Current Affairs - Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact - Taygeta - Pleiades) - TEXT ONLY - CENSORED IN YOUTUBE

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 06, 2020

Current Affairs - Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact - Taygeta - Pleiades) - TEXT ONLY - CENSORED IN YOUTUBE


Anéeka: It is difficult. The sample must be kept in a specially designed container that holds the content at an exact frequency. Sometimes it still maintains its 3D pattern because it is the already original pattern, when it is seen that this is the case, a biological sample can be investigated in a more traditional way without the need for a special container.

It is a laboratory apparatus. This problem has already been identified and the laboratories of the ships are equipped with it. It is a cylindrical transparent bottle about 40 cm high with titanium-colored finishes with its connectors and controls on a small holographic touch screen, and special access openings for research instruments.


Anéeka: What happened was that with so many people secreting that, it seems that it saturated the environment. The amount of people secreting that was enormous and the atmosphere became saturated as the previous pollutants created a barrier above, pollutants that later fell to the ground even in Japan where black rain was detected.

Today, although the drones did find viral content, or exo-gene, we believe that the amounts were too low to have been the result of a Chemtrail as we had initially found.

Robert: I would like to know how we could take care of these patients, how we can improve their breathing, how do we dissolve the mucus that they say is stuck and obstructs breathing, what can be done?

Anéeka: You should remove them from any electromagnetic source immediately to begin with. Put them in a well-made Faraday cage. Even small magnetic charges already affect them because they are so weak. So no mobile phones and preferably away from even high voltage electrical things like hospital devices, televisions, and especially defibrillators. Oxygen, yes they need. Respirators cause lung damage. They need another kind of respirator. It is what is breaking the lungs because the tissues inside are trashed due to cellular necrosis caused by lack of oxygenation. They are then forcing the lungs to artificially expand and contract causing tissue tears, ulcerations, and bleeding that cause even more damage by covering the lung alveoli.

Robert: And what happens then with the rest of the vaccines? For example, supposedly in Mexico there is an outbreak of measles, among children who are not vaccinated by their parents, because they believe they are to control the masses. Is the news of the outbreak false?

Anéeka: Right now ALL vaccines are contaminated and are part of the same agenda. It is no longer a question of whether a vaccine works or not, which in itself is already questionable. You just don't know what's in there. And what ALL VACCINES do have is heavy metals that increase body reactivity to electromagnetism. And that's what kills. It is an inoculation. It is proven that a population NOT vaccinated is 400 times healthier than the vaccinated one. DO NOT get vaccinated against anything. Antiviral vaccines are a scam, all but especially those like the Papilloma virus that young girls, 9 years old and younger, get. They are getting papilloma because of the vaccine and they also cause sterility and in a very high percentage it causes horrible side effects that they will carry for life, and that in about 90% of girls who got vaccinated. And a mortality percentage also close to 40% <<<<<<<< depending on the sample population.

Robert: I know that AIDS does not exist. But this is the question. Is AIDS a lie? Is it just low defenses?

Aneeka: AIDS is another scam and set up by the same ones that are behind this scam. There is no AIDS virus or anything like that. It is symptomatic mediatic and people are dying of medications. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the WHO director is a genocide of the Bill Gates club and a close friend. Also part of the AIDS theater.


Aneeka: RNA is a variant of DNA. Part of DNA: Nucleic Deoxyribic Acid / Ribo Nucleic Acid. The smallest and simplest viruses are made up only of nucleic acid and proteins. Nucleic acid is the viral genome, located inside the particle, and can be DNA or RNA. ... This set of genomes and closely associated proteins is called "core", nucleus, nucleoprotein or nucleoid.


Aneeka: They pulse broad-spectrum energy weapons in scalar form just as the missile hits the ship. The ship is not in another density at that moment because it is physically interacting with the 3d, what it does is find for a fraction of a second the harmonic of the shields, even so it is very weak when they achieve this, so the damage is very slight, the annoying thing is that "something" anything yes crossed the shields. But there is no problem because we changed the dynamics of the shields to be scalar now. Remember that scaling is a series of frequencies that are either transmitted or change many times, sometimes thousands, per second affecting more than one density.

Robert: What is the Flu?

Anéeka: An energetic decompensation. Exhaustion. Coupled with stress followed by infections from other things, in the opportunistic fashion. That's what it is.

Robert: What do you know about this: Spain is betting on genetic PCR tests to control the coronavirus.

Aneeka: It's the same, the same test. Only those genes are there for a number of reasons. It doesn't detect

anything. They just found something to perpetuate their lie with. It detects certain chains of genetic material present when the body is under a lot of stress. Like when you get the flu. Or radiation poisoning. If you have one or the other, that test won't detect the difference. What they omit is any chance of radiation poisoning.

Robert: I understand. Why do you think they are so interested in finding out what part of the population has had the coronavirus?

Anéeka: To find out how to modify their agendas faster.

Robert: Did you say they shouldn't use respirators?

Anéeka: Respirators are damaging the lungs. And they say it was the corona-virus. They are forcing the lungs to expand and contract. Causing internal tears because they are damaged and have a cell autopsy. Causing internal bleeding and with it more loss of ability to exchange oxygen with hemoglobin. Causing the death of the patient. The problem is that the frequencies of 5G interfere with the absorption of oxygen. Basically they drown, they can't breathe. It is what you see in Wuhan in January. They fall. They cannot breathe from 5G. The oxygen molecule begins to change when it is exposed to that frequency of electromagnetic radiation.

In other words, it is as if there is no oxygen in the atmosphere. This happens even in places where there is officially no 5G, such as in Switzerland or in places in Latin America, because what they do not tell you is that the military in virtually all countries uses 5G to communicate with each other and between their devices and automated equipment. This explains why some remote regions have or report cases. It is NOT enough to stop 5G for civil use.

Robert: Do you have more information about social distancing? They always emphasized that. It is for satellites ... Geolocation?

Anéeka: That, if there were viruses, is useless, masks too, because among other things they increase CO 2 and that makes the body go into stress, and lowers immunity and makes them prone to infections in the respiratory tract. And it even promotes cancer since it is associated with low oxygen in the body.

Yes, it is for that, for the satellites to read. If they are too close the signal is smooshed and they cannot read well or how many people are gathered. So they don't want many people to get together.

Now we see that 5G does NOT actually cause all this covid-19 situation, it is used to activate nano technology. But by itself it also destroys cells and causes infinite problems in all living things, even burns. And it must be rejected entirely. But it is not the cause of covid-19. The cause is media. It's 95% media and lies ... and 5% 5G or something along those numbers. Lies and more lies in the media. You can no longer trust anything, ANYTHING in the official media. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Robert: What do you think about those who volunteer to get vaccinated?

Anéeka: That they are practically dead. Or it doesn't matter, because that is manipulated as well. They give them nothing or just inject vitamins and then they will say that the vaccine is a success, and what they will give the mass population is the satanic vaccine with deadly nanotechnology.

Robert: Interesting this point. Volunteers will be inoculated with one thing. And the population will get something else.

Anéeka: Sure! Also, people will not have any adverse symptoms for some time. This is so that they can tell others that nothing is wrong. And then they will fall en masse.

Robert: So the ultimate goal is mass vaccination. Not 5G at 60Ghz or "virus."

Anéeka: That's right. 5G by itself is NOT the cause of all this covid-19 madness, I already checked it very carefully. But it is to control the population with the chip due to the volume of information handled by 5G and the total planetary coverage <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

In itself, YES it produces symptoms like the flu or covid-19, which does not rule out that it is used in some places as an energy weapon to make people sick to say then that there is a large outbreak of covid 19 there.

Robert: Yes. And another thing. Do you know why that name? Covid-19. Swaruu said something about the military operation.

Anéeka: C overt O peration V irus I mminent D estruction - 2019 COVID-19. Yes. It is a military operation. It is interesting to see that it was legally forbidden to say the word virus, or coronavirus, note that no one uses it anymore, it is covid-19 now. It is because it is not a virus.

Robert: And how come governments don't realize it?

Anéeka: It's that before implementing the covid-19 (which is a global military operation not a pandemic. That's what they tell people) they first put their puppets in power in every country in the world. Through their secret societies and their Masons groups.

I have heard doctors give various versions of why it is called covid-19 but that is not the real reason from above. If the doctors want to give another meaning to those letters, it is up to them but it is again another layer of the lie.

Robert: Do you know more about NanoTechnology applied to vaccines?

Anéeka: That they are not the only cause of the problems caused by vaccines. They contain countless chemical and organic substances including parts of fetuses that in themselves cause a collapse in the immune system. It is not known what is in the vaccines, each one changes, but they contain filthy things, like animal parts of brains or extracts of animal and human marrow among other things. They are everything but what they say they are. Vaccines. The psychopaths behind them give ritualistic Satanist meanings to the vaccines themselves.

You must understand that it is not a vaccine in itself, like a substance that contains a germ in a dormant state that produces an immune response. Rather, they are designed from the beginning with the aim to cause illness in those who receive it. Beginning with the intention of making them addicted and dependent on the medical system and the big Farma and its drugs. All the way to attacking sectors of the population that must become ill, and also sterilizing sectors. Or prepare them for programmed and controlled death. For example, it is known today that the vast majority of people, with or without symptoms of covid-19 who are testing positive, already had at some point in their past, remote or recent, the flu / influenza vaccine.

Robert: Are there vaccines that create addiction? And sterilizing sectors, those must be vaccines for girls, I suppose.

Anéeka: Create addiction with vaccines, yes as part of what they contain making a sector injected with a certain substance be or create a need to consume some type of Big Farma drug or even dependence on drugs such as cocaine and heroin and other more modern, synthetic hard drugs, such as crystal, among others with different names. All in order to control the population.

Gosia: One question. Alex, our doctor friend, is asking: I want to examine the vaccine of Corona Virus and see this nanotechnology. Is it possible to see it somehow? Demonstrate it? With a microscope ... or what instrument?

Anéeka: Answer: No vaccine is the same as the next one even within the same group of them. That is a serious problem. They will give one substance and inject another into the population. So if a laboratory asks for a sample to be studied, they will give you the best one that they have already prepared for that case, that is, you will not find anything or not much in that sample, but it is NOT representative of the volume of vaccines supposedly equal that they will give to people.

Nanotechnology is very small, in a laboratory they would need to see it with an electronic microscope and it would still appear as a point or fragment of metal. Nanotechnology itself is not only small like robots with moving little arms (those also exist), it is also an apparently inert metal that releases substances or reacts magnetically to a charge stimulus.

Gosia: At the time of having to inject humans ... before injecting them, someone could think: ¨Hey, I'm going to examine it. And I could check what's inside.¨ In other words, among millions of hospitals, it could occur to SOMEONE to do this, with the vaccines that are for the population.

Anéeka: That's right. As a street sample. In that case it would be more valid. And you will find all kinds of garbage and chemicals, metals and organic waste inside them. This is how it is known today that they have all that I told you above.

Robert: They would have to stimulate it ... and even more at 60 Ghz.

Anéeka: Stimulating with more than 60ghz might not be enough, they don't react only to one frequency and they might need a specific signal with specific commands to be activated, i.e. as a fully remotely-controlled object.

Each group of cells will cause not only an immune response in the body but also an inflammatory, autoimmune and allergic response.

Robert: Especially producing many autistic children.

Anéeka: That is demonstrated.

Robert: Yes ..... And the Papilloma vaccine.

Anéeka: That causes sterility and death in girls.

Robert: Do you have any information about the Universal vaccine?

Anéeka: That it cannot exist. That that's just more trouble. No sincere doctor will accept it as possible. You can not insert multiple pathogens without collapsing the system, as it happens with the viral triple that they give children and causes autism. Although it can also be caused by any vaccine.

Robert: And more so if you are an older person, right?

Anéeka: No. It is bad at any age. It just happens that one sector of ages may or may not be more sensitive to one or another thing. And it varies from individual to individual.

Robert : Also races of people?

Anéeka: These are minor factors, but there are differences between races.

Robert: All theater.

Anéeka: Yes, and none of it is against the covid-19. It is what they will tell you, that it is against the covid-19. And it is what they want to inject with the excuse of the pandemic. First they had the horrible substance to inject, then they made the false pandemic to have the excuse to impose it on the population.

Robert: And then the masks and CO2 scam.

Anéeka: Doctors wear a mask when they are seeing a patient operating with an open wound so that there is no contamination with his saliva nearby, for example. The mask is not used to prevent the passage of a virus since the fabric is too permeable to stop viruses. It is like putting a fencing cyclone mesh to stop mosquitoes. And oxygen restriction makes people more prone to respiratory illnesses. Thus increasing the chances of contracting something that they will later say is covid-19. DO NOT wear masks. You will get sick.

There is also an esoteric meaning to wearing a mask. It is silencing, it is isolating you from your peers so that they cannot see your face. So you can't smile. It limits human interaction and makes it mechanical, sterile. No facial expressions that are very important. Which in itself also promotes misunderstandings.

In many places you cannot go out without the mask. But they can't stop you all. So you should go out without masks. You must fight for your rights.

Robert: Also, people who wear glasses have their lenses fogged up.

Anéeka: Yes, and that causes accidents. I've seen it too. And there are a significant number of accidents, some of them fatal, caused by people who pass out or who have their responses reduced at the wheel because of the reduction in oxygen due to wearing that mask.

There are tricks to go around that. Wear an altered mask with breathing tubes below to breathe through. Or wearing a mask that has external filters and you wear them empty. You have to be resourceful. That is for the places where it is completely mandatory.

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