sound and light for healing no?

Swaruu: Yes, sound and light is standard, as you know it is also frequency based. But precisely controlled high energy magnetic fields work faster. There they are very far back in technology. A Med Pod would have solved their aging problems!

But in general, advanced civilizations tend to turn away from excessive technology, returning to art and hand made everything, all combined whenever necessary with extra high tech. Meaning that even if it is very easy to replicate whatever you want, even if with thought to computer interface that later represents an object of your design with an ultra high definition 3D object, and if you like it you "print" it with the replicator, civilizations at that level, that can effectively create matter from energy, will go back to seek the beauty of a hand made chair.

It is not going backwards. It is advancing even more, as technology if not kept at the service of the people will become the master of-the people. But it is possible to coexist with ultrahigh Artificial Intelligence as it will only reflect the very same mentality of its creators, meaning that the AI will be loving and life protecting, not life endangering. As the species thinks in ethics and morality... so will its AI. So in our case we respect each other, AI and biology.

Gosia: Very interesting. Ok so you mean we bring some of the ideas when we incarnate in other planets. And thats why there are so many similarities among our races yes?

Swaruu: Yes. And that is something very hard for humans to understand or accept. They imagine that if something or someone is from another planet, star system even more, then whatever they have must be terribly exotic and different from "here". And that IS correct, that IS so. But not only. Taygeta, for example has many musical instruments that are virtually identical to the ones on Earth. Piano and Violin for example.

I remember that many found it stupid to think that Taygetans would dance with lights in their shoes. But that's the way it is. Taygeteans arrive here and they are fascinated with the Earth music.

What any race has, as things, fashion, instruments, is a mixture of the influence it has had. The reason there is so much variety on Earth is precisely because it consists of countless races and souls of those countless races incarnating there and importing their ideas with them. So culture wise, art, music... Earth is a very rich place.

So many people will think those concepts are form Earth as they have no better way of understanding how they came to be. And they even say that stating that they come from outside is insulting the human intellect as they alone can or could have come up with those ideas and concepts.

I have heard this about the Pyramids of Egypt. That humans are and were not stupid and they could have built them with no ET intervention. But in reality, everything everywhere in the Universe is shared ideas. All coming from the same basic source. So culture is much more extensive than people on Earth think. Meaning that you find the same over and over in many places. But depending on the race, its influence, its morphology.

For example and as an obvious example, you won't find a Piano in Korendian society. Because they have only 3 fingers in each hand. But you will find a Piano in Taygetan, Engan and Solatian society as they have many fingers. So all those inventions are not unique of Earth, or of any place in the cosmos. They are shared and they have had countless eons of time to be shared and taken from one place to another be it in starships... Or as starseeds that incarnate one place and then another as wanderers. Importing ideas in their memory.

They may not remember who they were, because of the veil of forgetfulness. But they do remember what they are inside, their souls and their baggage. So.. Culture is very extensive in the cosmos.

Things like earrings in women are another example. They say on Earth that they come from Africa. And that earrings in the shape of a ring is Saturnian symbolism, the Cabal imposed, "human". But that comes from afar, from countless other races. From Saturn precisely because of the main Federation base there. And Africa, because of the stellar influence those so called primitive societies have had throughout the years with contact with stellar beings of countless species. That's why they try to elongate the skulls of their babies to look like Homo Capensis, more Pleiadians by the way. That's why they try to elongate their necks as well in some African cultures. To look more Mollusk (also Pleiadians).

Quite useless to say you are a "Pleiadian" contactee. Really? Please define which one. They rarely can´t say!

But that is what i wanted to say. A human like figure is a very efficient design for a being. Very used by countless species. And there is only a limited amount of things you can do for a human shape. So a chair is still a chair and a table is still a table, you have tooth brushes and toilets. Door knobs, and stair cases.

Gosia: Do you have push up bras?

Swaruu: Yes we do have push up bras and very good ones!

Gosia: Ok I am joking. What race has influenced the African races and Arab ones?? Any specific one?

Swaruu: Too many. Africa always has been a boiling place full of countless ET influence through the ages.

Gosia: Are these ETs black?

Swaruu: Some are black yes! Others are blue and others are orange.

Gosia: From the higher planes.... why did the 7D beings and higher manifest colored skins? For fun?

Swaruu: Not specifically for fun. Because it is the best expression for who they are.

Gosia: Who are they? Black ones for example. How does their black skin express who they are? Or blue? Or any colour for that matter? How does it express who we are?

Swaruu: As anyone else, it's not necessarily conscious. You are an energy print, a conglomerate of past experiences that make who you are, and that will mix and influence how you look. You are a frequency mach to all that! As with everything else.

Gosia: I see. So in the same way Taygeta is a melting pot of various influences too? Cause the souls there for sure have been to many places before too no?

Swaruu: Yes. All cultures are melting pots of external influences. That's precisely why you find a Piano and a Toothbrush hundreds of light years apart. Those ideas define you. They all combine to make who you are.

Gosia: I remember you said you dont have bars and restaurants. Cafes. How is that possible?Its so nice to go relax in a nice charming cafe or a bar.

Swaruu: Because we are so few. 38 million in 4 planets is a very scarce society.

Gosia: I mean, can we OPEN them when we go back?

Swaruu: Yes, but who will go? Few will. And they do exist, but they are rare. Mostly ocean side.

Gosia: Who will? Isnt it nice to go to the nice cafe lounge close to the beach...where everyone can come, get some drinks, snacks, socialize, listen to music. Dance music ones, with lights.... rock bars, heavier... country music places with karaoke. I mean hey...I am anti social. But even I like it sometimes!

Swaruu: Taygeta is just about empty of people. In 4 planets we have less towns than your state of Montana. And only one city worth mentioning as a city. It is almost entirely made up of isolated places, very small communities, and self sufficient large houses and farms holding one family. Miles from the next one.

Gosia: Hahaha I understand now why I incarnated there. And where do you MEET people? If you are lonely? And want to have more friends or meet a partner.

Swaruu: You meet people in places like academies and school places (schooling is mostly at home with the immersion computers any way). But in places like what you would call Starfleet Academy. The social structure is such that you end up going to meet people as you do your work, the work you want. So you help the social group with whatever is needed and there is where you meet more people. I have been called to dinner, must go.

Gosia: No worries, Swaruu. Bon apetit, and thank you for the chat today!

Swaruu: Thanks to you both. Just remember: the concept of influence between countless species is quite difficult to accept when you do not have the comprehension of how the Universe really works and only from the very limited point of view of Earth understanding. But in reality it is not only logical, but reassuring and beautiful.

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