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Esta página contiene transcripciones de los videos publicados en nuestros canales. La comunicación con los miembros de la tripulación ET Swaruuniana y Taygeteana se lleva a cabo a través de chat en vivo en Internet en Inglés y Español.

Algunas de las transcripciones también incluyen traducciones en otros idiomas proporcionadas por la comunidad. Importante: Están accesibles solamente desde la sección de los transcriptos en Ingles. No somos responsables de la calidad de las traducciones. NOTA PARA LOS TRADUCTORES: Traduzca lo más exactamente posible al texto original. No agregue ni reste ningún texto. ¡Gracias!

Titanic - How it Sank - Swaruu of Erra talks to Dale Harder

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 28, 2023

Finally, as some of you will say! This is older conversation between Swaruu of Erra, Dale Harder, and myself (me in the background) about Titanic and how it sank, according to Swaruu of Erra and Taygetans. It is not their own theory, but rather what they concluded gathering all the data available on the subject. I am not aware of any changes to these conclusions so, even though the conversation is older, it is still valid. Enjoy!

My Higher Self - does it guide me according to its own interests only?

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 23, 2023

This time, we are talking with Athena Swaruu about the influence and guidance of our Higher Selves. But here is the tricky question: if us "here" and our higher, etheric self, "up there" seem to have different interests sometimes (as mentioned by Mari Swaruu as well about how things are seen differently from another, more expanded side), then is the Higher Self guiding us towards certain actions viewing solely its own perspective, or does it consider the 3D perspective as equally valid? Does it even care about the "3D perspective"? If not, wouldn´t it act just like the Federation does? Let´s dive to discuss all this with Athena.

Are We Influenced by Other Densities? Elementals and Etheric Beings - Athena Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 18, 2023

As you know, we are never truly separate from one another and other intelligences with whom we are connected through the etheric field. Not too long ago we chatted with Athena Swaruu about the influence of other beings, the "higher" etheric ones and also elementals, on our lives. How do higher beings do it? Why? Enjoy!

Anti-Gravity, Enriched Mercury, and more - Extraterrestrial Tech - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 11, 2023

Since we are on the subject of technical matters, let me share with you Yazhi´s answers for our last year interview/presentation at FESIG. The question were mostly by Kian who was also a guest on the show, and who is a supporter of our work. Again, this is mostly for the tech lovers. Subjects mentioned: antigravity, metallurgy, enriched Mercury, mysterious glyphs, plasma turbines, and more.

Interstellar Life 4 - Extraterrestrial Engineering - Reactors/Plasma Engines (Taygeta - Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 07, 2023

In this video, Athena Swaruu explains to us the exterior appearance of Zero Point reactors, reactor room, turbines and gravitational pods. At the end of the video, I included a short conversation between Aneeka and Robert that fits with the topic. Enjoy this highly technical information.

Vampires/Zombies - Are they Real? Yazhi Swaruu and Aneeka explain

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 02, 2023

Are you ready for the second part of the scary series? This time, we talk about the vampires, or rather vampire-zombies, as that´s what they actually are. We talk about St Germain, Vlad the Empaler, Dracula and more.

BigFoot/Sasquatch - Daniel James´ Real Encounters - Dyatlov Pass Incident

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 31, 2023

Even though I don´t tend to celebrate anything, I decided to gather up something "fun" for you to watch for the next 2 videos. This one is something I never shared yet on the English channel (Robert did in Spanish), and that is Swaruu of Erra talking about the BigFoot/Sasquatch. Is it real? Is it benevolent? We will also have Aneeka speak about the Taygetan analysis of what happened at the Dyatlov Pass and the tragic event there. The special guest of the episode is Daniel James, the guy behind Robert´s voice, who has had several direct encounters with the Big Foot and is here to tell his story. Enjoy!

Metaphysical chat with Yazhi Swaruu about influencing timelines

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 25, 2023

Short conversation with Sophia Swaruu (Yazhi) about the possibility of influencing not only our own individual timeline, but more collective one. How could that be done? Is it possible? I hope you enjoy this little nugget of metaphysical wisdom coming from our littlest member of the crew, Sophi Swaruu.

Mari Swaruu Live - Recopilation of all Questions and Answers

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 22, 2023

This is a recopilation of all questions that were asked in the chat box, both in English and Spanish, on October 14th. Mari Swaruu was responding them live.

Swaruu of Erra and Yazhi Swaruu - Metaphysical Chats

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 17, 2023

This video is a mix of different metaphysical conversations that I had set aside and they are with Swaruu of Erra and also with Yazhi just when she arrived here in 2020.

"I see Earth from my window and it is ROUND!" - Flat Earth Theory Psyop

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 08, 2023

I know you must be tired of the Flat Earth topic (or maybe not), it bores me a lot myself, but I feel I should share it anyway. In this video we have Robert talking with Athena Swaruu and Yazhi Swaruu, casually, about Flat Earthers and their theories.

Buddha and Enlightenment - Can it be Reached? Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 05, 2023

What does Yazhi think of the enlightenment process? What is it according to her? And what are her thoughts about Buddha? Short conversation between Yazhi Swaruu and Robert.