Aneeka of Temmer - Why did she Arrive to Earth? Her Work and Our Gratitude

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December 02, 2022

Aneeka of Temmer - Why did she Arrive to Earth? Her Work and Our Gratitude

Originally in English – 2020

Anéeka: I am a 21 years old female, as calculated your way with your perception of time. I am long, 190cm, (6’3 feet) tall, and I have long reddish-blonde hair and light blue eyes. I was born in Toleka city in the island of the same name, the biggest land mass in planet Temmer, first planet in the Taygetan-Sadicleya (Tau-19/Tau-19B) solar system in the constellation you know as the Pleiades, M45. Pleiades is a star cluster 440 Light Years away from Earth and, contrary to what Earth Science dictates, it is perfectly capable of sustaining life and advanced civilizations.

Toleka, as best name for phonetics I can give, is the largest city in Taygeta solar system. It´s a capital, and centre of science, industry, culture, art and power.

Temmer is a tropical water planet, close to Taygeta, a softer sun than yours. It holds basically the same weather conditions all over, only being colder at the poles where it does have small ice caps. It has no continents so it is basically all ocean with countless small islands where Toleka is the largest one, roughly the size of New Zealand.

I grew up just a small distance from the sea, where only a small palm tree forest with a sandy ground separated the ocean from the back of my rounded house. Since I was very young, I always had a thirst for knowledge and for exploration, especially space exploration. Whenever I was not playing with my friends, or alone, mostly alone, I was studying every subject I could get my hands on. And after a long session into these subjects, I would walk on the beach, reflecting on all I had learned.

Among all those subjects, the one that always intrigued me the most was space exploration, understanding and communicating with strange species and civilizations far away from mine, always with a deep need to understand how they lived, how they looked and how they saw and understood the universe, all to be able to expand my own understanding in general and of everything.

In Temmer, in my little house by the beach, I lived a simple life. As a civilization, with the technological level of mine, fully interstellar and since long, Taygeta tends to go towards the simple, appreciating hand made things and art, returning to the values of old where technology was made to serve people, and not make their lives more complicated and difficult. In a place where you can copy any object you need on a replicator machine in seconds, handmade things are of extreme value as they hold and represent a piece of life and consciousness of its creator, and that we respect a lot.

In my civilization everything is taken care of. We don’t use money, we don’t even have an economy, everything you need you have and are free to take if you want more because there is full abundance. No one takes more than what they need as they are well aware that if you have too many things, or too much of something, that something will start having you. There is no sense in hoarding anything. If you have too much food, it will spoil, if you have too many objects, they will swamp you. Anyhow, that’s a valid choice people can make. There is no overpopulation, and energy is clean and free, mostly coming from Zero-Point pyramid shaped reactors.

In a civilization like mine, where all your needs are met, you have a lot of free time, and calmness of mind as your life is stable. This promotes internal growth, of soul, mind, awareness and knowledge. Your creative mind is at its best and all you want is to wonder, explore and know more.

For that very reason, the need to expand, to explore and to know more, at age 17, I joined the crew of a large interstellar star ship that would come to Earth to explore and to document a rising civilization my people had been researching and following for a very long time.

On the way, my ship stopped at the only Taygetan colony outside the Pleiades star system, the planet Cyndriel, which orbits the orange giant Aldebaran, as it is more or less on the way being only 65.3 Light Years from Earth. It was the first time I stepped on another planet, strange and very different from my native Temmer.

After my fascinating stop in Aldebaran Cyndriel, I finally arrived in Earth’s Orbit in May 2016 where thanks to my language skills regarding Earth I joined a work group with an interesting project: to be among the first to contact humans infiltrating their culture and society using human Internet as an attempt to say: "Hello! We are here, we look like you and we are friends and kin".

The project conveniently was called First Contact and it also had the intention of assessing and understanding how prepared and receptive the mass of the Earth’s population was to the existence and direct communication with other cultures from other planets. When the project was terminated later that same year, I dedicated myself to understanding Earth’s culture, learning new Earth languages and helping my people on board the ship with whatever task I could do.

In 2018, two years later, I was designated as part of the team devoted to collect all information of what happens on Earth; task that gave me a clear and global understanding of all problems concerning the planet. Their nature and history.

As the larger Taygetan fleet returned home, leaving only one ship, this ship, representing the Taygetan people, in 2019 I was designated as the leader of the team that gathers information and processes it. What comparatively is the Taygetan equivalent of an Intelligence organization, and I have been at it ever since.

All information of what happens on Earth goes through me, I process it and then I pass it on to my leaders on board, and I also send the information back home to Taygeta, Temmer, city of Toleka. As a result, I have a unique point of view with access to information coming in planet wide using many information streams including cooperation of different people with who I talk to, from several places and organizations on Earth.

In my free time I love to dance, exercise, run, swim and lift some weights, as well as bicycling, an adopted sport from Earth which I am enjoying a lot, even though I have very limited space on board this ship, in an adapted and rudimentary track inside using service corridors. Exercising keeps me fit and happy.

I love to talk to my friends on Earth, sharing their lives and mine online. I want to help, share with the people of Earth our story, the one of my people, that we do exist, because I fully understand the negation mentality most people have, as they are so mind controlled by media and the powers who control it. Those don’t want to ever disclose that so called extra-terrestrials exist, and much less that they look like you because then they would lose their power as their lies crumble!


Originally in Spanish - 2021
Few questions that Claudia sent for Aneeka (girl who does Aneeka´s voiceover)

Question: How do you assimilate your personal experience within this war on Earth and the very supportive work you are doing for humanity from orbit?

Anéeka: For me, as for several other people on board, it has been a very intense experience because there have emerged truths that have affected us here personally and collectively, because they involve becoming aware that there is also Matrix here, it is just another level but more of the same, different from what we have been led to believe before we came here, that we had to save humans from the Matrix so that they can be free. And, in reality, its realizing that just as humans must awaken there to their truth in which they live, we here are also in our process of awakening.

So yes, it has come as a shock to realize that we are also controlled in the same way as on Earth. Different, yes, without money and with more freedoms, but still within a belief structure that we must become aware of and transcend, which is not easy.

Question: Being a woman of a highly emotional race, could you share anything that you find useful to differentiate between the emotional state that characterizes us, humans, and pure emotions?

Anéeka: Considering as pure emotions the ones that seem to come out without meaning, I will tell you that they all mean something, be it the ones that fill you with love and feelings of joy and integration as what your soul is looking for, and the negative emotions that clearly indicate that what triggers them is not accepted by your being. I would say that, from my point of view, I do not separate emotions as those that come automatically and those that mean something, because they all mean something.

Do not resist them, because a strong emotion that you repress will only come out later or it will become an emotional trigger that will harm you in the future. To be with your emotion fully, letting it be and express itself in your being, whether it is good or bad, but in this case I am referring mostly to the bad ones. This is how you begin to dissolve that negative emotion because in the process of accepting it we transmute it into something more positive. Remember that what you resist, persists.

So do not reject how you feel, but observe and ask yourself why I feel this way. Analyze yourself without questioning whether it is good or bad, just why you feel this way. Accept yourself completely, emotions and all, whatever they are. Remember that on Earth emotions are frowned upon, they want to suppress them as something annoying, negative, when they are the guide of your soul. Your compass.

And never disqualify emotions in favor of logic. Try not to balance both, but to integrate them, emotions and logic, approaching your emotions logically, and questioning your logic using your emotions, at the same time.

Another point is that we tend to overcomplicate our lives. The key is simplification, especially in things we do not want to do, but must do.

Question: How or in what way does your emotional state impact the work you do with humanity?

Anéeka: Yes, everything that happens impacts me in a very harsh way. Not only seeing how humans, in general, and my friends in particular, who I know and interact with, are mistreated, but how it affects me personally to see how what I have said and the work I do is misinterpreted and distorted. Yes, it greatly affects me to want to share everything from the heart, and be constantly taken for non-existent, as if these words were coming out of nowhere.

It affects me to see that even with the data in front of them, humans prefer not to see what is happening, preferring to stay with what is accepted, with what is comfortable. I know they are tired and exhausted from so much work and just surviving and do not want more emotional blows, but they do not see that their awakening is to reduce the suffering they are in and experiencing. So yes, I enter periods of frustration that lead to depressions, I accept that.

Another strong emotional impact factor is living on a ship. While it sounds big on the outside with its 1734 meters long, inside not everything is livable and it feels very cramped, like living your whole life inside a single building. In an artificial and sterile environment where nothing is natural, not even gravity. Yes, we have an indoor green park but it is small. The fact that we don't know how much longer we will stay here affects us as well. But even so, I continue to help with all my love, and only for those who value it and listen.

I am Anéeka of Temmer. I say hello to you. I am here with my people. We are the Taygetans. My very best regards and all my love to you all from star ship Toleka TPT-001 (Flagship) in low Earth orbit.

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