4 Year Anniversary of our Taygetan Contact - SURPRISE and Message from Aneeka - MUST SEE

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 27, 2021

4 Year Anniversary of our Taygetan Contact - SURPRISE and Message from Aneeka - MUST SEE

This is the message that Aneeka left at the end of the video:

Anéeka: To all.

I know the media or means of communication over the last 4 years has been controversial, but it has been the only way to get past the countless filters of both the Federation and Earth governments and their relentless censorship. If contact were in any way more direct the same Earth governments and their 3-letter agencies would stop everything.

Because what matters to us here is to pass the information, to filter it to Earth, to you, so that it exists there, and without this medium, even if it is full of restrictions, it simply could not be done.

The important thing about this contact is the information and that it inspires, informs, and gives you all a different option of how to think, and the cosmology of reality outside of Earth.

This contact is for you, as direct as possible, and always looking for ways to bypass restrictions, especially earthly ones. It is about the information, not so much about us who give it. Because the moment we go beyond a certain vague line and give some kind of proof other than the information itself, they would stop everything, and the rest of the information needed to be planted on Earth could not be given. So, we must always operate on the edge of the precipice, and often on the principle that less is more.

I know that many times you must look for the strongest or most essential messages within our daily information, the most attention grabbing, this is by design as well and are protective layers to avoid censorship.

I send huge thanks to all of you who have supported us and continue to support us throughout these 4 years. I send you an enormous hug. Stay strong and only listen to the voice of your minds and consciences, without the need of authorities external to yourselves. Being responsible for your actions, thoughts, criteria, and your whole person and what goes with it. This is the key. Believe in yourself and follow yourself and do not be manipulated by fear.

Remember that if you think in a way that what you are officially told and assured is false and the alternative is true, using your head to filter with your mind what is correct and what is not, you will find that you will be closer to the truth and tangible reality.

Remember that basically nothing is true of what you are officially told on Earth, including history and science, and everything is put in there and said with a goal to manipulate perceptions and reality.

In a world where all information is contradictory, whether alternative or official, the only way to approach the truth is to listen to all possible sources, and then take responsibility for forming your own independent judgment, with full courage, whether or not the result of that personal reasoning is logical or socially acceptable.

Stay strong. A big hug.

- Anéeka

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