Vaccines, Covid, Viruses - Information Mix - Anéeka of Temmer

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 08, 2021

Vaccines, Covid, Viruses - Information Mix - Anéeka of Temmer

Gosia: I have this question from someone: “Once the New World Order is applied, one of the steps on the agenda is world depopulation through vaccines and all that. I have a doubt. If they kill the vast majority of the population, leaving a finite number of people who can be well controlled and to the rest of the zombies that remain alive they will apply transhumanism making them cyborgs, what are the elites going to feed off for their rituals (they need real humans)? What will reptiles, entities, parasites, archons, etc., going to eat... if there are no longer going to be ”pure" humans, but only zombies with no connection to the Source. They need the light we have to be able to eat. I imagine that this must be well planned by the elite, but it is a 3D question that I have."

Anéeka: They already have everything perfectly calculated. That is why they have the graphene and nanotechnology in "vaccines" and not simply castor poison that does not leave traces or comes out in toxicology autopsies. They simply have already calculated what and who they need, and who they don't. And they only get rid of the surplus population, according to them. It is not about whether or not there is overpopulation, but what they think is too much to control.

The big cities are overcrowded because they are their human farms, and if there are too many “waking up” they cannot be controlled and they become a danger to those who control human society. More than anything this I mean on the purely human level, those who control the Bilderberg club and a little deeper.

Gosia: But those who will not be vaccinated will be starseeds and awakened people. So will they feed on those?

Anéeka: The fact that they are not vaccinated exposes them and brings them to light for what they are... so they could be eliminated in more direct ways or simply with segregation. It will take a lot of intelligence to survive social segregation. That is their plan.

Gosia: But then who will they feed on?

Anéeka: They will feed off their farms, they already have it perfectly calculated. Even off people dying en masse from the effects of vaccines and fighting illnesses that deteriorate them, while consuming more drugs from Grand Pharma, that will be a feast for them, and for the lower entities they worship.

They do not want to extinguish everyone, there will be around 500 million left, as they declare to all in the stones of Georgia. Those are the ones they need, no more. Yes, there will be enough people controlled by them to supply their needs. They have already planned everything in detail and left nothing to chance.

Vaccines are not the same, they are special for each region and each group of people, the components are different or they are simply placebos.

I am not saying that what I tell you today is what will happen, it is what they want. It is up to you to allow that or not.

Robert: And can we get an idea of which are the most deadly vaccines and where have they been distributed, in which countries? And why does the second dose hurt so much? Is there a reason for that?

Anéeka: Yes, in itself there are the most deadly ones everywhere, it is not so much by countries. The oldest and youngest population will receive the worst doses on the global scale. Children to sterilize them and kill those who are in excess, the elderly for being useless. Those who they want to keep alive longer are young adults, but vaccinated to make them sick little by little and exploit them having to buy drugs to contain the symptoms of “diseases” that most will not associate with the vaccine they were given.

The worst places according to countries are Australia and New Zealand, Europe and North America, but I do not agree with this because of their needs to exterminate the Latin American, African and Asian population as well.

So they assign the type of vaccine to more specific populations, not necessarily to entire countries, but to areas within those countries. Depending on the demographics present in each place. And there are ethnic components in vaccines too, definitely YES.

As for pain, I have no information, but the second dose is basically a second shot to the head.

PCR tests serve to:

1.) Be an excuse to say people have Covid.

2.) Insert graphene and the nanotechnology it contains directly into the brain of the person.

3.) Extract DNA to catalog people.

4.) Insert chemicals of the same type as vaccine that do not require volume.

I am referring to the deep nasal ones, the ones that are “mild”, tongue or blood ones, are mostly an excuse. Or just as an excuse to say that you have COVID.

Robert: And what would you say to those people who say that increasing the frequency does not affect the vaccine?

Anéeka: Let them try that first being immune to drinking caustic soda using only the mind, and we will speak later. Do not be naive, the population in general will not be able to achieve that, to say that is criminal. Yes you can control that with your mind, in theory, but even Yázhi gets sick from food from time to time. Jesus is supposed to have had high frequency like no one else. So what about the Cross?

It´s just that people do not understand something basic and serious here. Just because they don't see deadly effects right away doesn't mean they won't later. There is no turning back, not even with Med Pod.

Gosia: And one thing Anéeka. I know we talked about it but it is still not clear to me and many people ask. Why in that supposed illness, flu or whatever, are there serious respiratory problems?

Anéeka: There always have been respiratory illnesses. Just that now they associate everything with Covid. There have always been “contagious” respiratory diseases. It's just relabelled. Other people associate other common diseases again as Covid, such as a large outbreak of “Covid” in Latin America that we follow from here, which affected an entire population, which again they classified as Covid... when from here we see that it was a simple Salmonellosis.

Gosia: Yes, I know that they catalogue other things as Covid. But they all report the respiratory problems. That is also the flu or what causes that?

Anéeka: Many great doctors against Covid say that all they did was relabel all respiratory diseases as Covid. I go further to say that they relabelled all contagious diseases as Covid, and even more, just using symptom clusters that can be associated as Covid being that they are generic symptoms.

Example association. It is common for a person to feel sick to their stomach, which causes dehydration with or without diarrhea, then that person goes to the doctor, and he or she will listen to their lungs and it will sound like a plastic bag moving, they will say that is Covid.

The doctor who is basically a criminal does not see that dehydration inflames the pulmonary membrane with the rubbing that swells and deflates, causing inflammation in the lung area and in some cases even the accumulation of intra pulmonary fluids. And the cause is not even respiratory, it is gastric.

Gosia: Thank you. In my Telegram group, many people give support to each other to “cleanse” themselves of vaccines. They give each other ideas etc. Others say that it is not possible to cleanse and I have also said it many times. What can you say about that? Is it worth the research they do on how to “cleanse themselves of vaccine poison”? We already know it is not cleansable but I would like to hear it again in your own words.

Anéeka: My opinion: if you give them the idea that the vaccine can be “cleansed” you are also giving them the idea of consenting to the vaccine and then cleansing themselves. So that concept is like supporting the Cabal. Because the sad truth is that there is no way to get clean from the vaccine.

Here it has been seen that the only way is with a genetic laboratory where they can isolate a cell or group of cells from the person, which has not yet been affected by the elements of the vaccine. From there create stem cells and basically rebuild the body from scratch by way of cloning it in a special medical pod.

This procedure is not simple, because it cannot even be in a normal medical pod, since that one reads and uses the cells that it does not see what to replace for, ending up copying and reproducing the genetically altered cells.

So we would have to either re-program or use Cloning Pod and then apply total immersion technology to pass the consciousness from one body to the other. Tremendous task and it is with technology from here.

Another problem is that the harmful genetic change occurs almost immediately after inoculation, as the vaccine material, the genetic reprogramming material, travels through the bloodstream and within minutes invades all the cells of the body, it will only take a few circulatory cycles to lodge in all the cells of the body of the inoculated person.

But my point here is that I feel strongly that one should not in any way promote the false concept that you can cleanse the vaccine because you cannot.

These almost esoteric cleanses have been used before against children's vaccines such as MMR, where they help to remove heavy metals, however I do not find them scientifically valid, and I am talking about Taygetan science, not human science.

Or in any case it is of a minimum help, if at all. So it is true that anything they do to help a vaccinated person is valid, but the sad objective reality is that the vaccinated people are already damaged for life and you cannot reverse that even with a normal Med Pod, only with the elaborate procedure described above.

About one, two or three doses of vaccines:

It is harmful and deadly from the first one. Other boosters will simply increase the amount of active substances, accelerating the process of body decay. That is to say, their harmful effects will take less time to manifest themselves. Inoculation is harmful at the level of genetic destruction with a single dose. That is why I insist that people do not get vaccinated, because the reality is that its effects are not reversible.

I fear that people will enter into the false hope or false idea that they can be inoculated to be cleansed later. Thus increasing the number of inoculants.

I have told you before that it is like a bullet in the head. It is that drastic. Just that people are unable to see it because it is not immediate like the bullet, but it is a degenerative process that can take even several years, but the effects will depend on each person.

People do not see it because it is not immediate. And when symptoms appear they will attribute them to other things, from the same sars-cov-19 another “variant” (justifying more inoculations) or to health problems that they do not relate to having been inoculated months or years ago. Including autoimmune processes, dementias, atrophies, nervous problems, collapse of the immune system, spontaneous myocardial attacks, cancers and so on, the list is endless.

If someone says we are catastrophic, I tell them the following:

Two people are talking to each other face to face, and one says to the other:

Person A.) Get out of the way, there's a bus with no brakes coming straight at you.

Person B.) I don't see any bus.

Person A.) Because you are looking in this direction and you don't see it but from where I am I can see it.

Person B.) I respect your opinion but in my opinion I don't see any bus.

Person A.) Yet here it comes and it's going to hit you.

Person B.) Look, I respect your opinion and you respect mine and we'll all be happy, it's the right thing to do, okay?

Person A.) It's going to crush you imminently.

Person B.) That's just your opinion, don't be a catastrophist.

Same with the awakened ones screaming at others about inoculations. And then they want to know how to clean up after a bus ran over them.

Gosia: Thank you! That's what I needed. But one thing. Why doesn't the medical pod regenerate these vaccine-altered cells if the idea of the medical pod is exactly that - REGENERATION to the original pattern, the one on the etheric side? Do you mean that the cellular alteration produced by the vaccine also affects the etheric DNA pattern?

Anéeka: The Med Pod is still just a machine. It does not return the cells to what is their original etheric point but replaces individual cells. That is, the machine does not repair individual cells, it replaces them entirely with new ones.

The Pod must first take a healthy cell, form a DNA map of what the person is like, then replace the damaged cells in the body with new stem cells programmed to each point in the body by using a high-energy hologram of extremely high precision.

The problem is that the genetic change of the inoculated person alters each and every cell from minutes after the inoculation, therefore the Pod has no basis to regenerate these cells because it cannot differentiate a cell altered by the inoculation with the original code of that person.

So we would enter here the field of genetic engineering, to return the body to its original state, but unlike an accident for example, if 100% of the cells to be replaced in a body are damaged it is equivalent to a new body (cloning) and for that ideally a reliable sample of the original DNA of the affected person would be needed.

The problem with inoculation is that it changes the DNA base of each cell. It cannot then return to its original pattern because it is no longer in the cells. This causes a disparity between the body and the soul or Source signal in the inoculated person, causing them to not be compatible. And the more doses they have, the more the disparity between the body and its DNA and the person's frequency: which explains the behavioral changes, and dementias among inoculated people.

The return to the original pattern would occur generations after the alteration, at least one generation, but as I have told you, if people are sterilized with the inoculations, there will be no subsequent generations to regenerate the DNA.

Already in 5D an altered-inoculated person could have benefits by activating his/her DNA from 22 chromosomes 2 strands to 24 chromosomes 12 strands. However, this will take much longer, I am talking about 7 years which is the personal time it takes to replace all the cells in the human body (and this is speculating as we have no data to support this at this time). However, the harmful effects of the inoculations will destroy the person's body much sooner than 7 years, creating the inability to regenerate their DNA, even being in 5D.

Another problem is that even if it is re-activated, who knows what is re-activated since the damage to the body's DNA is all the body and all the DNA, creating for example the potential for serious alterations and birth defects in people having been brought into 5D by triggering unforeseen changes to the person's DNA caused by the inoculations.

Moreover: I assure you that if a person comes to me still alive with a bullet in the head, it will be more easily repaired in a Med Pod than an inoculated person. I'm just telling the truth. Sad but I can't give “hopium”. The Med Pod has no problem repairing bullets in the head, that's what it's for.

Gosia: What advice can we give then for people who are already vaccinated?

Anéeka: Look for ways to improve your health dramatically. Improve your general health. Little else can be done. Still some will be able to live for years after inoculation, if it was only one. That is its purpose, not to be immediate. It also depends on the controllers, whether or not they activate the graphene vaccines contain.

Gosia: Yes. I would say just try to improve your overall health as much as you can, and live life the best way you can. Because vaccinated or not, we should all live like this, as if it is our last day, because we will all die, and at any moment. So what to do? The same as any unvaccinated person would do. Be healthy, take care of your soul, and live life, whatever is left for all of us.


Questions Anéeka answered live on Robert's live show:

Question: I have to have my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm afraid the anesthesia will have something in it?

Anéeka: Does it hurt or why do you have it pulled? On Earth they take them out for no reason, it weakens the immune system to take out wisdom teeth, they should only be taken out if they are a real unsolvable problem. Unlikely with anesthesia but please reconsider pulling them.

Question: So there are two toxins in vaccines, DNA modification and graphene?

Anéeka: No, there are countless toxins and harmful compounds in there, not just those two.

Question: Does graphene have anything to do with Black Goo?

Anéeka: Yes, it is related, but graphene has nano technology.

Question: Is sexual transmission also for those who performed PCR?

Anéeka: It is highly probable, yes. Yes, you can get it from nanotechnology and other things that we are just trying to isolate and study. But there are indications that they do get it, since there are many serious reports already.

Question: What about people who have passed the disease and are not vaccinated?

Anéeka: Nothing, they have not passed “the disease” since there is no Covid, they just passed another disease that has always been there.

Question: So I guess the anesthesia has it too.

Anéeka: Everything is containing graphene pieces, but I can't say for sure what each drug has, so I advise to stay away from taking medicines as much as possible.

Question: Blood transfusions from a vaccinated person could contaminate us?

Anéeka: Of course, that is a 100% guarantee that everything will pass to you, that is the same as getting vaccinated. That is a no no. Like getting vaccinated, same thing, same effect.

Question: So the natural mechanisms of healing and elimination (detox) are not enough to get rid of the chemicals in the injection? Why not?

Anéeka: That's right, they are not, and that's because the damage is at the genetic level. They become modified organisms, GMO people.

Question: And the newborn babies are also being inoculated with the same vaccine as adults?

Anéeka: Vaccines are specific to age and social or regional group or race. They are special for children even if they seem to be the same.

Question: Do you also get the graphene with the PCR?

Anéeka: Definitely YES. It is a microinjection directly into the brain, chip-nano implant. Searching for a deadly contagious virus at the base of the brain inside the nose makes no sense whatsoever.

Question: Why do they violate the rights of the Spanish constitution and the judges do nothing?

Anéeka: Because this comes from above the capacities of those judges who have been mostly bought or even threatened. Yes, the laws are being violated with this, and with the laws you can defend yourselves from mandatory vaccinations, use them as much as you can.

Question: Would the discrediting of the Russian vaccine be more of a distraction?

Anéeka: Many have been discredited, like the Chinese one too. I see this as the action of people who are already realizing its content as an inoculation and not as a vaccine against anything. I see it as positive but it can be a distraction, but for the moment I see it as something positive.

Question: How do we know if a vaccinated person has contaminated us?

Anéeka: It is very difficult to know because the symptoms can be of diseases that have always existed, such as influenza. That is why vaccinated people are dangerous, but because of the little we know about it at the moment, it is difficult to know unfortunately. And we don't know to what extent they are, or are not, contagious.

Question: Aneeka, I have to have a surgery and I already had to have PCR. What to do?

Anéeka: Improve your health as best you can, general health. Continue your life, but do not accept more of the same, much less vaccinations. The same for a vaccinated person. And no more doses. Improve your health, how you eat, exercise and all that.

Question: Why can't the toxins from the vaccine be eliminated from the body?

Anéeka: Because they reproduce, because the body needs enzymes that degrade and break down compounds in order to process and eliminate them and there are no enzymes for those compounds. Also because the damage is at the intra-cellular genetic level. They cannot be cleaned because physically they are already another person.

Question: When a vaccinated person dies, can they go to the Source?

Anéeka: Yes, whatever they do to the body has nothing to do with the Source “soul” signal. The soul just takes the ugly experience with it. But nothing touches the “soul”, don't worry.

Question: 5G antennas, how do they affect vaccinated and unvaccinated people?

Anéeka: The 5G and other systems control and program what the graphene and nano chips do inside the body of each vaccine.


Another day:

Gosia: Aneeka... before I forget, someone asks, “Gosia, it would be interesting to know what compounds are there in the vaccines so that they can't be cleaned?”

Anéeka: Without listing them with human names, basically they are compounds that are genetically engineered molecularly designed to act on certain parts of the DNA strands within each cell of the human body, changing those parts for other parts, thereby creating a genetic alteration or change, turning those who have been inoculated into GMO or genetically altered organisms.

Once the change has been made, this is the new cellular-genetic pattern and cannot be reversed without creating complex bio-genetic systems again. This change is not perfect, as is to be expected by creating mutations in the replicating cells at random. These mutations are similar to those caused by exposure to ionizing radiation. In other words, they are mutations that do not create new healthy tissue, and are basically described as cancerous cellular reproduction processes.

Part of the objectives of the genetic change of vaccines are firstly the sterilization of the population and secondly the alteration of the cellular-neuronal biochemistry with a view to reducing or removing the empathy and the need for spirituality of the human being.

This is possible because what is done is to alter the very frequencies with which the neurons work as a chemical-electrical network, where the Source signal of the very high frequency does not link with the brain of the inoculated people. It has been identified exactly which genes to attack or change, the so-called god genes under the names given by human geneticists.

In addition to these compounds engineered to turn human beings into genetically altered organisms, there is a huge amount of graphene that is the pack mule of invasive nanotechnology. The same graphene alters the body at the cellular level by entering or adhering to the cells and making them reactive to electromagnetic waves such as those emitted by cellular-mobile phone networks whether 5G or not.

In addition to all of the above, vaccines contain all kinds of cellular debris, including pieces of aborted human fetuses and a whole soup of organic products mostly of human origin that are present for the purpose of creating total chaos in the human immune system by collapsing it, giving entry to all kinds of infections and autoimmune processes that the same plan further attributes to a new variant of the sars-cov-19 virus. This in the short to medium term, from immediately after inoculation to about two years later at the most likely.

This is also intended to create a host of health problems for the human population that completely undermine their resources and those of their families as they attempt to needlessly heal their loved ones, plunging them into poverty while feeding Big Pharma.

Each group of compounds within each batch of vaccine is assigned to a specific population group, whether by race, gender, age or socio-economic status. Each specific batch assigned will have a different amount of each type of compound with a view to altering or causing different harm or harm of a different nature depending on the population group, as decided by the controllers.

An example of this is to cause chronic health problems to the economically active population with a view to continue exploiting them for longer, for their work and for the money it will give to Grand Pharma. Not because the controllers need it, but to serve as a method of absolute control over the population, who will spend their few resources on medicines instead of living better.

On the other hand, the elderly will receive stronger doses with a view to simply eliminating them faster by adding them to the ranks of Covid statistics. As for the children, it is a mix between sterilization, with the young ones too of course, and the elimination of what the controllers deem to be surplus children, for example in underdeveloped countries.

Gosia: Thank you. And another question, it has been mentioned before, but not clearly (as I understand there is no precise data): how to protect from vaccinated people? Do they really pose the danger? What happens if one is vaccinated and the other is not in a marriage?

Anéeka: The only way to protect against vaccinated ones is by the same methods that have been used to isolate people with highly contagious diseases. That is, isolation, distancing and assigning personal utensils, so that they are not shared.

We still do not know for sure how contagious the vaccinated people will be for the unvaccinated, but any risk will be less than that of being directly vaccinated, since the injection of substances directly into the bloodstream passes or bypasses all the body's self-protection systems such as the mucous membranes or the skin itself.

As for partners, having sexual relations, as has always happened or has always been the case, everything is shared, even frequencies, so it is virtually like a blood transfusion, that is to say, contagion is assured.

Within the vaccines themselves there are organic wastes of human origin as I described above that cause immune system collapse reactions. This will cause the body of the inoculated to go into a state of alarm for multiple infections and self-attack problems, creating an environment in which the cells attempt to cleanse themselves and attempt to communicate with other cells by the process of releasing exosomes, which are basically viruses, making them highly contagious of all kinds of exosome - virus signals that the body of a healthy person can be receptive to triggering conditions or health problems accordingly. ← Process not described above.


Another day:

Robert: How does a normal virus behave as opposed to what we are told? What differences are there?

Anéeka: A real virus stays in a place like a surface only for a limited time before it simply destroys itself. It has little or no skin entry and needs something like mucous membranes or direct injury to enter a body.

A virus is not a living thing, it does not have a plan, it does not react to adversity therefore it does not mutate to counteract drugs or to adapt to a new environment. The virus is only a container with partial DNA-RNA. It is inert and only triggers intracellular mechanisms that were already latent or programmed in every living cell of a person or host. That is, a virus does not cause disease, none, it would only trigger a reaction that was already in the cells to which it adheres when it reaches them.

If such a condition is not latent, in potential in those cells, it simply will not be activated and the virus is discarded without causing any damage. Whether or not it is compatible will depend on the cell's receptors on its outer membrane which functions as its brain.

In a cell its brain that reacts and is "thinking" as in reaction-decision making is the outer membrane, the cell nucleus being the reproductive system of the cell.

So when a virus arrives and comes in contact with the cell membrane, it will have receptors that will or will not be in agreement with those of the virus, which are like spikes that it has on its exterior. They serve as keys that have to fit into a lock that is in the cell in order to enter the cell. If the combination is incorrect, the virus has no effect on the cell.

Unlike a virus that is an inert and immobile fixed “key”, a cell can change the combination of its “locks” according to the circumstances that it lives and according to its convenience.

Robert: You say: “It has little or no entry through the skin and needs something like mucous membranes or direct injury to enter a body”. Could it enter through the eyes?

Anéeka: Yes. Or it's on your hand and you rub your eyes or you pick your nose.

Robert: And so if that virus were real people would have to cover their eyes?

Anéeka: And they do say that they should cover their eyes, it is part of the Covid guidelines. So these parts are true and not true, depending on what they say.

But for something to work against the Covid virus if it were real, people, ALL of them, on the street should be dressed like this: (image) **Images not supported**

It is said that the mask is to contain the Flugger droplets which are the droplets of saliva that people naturally expel when talking and breathing. It is true that something is contained, but the virus is so small that it passes through the mask anyway, creating a cloud of virus - exosomes around people IN THE SAME QUANTITIES as a person breathing and talking without a mask. So it makes exactly no difference whether or not the mask contains-stops Flugger droplets.

Robert: Why are doctors unable to see what is going on?

Anéeka: That's the big question and it's complex to answer. (By the way I didn't finish my point above about how viruses work).

What happens is that in the first place doctors only obey the directives given to them by the medical mafia. They do not question anything, because they are indoctrinated to believe in medical science as it was imposed on them since they were in universities.

I have seen them use words or expressions such as “there are guidelines that...”, “it is known that...”, and the like, where they are not thinking but repeating like parrots what they are told in medical schools and medical articles. In other words, they just repeat and dare not question the medical authorities.

So any normal doctor comes into conflict against those who do think for themselves because they do not see any authority in them, while those see authority in others who have published official medical articles in accepted and recognized journals such as the American Journal of Medical Science or similar.

Which means that normal doctors only think they are doctors and believe they know the truth just because they have memorized their university classes. Always assuming that the inconsistencies they may see have a logical explanation, just that they cannot see it because they feel it is not in their level of medical understanding, assuming or taking for granted that the medical authorities who published the papers do know the answer.

So it is again the problem that they do not know how to think for themselves delegating their power to authorities that are “above them”.

It also happens that the whole medical structure and especially that concerning the study of viruses has been artificially altered for decades to fit this narrative.

Another big problem, going back to viruses - exosomes, is that you can never create a vaccine against a virus. Because it is a trigger of an already latent condition within each cell and that is programmed at the DNA level. That is to say that it does not cause an immune reaction other than that of a foreign body.

To block a virus you need to manufacture a reactive biological substance against its sensors or spikes (receptors) neutralizing them. But this cannot be done without harming the rest of the host organism since the virus is made from the host itself. This in simple explanatory terms so that it is understood. You cannot block the key receptors of the virus without also damaging the cell that holds the lock.

Viruses, all of them, are a method of communication between cells, and a toxin elimination system. When a group of cells enters a state of alarm, due to a hostile environment within the body, they will begin to eliminate toxins and broken DNA strands that they have inside, in an attempt to survive. This secretion is called exosome.

And there is no medical data that can differentiate a virus from an exosome, since they are one and the same.

So these capsules with message (exosome virus) will only come out if the cells see appropriate and necessary their production since many times this secretion will kill the cell.

Exosomes will enter the bloodstream and cause a protective alarm reaction in other cells as long as they have or are in a similar condition to the one that excreted the exosome. That similar condition can be interpreted as the latch (lock) in my example above. That the latch has the right combination to accept and react to the presence of a specific virus.

So these secreted virus - exosomes if they are in sufficient quantity will go out into the environment outside the individual through respiration and body fluids. It will float in the air and end up entering through the mucous membranes in another individual.

If that other individual has the same latent complications as the sender of the exosome virus then it will start an alarm reaction in their body which is interpreted as the spread of a disease. If the recipient individual is not compatible, the virus - exosome will have no effect on him.

As individuals of the same group have contact with each other and, many times, most of them, share the same problems, and the same environment - habitat, this makes them prone to have the same health problems, latent, environmental toxicity that causes somatic toxicity (inside their bodies) causing them to be lock-key compatible with the exosomes of other members of their same group. But if a person is from another group, they may or may not have exosome reactivity.

This happens more often than not. That is to say, because they come from outside they do not share the same latency, therefore they do not react to the virus in the same way.

Sometimes it happens that an individual from outside arrives with foreign exosomes to an isolated community, and as this community has not had the latent pathology for a long time but it is already contained within the genetic code of the human being or any other species, it will trigger a violent response to the presence of the virus - exosome of the person coming from outside. As happened with the arrival of the Spaniards in the New World, among other similar scenarios.

So, this means that the problem, disease or medical condition, is already contained within the genetic code of a particular species. Because that is what viruses - exosomes contain, partial genetic code competent to the damage or health problem that hosts or damages the cell that has emitted it, because the virus - exosome is already inside the cell, it does not carry anything new, it only causes a cellular reaction according to the genetic DNA code that the exosome contains.

This leads us to the fact that a virus does not mutate, it does NOT create new variants to adapt to an environment.

What happens is that each individual of the species will take out its own exosomes as a response to the stimulus of other viruses - exosomes that have reached it from other individuals around it, thus creating its own variant. That is to say, strictly speaking, there is one virus variant for each person that has emitted it. And I am talking about exosome viruses that carry the same genetic code activator of one or another medical condition already inherent within individuals. For example smallpox.

This described above makes it even more impossible to create a vaccine since the isolated virus that causes a pathology varies and mutates with each person it touches.

The creation of supposed vaccines against sars-cov-19 indicates that they are not vaccines at all but they use the excuse of a non-existent viral disease to force an inoculation of the human population with other substances in order to perpetuate dark and malevolent agendas. Being that anyone with a little intelligence, and little or no medical knowledge, can realize that the components evidently within the inoculations "against" sars-cov-19 simply have nothing to do with the creation of antibodies against viruses - exosomes.

Specifically about the group of viruses called SARS that contain sars-cov-19, they are essentially respiratory pulmonary. They are flu exosomes. This means that they have a very high range of variants and of effects - symptoms. And they obey the same pattern of behavior which is that they are viruses - exosomes of chronic stress activation.

Robert: Question from a follower: “Could you ask Aneeka the difference between the PCR test and the ones that just take saliva sample from the mouth?”

Anéeka: The test itself works the same. 40 cycles of searching for a specific DNA strand common to all living things, not just in humans. It's the exact same thing in terms of the laboratory process. The difference is how the sample is obtained, one by introducing a swab into the nostrils at the base of the skull where the cartilage is thinner and where it has been reported that the introduction of the swab has ruptured, causing a spill of cerebrospinal fluid with hemorrhage, which causes meningitis.

Introducing a swab that deep makes no sense, much less looking for traces of a supposedly ultra-contagious virus. It is an excuse to introduce nanotechnology wrapped in graphene, and other substances present in the swab, from the factory directly into the person's brain. It's a sort of micro inoculation “vaccination” without the person's consent.

Robert: Another question from the follower: “Robert, don't you think that now the virus does exist because the collective unconscious has created the egregor/tulpa?”

Anéeka: Oh yes... that makes it real from one point of view or another, but that's because people want it to be real. Decide whether you want it or not, if you don't want it then there is no virus, if you want it, then enjoy it. Still, it is not there. Not in science, neither human nor non-human.

And it will become very real and a problem for everyone if they keep manifesting it, and it is already on its way as a result of the effects of fake vaccines that are actually inoculations that lower the immune system and make the body prone to all kinds of infections and medical conditions. When the immune system collapses, as it does with HIV patients (also invented by the way), it will produce a zoo of exosomes called viruses that will actually infect other people who are not as sick or who have the same latent conditions, thus creating a true pandemic.

This goes not only for viruses and exosomes but for another zoo of diseases of all kinds, contagious or not, coming from opportunistic unicellular organisms, creating a real pandemic, caused not by one but by countless different diseases, which governments will quickly catalog as another variant of Covid, and thus having the perfect excuse to impose more vaccines and thus accelerate the problem even more until it ends in the largest genocide that humanity has ever seen. Go ahead and manifest your virus as a tulpa!

Robert: Thank you. I have another one. You said: “A virus is not a living thing, it doesn't have a plan, it doesn't react to adversity therefore it doesn't mutate to counteract drugs or to adapt to a new environment.” And then you said... “This leads us to the fact that a virus does not mutate, it does NOT create new variants to adapt to an environment.” And then you say, “This described above makes it even more impossible to create a vaccine since the isolated virus that causes some pathology varies and mutates with each person it touches.” So, does it mutate or does it not mutate? I understand it doesn't but why does it say it mutates?"

Anéeka: Okay. I clarify. The virus doesn't mutate by itself, it's not something that has an agenda or that changes, like a staphylococcus would. The virus is just something that is secreted by people's cells when certain conditions occur. So the virus doesn't mutate, it just is.

But each different person whose cells respond to the stimulus of another person's exosomes will create slightly different exosomes or viruses. Because it comes from another person, not the original one. So the virus is not mutated. It is mutated by each person as they mutate their cells.

It's like making paper airplanes. You make one, I make another, Paul will make another. It's not that the airplane mutates because you can see the differences, but rather they are slightly different because they were made by different people. And they all started making paper airplanes because they got the same idea. The same with viruses.

Gosia: But wouldn't that amount to mutated virus? HOW it has mutated... that would be a story apart, but the result is a MUTATED VIRUS.

Anéeka: The mutation process is not the same, it is not a mutation from the point of view of what defines a biological mutation.

A staphylococcus does mutate. It changes inside as a response to the environment in which it lives, resulting in differences or changes (mutations) in its descendants as a method of adaptation to its environment.

A virus lacks this ability, it is only a stimulus that if the conditions are right, will cause another person to make its own specific and particular version of the first virus-stimulus it received in the beginning.

It is like writing a letter with a message manually. You send it to another person, he reads it and writes the same message by hand, and so on. In the end, there will be many read and copied and drafted messages with the points of view of each person, the final message will be changed without wanting. People changed the message little by little as it came into their hands. The original message in the first letter was not mutated, it was mutated by the people as the message was passed on. Same with viruses.

Robert: Thank you. I have this question: “But you are not going to protect yourself from the vaccinees, the graphene is in the water itself”.

Anéeka: Yes, it is everywhere, even in chemtrails. It is to promote the reactivity of biological organisms to electromagnetic radiation among other things. But it is in small quantities compared to the content of the inoculations.

And since the inoculations contain not only graphene but many other harmful things, they obviously have to be avoided at all costs.

Robert: What would you say to someone who says: “I create my reality and I will be fine in it”.

Anéeka: Yes, you create your reality, everyone will create their reality, it is true. Not only by believing but by living according to the reality that you want. And that means that by living according to your personal reality, you will refuse anything that goes against that desired reality, and that would include inoculations.

Notice that I no longer say vaccines, because they are not vaccines, that is something else. They are forced inoculations. Each thing by its name.

Gosia: I have this question: “What does a vaccinated person infect a non-vaccinated person with? Nanobots? Graphene oxide? Parasites that are in vaccines? Or DNA modification? I would like to know. Thanks!”

Anéeka: It's not even clear to us. What is known is that they are 100% infected by nano bots, and also the body stress conditions that exosomes cause that would affect the unvaccinated people by triggering medical conditions if applied to them. That is, depending on the health of the unvaccinated ones. Because the inoculated ones are a zoo of latent conditions about to be triggered by the biological compounds of the sars-cov-19 inoculations in addition to the graphite and nanotechnology part.

But we feel there is something else here, and we are on it ←

Having said all this, you must take responsibility for your lives, not expect us to give you everything, because we can't. Otherwise, you will have the same attitude that caused the problem in the first place.

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