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October 09, 2020


Anéeka: Most starseeds on Earth have 24 chromosomes. It is just that their chromosomes are not activated, remaining as 22 Earth or human chromosomes, and the missing ones remain as "junk" DNA according to human science (let me just clarify that some humans have 23 chromosomes, but never 24).

Questioner: Can these two extra chromosomes be detected here on Earth? For example, through the tests they are doing now or others?

Anéeka: Yes <<<< Great danger here. I don't think through the 3-letter tests, but as such, it collects genetic material. Yes, they are entering it into a database for obscure purposes. That is, they are trying to detect non-humans, to annihilate them. To prevent them from entering the Earth, to take away their power, to take away their souls and consciousness, when they come to awaken others. That is what starseeds naturally do, awaken others, take them away or liberate them. Starseeds are dangerous, maximum danger to the Cabal, so they try to stop them with all they have.

Questioner: You have commented before: "Let me just clarify that some humans have 23 chromosomes, but never 24." Are you referring here to humans only or also to starseeds? That is to say that starseeds have 24?

Anéeka: Starseeds have 22 or 23 activated chromosomes, plus one or two that are deactivated. Upon awakening of their consciousness and depending on their intellectual and consciousness level, they CAN activate their 24 chromosomes, which betrays them as non-humans. There are awakened humans, but they do not have more than 22 or 23 chromosomes. The 23 is rare, but it exists, but 99.99% of them have 22 chromosomes. Only one in 1000 or more will have 23 chromosomes, as I understand it.

If the person is a starseed and remembers everything because of his very awakening, he CAN (but not necessarily) activate his 24 chromosomes. As a side effect of this, you cannot have human offspring with a partner of 22 or 23 chromosomes. However, it's not just a matter of chromosomes and that's it. What happens is that the last one, the 24th, activates advanced mental functions and that is the Cabal's terror, because they become unmanageable. Not to mention the possibility of having non-human abilities, "super powers", not just telepathy. And this is very real.

It sounds like something from Marvel comics or X-Men, but that's based on starseeds. I mention here the huge number of children who are coming in since 2000, with abilities that the media suppresses (see the work of Mari Rodwell from Australia). Another example is Wim Hof “Ice man” with his ability to control heat and cold. I don't know if he knows it or not, but that's not "human".

But he is far from being the only one. There are already many starseeds down there who know themselves to be non-human. With whole memories, not just suspicions. That is, they remember who they were before, where they lived, what their houses were like, their interests, their friends, their animals and even their family. Even their ships, how the bathroom door operates, what it's like inside. Everything.

But they must walk the Earth as humans because they chose to. They walk without fear, or not with the same fear as humans. Because they know they are eternal, not from there, immune to death, sometimes even desiring it, not because they are suicidal but because they want to return home. They are complete ETs 'driving' a human body, they look normal, they walk down the street in jeans, they use buses, they pay taxes. But they are not human. Nor do they obey the rules, and they don't put up with traditional jobs.

But the important thing here is that they know they are not human, because they know and remember what they are and why they are there. Those are the ones that the Cabal wants to eliminate, because otherwise they will overthrow the whole system. They are unmanageable, impossible to corrupt, impossible to manipulate, impossible to subdue. They see through agendas, read everything, understand everything. They cannot be bought with money, nor manipulated. They are a danger. That is why they want to eliminate them and that is why so many attacks against children today, more than the usual attacks against them. To prevent them from growing up, to become fully empowered, especially mentally.

Questioner: What you say about "It sounds like something from Marvel comics or X-Men, but that's based on the starseeds,"... I felt that as well... masking the truth.

Anéeka: Yes, it's the usual formula. Masking and mocking the truth by claiming it to be fiction. Making it look like it's not possible according to the agreements of manipulated human science. I see it today in Yazhi, with my own eyes. It is simply not normal even by the standards here. She has what is called super powers, but that escapes human credibility.

The other day Khila and Raguel were throwing stuffed animals at her, while she was jumping up and down on her bed, laughing her head off. The rest of us just watched. The stuffed animals never reached her. Not because she dodged them. But because they hit against an invisible force field, about half a meter away from her. She explains how she does it, it's not crazy or far-fetched. She does it, and with pure logic. It's science, not magic, although in the end it ends up being the same thing. And the little girl does that and more.

This is how these children are that come in, and I see it's not just on Earth. Here too. They come to break patterns, to impose different parameters, to prove that everything is mind.

Questioner: Wow, amazing Yázhi, and how does she do that, how does she create a shield?

Anéeka: Yes, and she doesn't even put a hand to activate it, as a stop sign as you would think. It just happens, there's something there that stops everything, that protects her. She creates what she imagines. She manipulates reality and matter using only her mind.

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