Arien of Erra - Memories, Inner Knowing and self responsibility

Za'el and Arien - English
March 19, 2023

Arien of Erra - Memories, Inner Knowing and self responsibility

Arien: Hello, I want to express my deep gratitude to all of you who listen, share, and support our channel, as well as Mari Swaruu´s channel.

I haven't had a chance to introduce myself yet. My name is Arien. My partner, Za´el, and I have been accompanying the Taygetan and Swaruunian crew for a relatively short period of time, and we have felt very welcomed by everyone here.

I don't know what the level of involvement on my part will be going forward, but I'd love to be able to help as much as I can with this project and be a part of it. That is why I am talking to you here today.

Among our objectives is, as you may know, to give you one more perspective on various topics that we feel are important or that may be of greater interest to people living on Earth. Trying with our words and ways of understanding reality to reach those who have not yet had that mental click to realize what they have yet to realize.

My intention today is to talk about memories in past lives, dedicated especially to those people who come to incarnate with a veil of forgetfulness that is either quite pronounced or very pronounced. But I must first point out what I mean by a past life.

In keeping with the concept of time that Za´el has been sharing with you in the videos before this one, there is no past as such. This is just an idea. The only thing that exists is this moment in which you find yourself. So, by this standard, there are no past lives either. There are just more moments that are happening at the same time as this one, but you have decided to focus your attention here and you have decided to set aside the others and even forget many of them because you need to in order to live this one exactly as you like it and as you need it for your growth as a soul.

On my way I have met people looking to remember. These people have, and have always had, a lot of inner wisdom without themselves being aware of it. Sometimes, they ask themselves, out of mere curiosity while joking, things that, for them, are of no apparent importance. Things like if maybe in another life, someone was a chess champion because he has always been the winning player since he was a child, no matter who he was competing with.

And what he is not realizing is that he is downloading into and from his consciousness the parallel moment that occurs at the same time that he is indeed a chess champion. But he needs validation from someone else, someone to tell him that's the way it is because deep down he thinks it's a very silly thing to have imagined, often without realizing that it is they themselves, these people, who are coming up with the solution as they search for the answer. And that they don't need anyone to confirm that it is indeed something that goes with their personality or their life experience, and that, from their situation, it is correct. And what is it that makes it go from a simple imagined joke to something real, only you can know.

There are infinite possibilities, and they are all there for you to access at any given moment, depending on the level of consciousness you are at, your awareness, and trust in your inner knowing.

There is a problem here, though, and that is that sometimes a person gets lost because they start to take everything they find as valid, knowing themselves to be above others, and concluding that they are right, even if that means acting in unethical ways towards others. Trust yourself, but do not impose your ideas on those around you because they may not perceive it in the same way. There are as many realities as there are people, converging on each other, and for others, their feelings and emotions may be telling them something else. So, it is important to know that it is up to you to discern what resonates with you and what does not, judiciously, wisely, and ethically, with trust and respect.

This includes, of course, the negative things and events of each person. Knowing yourself, your personality, your shadows, the burdens you carry, your backpack, the experiences that have made you think one way or another. Because yes, the ideas you have now may be conditioned by what you remember, by what you agreed you should remember. And, at the same time, those ideas condition what you will remember now in the present moment. What is real is constructed by you and only you.

You must be alert to every little detail because it can be a clear clue to what you wish to retrieve in memory. The memory of past lives, that is, of these other moments that you access, can come in many forms. And I am only here today to tell you that you can remember for yourselves. I am but your own consciousness making you see that you can and must do it on your own.

You must ask yourself what you want to know and focus on finding out. Asking someone else is the same as not trusting yourself and delegating your inner wisdom to an outsider. And, in the end, all they can do is help you understand that it is you and only you who has the power to get there. No one will do the work for you.

And this is because remembering is very personal and different for everyone. It depends on whether you want to hear from your loved ones off planet Earth, find the source of your health problem, see why you have a personality trait you don't want in yourself, or whether you are coming up with a repetitive situation whose reason for being there is so haunting you that you don't understand.

And there is no one who knows you better than you know yourself, so ask yourself what you want. Put it in writing if it helps you to be specific. The result may be an ambiguous answer that you have to decode, and it may not appear overnight but will take time, months, or even years. It all depends on the degree of your focus.

Not everything comes as clear as “in my past life I was a musician, and I was killed before I published my masterpiece.” Maybe it comes as a deep feeling of sadness that washes over you when you hear a piece of cello playing or a specific harmony. Look for the source of this feeling that has manifested itself within you for no apparent reason.

You must learn to decode your emotions, to understand why they are there because they are never empty meanings. Look for the source of what has been oppressing you for so long and has ended up affecting your health, the moment when you made a decree, the attitudes that have been hurting you. Find your fears and insecurities, work on you.

I know that being down there is difficult, that it is tiring and frustrating not to remember, but don't despair if you don't make it. It just means it's not the time. Keep this in the back of your mind.

In the end, it all comes down to having confidence in yourself and respecting your time and others. There are no shortcuts. Only you can figure it out with inner work, wisdom, and patience.

I send you all a big hug with lots of love. See you another time.

Your friend,

Arien of Erra

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