Graphene, Vaccines, Nanotechnology - Aneeka Responds Dr Alex´s Questions

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 11, 2021

Graphene, Vaccines, Nanotechnology - Aneeka Responds Dr Alex´s Questions

Anéeka: My problem here and with this paper for Dr. Alex is that I have only extremely rudimentary methods to pass extremely complex and advanced medical and technological concepts. I try to write in a way that is understandable for various levels of people.

Another problem is that even though I am a Doctor, since I did not study there, I do not have the knowledge of name equivalencies between here and there, or of purely human medical concepts in terms of terminology. There is a language barrier and another barrier - medical. Plus, what the UFoP (the Federation) imposes.

I'm left trying to make an advanced computer out of a coconut, an empty cereal box, white glue and a pair of scissors. I am very serious. And I'm not just referring to the language, but the very human medical concepts I have to work with.

And the very human medical terminology is not totally known to me since I didn't study medicine there, but here. So it is a constant going and researching if this or that biochemical process is known on Earth and under what name. And working with what is left.

The convenient thing about this is that what remains, is understandable for the average person. But I feel that it does not fully satisfy physicians. But I only share what I am faced with as a non-human Doctor trying to fit Taygetean Medical Science into the framework of understanding Human Medicine, like how to make a square pig fit into a round hole.

In addition Dr. Alex presents cases to me but does not give me the full clinical workup, expecting me to give him answers. I can't without being there with my instruments diagnosing the patient directly. I'm just saying this so you can understand me, that it's not that simple.


Dr. Alex: Dear Yazhi, Anéeka, Senetre and all other positive souls of Taygeta.

I have no doubt about the falsity of this world plandemia but my narrow 3D mind formed with human science has doubts about some things:

First of all, the EXCEPTIONS: It is clear that 99% of the "Covid" diagnoses and deaths were other diseases that gave a positive PCR test which is useless. I believe almost nothing of what official science says but in my clinical experience there ARE cases that cannot be explained by the simple change of name.

I do not have the technical means nor the Taygetean knowledge, so I apologize for doubting. I want to refer ONLY to cases of healthy people, NOT vaccinated, 30-50 years old, who have developed very severe cases of bilateral pneumonia. There have always been such cases but not with the frequency, severity and age that we see today. I analyze the reality that I see and something does not add up. If we accept that there is no virus, what is the cause?

Anéeka: Hello Dr. Alex. Thank you very much for reaching out to us, particularly to me. We will help as much as possible.

In our opinion, it is impossible for us to explain all cases. However, within our understanding by historical observation, we must still insist that there have always been epidemics, groups of sick people with the same clinical problems or symptomatology, which do not fall within the known terrain. That is to say that they are simply conditions that have always been present and that it is not understood where they came from or what caused them, only that today they are conveniently attributed to Sars-Cov-2.

A thorough investigation of each of these cases or groups of cases would have to be conducted to reliably determine the causes. However, from our framework of scientific understanding and based on the proven facts, from our perspective, the causes of such bizarre pathologies can be attributed to virtually anything but Sars-Cov-2.

Dr. Alex: Are they exaggerated pathological responses to viral exosomes enhanced by electromagnetic radiation?

Anéeka: Having said the above, yes, we see it congruent to explain many of the cases as being caused by artificial viral exosomes or artificial cause-detonation activated by electromagnetic frequencies, whether or not they are of the 5G class, since our laboratories have detected the presence of that kind of technology within the misnamed Sars-Cov-19 vaccines.

We see it as highly possible, to the extent that we see it as a certainty, that the plandemic controllers are activating their nanotechnology in groups of people or even particular individuals in regions chosen by them for whatever reasons in order to test the functioning of the system.

What the vaccines contain is basically nanotechnology with extremely advanced genetic alteration capability for the Earth level that requires data transmission networks using microwave and/or electromagnetic fields as a method of control over the inoculated people in order to turn their bodies and minds into trans-humanism-bio-computer type terminals completely under their control.

We are also seeing the ability to alter unvaccinated subjects using the transfer (or contagion) of technology between the inoculated and uninoculated, coupled with the prior presence of such technology that has been ingested and breathed by the general population for many years in preparation for the introduction of inoculations that use the Sars-Cov-2 concept as an excuse to use fear as a method of pressuring the general population to accept them.

Dr. Alex: My sister's husband, a sportsman, unvaccinated and 49 years old, almost died from bilateral pneumonia and, although he recovered, he still needs oxygen for almost any activity. I can only explain this happened because a viral exosome from a random coronavirus or spike protein from a vaccinee "infected" that person and then got aggravated by some associated factor.

Anéeka: I understand that that is the simplest explanation and is highly likely. However, it falls exactly into the group of cases that we insist there has always been around but today is conveniently attributed to Sars-Cov-2. However, looking at things in detail, we see that it is also logical as being caused by the nanotechnology contained in Graphene, even environmentally acquired Graphene, in countless products and processed foods, including Chemtrails.

To these cases must be added causes of aggravation by psychological factors associated with the very dynamics of the plandemic, and these factors of psychological aggravation must be taken very seriously.

Dr. Alex: Electromagnetic radiation of the 5G type?

Anéeka: Prolonged and repeated exposure to electromagnetic radiation is sufficient to cause severe clinical states corresponding to the symptomatology attributed to Sars-Cov-2, in addition to the fact that they serve as a method of control-activation of the technologies contained within the misnamed vaccines. Prolonged exposure to WIFI, high voltage cables and other strong electromagnetic sources will cause physical deterioration, weaknesses and diseases of all kinds that can be interpreted as inexplicable and that again are attributed to Sars-Cov-2.

Dr. Alex: Respiratory or other toxins?

Anéeka: They cannot be ruled out, but it is impossible to determine without the corresponding study of each case. Exposure to asbestos, chemicals, solvents and even fungal spore infections, such as the one that grows in old books, in damp places and is almost undetectable, or the dangerous black fungus that grows in damp places inside houses and buildings, or allergies of many causes, including food, among many other possible factors, cause severe respiratory diseases congruent with atypical pneumonias that are then attributed to Sars-Cov-2 without any corroboration other than the PCR test already proven to be completely false and useless.

Dr. Alex: And even the hospital's own treatments?

Anéeka: Latrogenic diseases (Iatros=Physician + Genica= Cause, for the public), i.e., those caused by physicians themselves or by medical malpractice, according to our latest data, are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States alone, third after Cardiovascular diseases and Cancer. This is with official accepted data.

In our opinion, since the causes of pathologies and deaths, both Cardiovascular diseases and Cancers, are directly caused by medical malpractice that is based on what is dictated by the pharmaceutical companies and the same Medical Mafia that do not have the health of the public in mind but their own profits, we move Iatrogenic diseases to the first cause of conditions and deaths on Planet Earth that are attributable to a pathology.

I only cite as an example of the above the misconception of what cholesterol is and its effects, uses, and causes in the human body, the use and abuse of substance-medications to lower cholesterol in patients with the subsequent side effects of these medications that in many cases include death. And also the lack of application of the real understanding of the causes and the proper ways to treat cancer, with the criminal use of Radiotherapies and Chemotherapies that only aggravate the cancer, as well as the unnecessary removal of many malignant tumors that during the surgical process only spread the cancer to the surrounding healthy tissue.

With the above as an example, it is seen by us here that malpractice, application of treatments in hospitals, such as the indiscriminate use of respirators, abuse of aggressive medicines and antibiotics, and the serious lack of personalized care in general, caused by an inherent dehumanization of the very medical staff, doctors and nurses alike, added to the agendas that the Medical Mafia imposes on both the medical staff and the hospital institutions... are the very cause not only of plandemia but also of almost all other problems, conditions and pathologies, whether typical or non-typical, a-typical or inexplicable, that are attributed to the presence of a false Sars-Cov-2.

It is worth mentioning that the same protocols of procedures in the face of simple suspicions of a supposedly Sars-Cov-2 picture, senselessly discarding all other probable causes, make doctors criminally proceed with aggressive treatments trying to solve a symptomatological condition without having proceeded to a complete investigation of the patient, both physical and environmental-contextual, which directly causes Iatrogenic situations to develop in quantity and percentage never seen before.

Dr. Alex: How do vaccines cause sterility, by damaging the placental syncytium or by destroying the spermatogonia of the testicle?

Anéeka: Without ruling out what you have mentioned, the process is by replacing specific DNA strands that control reproductive processes within the gonads with the use of synthetic retro-viruses assisted by nano technology.

Dr. Alex: Can it be transmitted through breast milk (mother-child), semen (sexually), saliva (kissing), aerosols (cough nearby)?

Anéeka: It can definitely be transmitted in those ways, and also airborne. However, it seems to have a range of two meters in a direct way as far as direct exosome is concerned.

Dr. Alex: Is it graphene (formed only by hexagons) or penta-hexa-heptagraphene?

Anéeka: Graphene is nanotechnological. It proceeds to form itself within the body as it is remotely programmed, or pre-programmed, taking on the structures necessary for each job it intends to perform. We see that this confuses human researchers who apparently want to catalog it in a fixed structural form, cataloging it with and as the variants known as heptagraphene, when in reality it has the capacity to adapt to many forms and change composition or exact molecular or atomic form, adapting to the requirements of the moment. This is done with structural programming of graphene at the atomic level.

Dr. Alex: Can electromagnetic pulses permanently deactivate them?

Anéeka: In our latest experiments, they are only deactivated momentarily and as long as the electromagnetic pulse is on. When they are turned off they return to normal.

Dr. Alex: I apologize for this questioning, but I wanted to formulate most of all my doubts so that I could pass them on to other doctors and scientists on Earth. Unfortunately, I will not be able to reveal who gave me the information because they would think I was crazy. I will use the information to look for terrestrial information to substantiate the information you give me in a way that is convincing to the terrestrials.

Anéeka: On the contrary. Thank you Dr. Alex for working together with us. Your questions are very precise and necessary, and they help me personally to visualize and have a clearer idea in which direction I should focus my research efforts on this topic and how to present everything to the public.


Questions from an anonymous followers:

Question: I have paid particular attention to the issue of nanosingularity being that if a nanobot has the ability to self-replicate within the host, I fear that the physiological and biochemical behavior of the host would be completely distorted. Can you share what changes you see as a consequence of introducing such technologies into the human body? Are we facing a completely different species?

Anéeka: A completely different species will be formed. Graphene is the vehicle or substance that creates or manufactures, or contains, very advanced nano technology that can remotely alter specific genes in each person and replace them with new ones to create hybridization and artificial alteration not only of entire populations but of specific people.

The consequences of this are so serious that they are summarized in the destruction of the human species, giving birth to a new species where their internal organs and cellular structure present the exact and specific characteristics that the controllers want for each person.

Thus, they can give soldiers and workers abilities of greater strength and endurance, take away those abilities once they are discarded. They can give superior intelligence abilities to scientists working for them, but totally under their control as they can also control the feelings and thoughts of each person. Leaving them completely in a robotic state, or also leaving them in a state of feeling that they have control over their lives when in fact everything is being controlled by the Cabal or the entities that take the Earth as theirs. Leaving certain sectors of the population to choose to go on with their lives in a new civilization, unaware of the level of control exercised over them.

However, terrible as it is what I describe above, I do not see it so different from what is happening on Earth since long before the appearance of all this. But I can assure you that their intentions are a total destruction of the planetary society and culture with absolute control over the population of their choice and the elimination of the surplus that they see as useless.

Question: The above leads me to question the following: In case we are facing another absolutely unknown species, should we assume that the behavior and biology of the subjects who have received the "vaccines" are alien to what Earth science recognizes of the behavior and biology of a human being?

Anéeka: Yes, every vaccinated person can, if not must, be seen as someone who is already hopelessly under the control of the nanotechnology within them and therefore incapable of thought of their own, whether they even appear to have it, at least in these early stages. Being that I realize how horrible my words sound. What I mean is that their behavior, ideas, reactions and thoughts, can no longer be guaranteed to come from themselves but from an order programmed from outside their bodies by the system itself. This is totally alien to biology and everything that defines human beings as such.


About the Lab Report already given:

Anéeka: One thing that was missing in the report, but it was already too much, and it was missing, graphene sometimes takes the form of sharp things inside the body and is thermosensitive. Whether it is transparent or not depends not so much on the material, but on the shape of the bond between its molecules. This is important. It's just that there are no those shapes and suddenly they are there because the graphene forms them like broken glass crystals. They are cutting the blood vessels on the inside. And another way in which the nanographene turns on is when it comes into contact with body heat, at human body temperatures, that is, between 36° and 38°C.

Please note that this I am telling you is not theory or speculation but is the result of two weeks of lab work here with samples and computer models and with 150 bottles of vaccines of 3 different brands. So this is no longer speculation. It is hard medical science. I have 180 cultures of live organic tissue in the lab, I see what the vaccine does to it and how it progresses. And I have Senetre and Dhor Kaal'el working in the lab for hours a day, and me too obviously.

It's already doing tremendous damage as soon as it's injected. But it will do more damage as soon as it activates en masse. Yet it can be activated from person to person and not en masse. That is to say, some sectors of the population or even individual people are already being activated.

And it is not even a Chip per-se. All the graphene when incorporated into the cells turns the whole body into a huge chip. It is the whole body that emits the data to the 5G not a nano chip inside.

Another thing is that graphene has polymorphic capacity, so sometimes it is transparent, it appears as fibromas at most or does not even appear under a microscope, only the electron microscope and sometimes not even with that one. So the human doctors when performing an autopsy will have no explanation for the internal damage they see. Going back to what they know, then they will blame it on a virus because they don't know any more or understand any more.

Robert: And there is no way for Earth doctors to know what Graphene is? It doesn't leave anything as a fingerprint to identify it?

Anéeka: Yes, they know about Graphene, they know about the reactions it can have on people in the organism, but at the chemical level, they have no idea of the level of technology in Graphene. It is not Graphene and that´s it as a substance, or material as humans say, what is Graphene oxide for? It is nanotechnology far beyond human understanding that uses graphene as the main but not the only material for the manufacture of smart dust.

That is to say that Graphene is only the main material of NanoGraphene smart powder, but not the only one as I have found borio, strontium, gold, aluminum and steel within the very structure of each nano Graphene or smart powder particle.

How nanoGraphene proceeds is mystery and science fiction to human science, but to me here it is not. It is well understood here. It's just that, as we know here, nano-Graphene technology can be used for good. It's just technology. It depends on who has it. But my technology here, and in my lab, outperforms nanoGraphene, we don't need it anymore. That's why we know it well.

Whoever controls the frequencies that in turn control the nanoGraphene will control what the Graphene does. You have to take over the system itself. What mankind can do is to take down 5G and similar phone systems, because it also reacts to other frequency ranges. With some they would already defer the system. They also lose control over points on a map that have no coverage.

It is also possible to neutralize the emitting frequencies with other frequencies set to the opposite, destructive frequencies. Large EMP´s would destroy the electronics of the antennas.

And it doesn't have to be very big to destroy an antenna. That may be the solution. EMP´s as big as you can make them with car batteries. That would destroy an antenna if activated below. Put the EMP under the antenna, activate it, then leave and it's destroyed. In theory, at least.

Just that you can't take the EMP´s there by car, it will be fried too. Unless it's an older car with nothing electronic. Just platinum distributor or physical contacts, no electronic ignition, and gravity carburetor.

Robert: Will the Russian and Chinese vaccines be tested?

Anéeka: No, due to lack of samples, but this does not mean that they are different. Without Covid there is no need for any, it is the same excuse. They are as bad as the western ones, and they must have the same content.

Another point is that we from here yes, we are able to understand the nanoGraphene, because our medical technology and genetic manipulation exceeds that of Graphene, to the extent that we do not need any nano anything to alter and manipulate genes, we do it with energy. And yes, I could explain how.

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