Dimensional Mirrors - People Repeating Themselves - Athena and Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 30, 2024

Dimensional Mirrors - People Repeating Themselves - Athena and Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in Spanish - April 2022

Swaruu X (Athena): I need a mathematical table, either there is already one online that I can use or I have to make one from scratch applying vortex math. Where each number represents a frequency in a re-circulating potential energy field. You cannot remove or add a number without altering the numerical matrix that surrounds and sustains it. That is, each number is in place for a reason.

That is why if you change a 6 and turn it into 9, as when you insert something new in a Matrix, you also change all the numbers and their relationships with each other (equations) that justify the 9 (that you placed artificially) to be in that place. Changing with the 9 the other numbers and, with them, by representing frequencies that in turn represent objects and situations, you create an alternate past that substantiates the existence of the object or situation represented by the number 9 that you have artificially introduced.

Everything that exists has a reason for being, that is, a process by which it exists. So, you cannot create or insert anything new from one Matrix to another without also creating the underlying raison d'être from the perspective explainable in the terms of the receiving energetic-numerical Matrix. That is a mathematical law. It is the same with mirrors.

Gosia: But mirrors are not inserted, I understood that they generate themselves.

Swaruu X (Athena): They are not self-generated. If they are mirrors of people here, it's an artificial insert. But what you are referring to is, for example, the Dopplegangers, which are both from the same Matrix, in this case the 3D one. There may be other explanations like, for example, that they are the same person from different timelines that crossed over. It happens all the time.

Gosia: Artificial insert? Artificial in the sense that if it were not for the presence of the 5D people in orbit, their Earth mirrors would not produce? In what way artificial?

Swaruu X (Athena): If we use the real example of one of us on this ship, let's call him Naia'el, with the Earth mirror below, let's call him Jack, the fact that Naia'el has arrived here and realizes that Jack exists does not mean anything because a person with 5D perception sees well everything that happens in 3D. But the moment they are both in the same line of perception of someone, for example you, then the concept Naia'el vs. Jack is created as two. Then it is artificial for both to exist, because it is as a result of the use of technology of some kind.

Gosia: I do not understand how it is the result of technology?

Swaruu X (Athena): That is, spacecraft travel. The concept or the fact that there are two Naia'el/Jack, that is what is artificial. Because without technology, there would be Jack on one side and Naia'el on the other without ever knowing that the other exists.

Gosia: But Jack doesn't know that Naia'el exists.

Swaruu X (Athena): No, but Naia'el does know that Jack exists. Technology is what makes it possible to perceive two and not just one. Like using a ship that travels back in time and brings back the other version of a person. Most obvious way to realize it was by technology.

Gosia: But how was Jack produced as the mirror of Naia'el? What is the process?

Swaruu X (Athena): Specifically about Jack, it is not known. It seems that Naia'el did live there at some point. Another point is that sometimes they are not real people.

That is, it is the Matrix mathematically adjusting everything to incorporate the presence of someone from outside the Matrix, because of the process I explained earlier that you cannot insert anything in there without creating why it exists from the logical explanation of the point of view of the receiving Matrix. Am I clear?

Gosia: Okay, wait. Naia'el lived here as a Step Down, yes? And that creates the mirror in the Matrix?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, that is what is specifically accepted about Jack/Naia'el, but the details are not known.

Gosia: So there are no Earth mirrors of the Taygetans living in Taygeta?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, there may be but they would not be produced by the energetic Matrix of the place but by other causes, such as the crossing of timelines or by the action of a spaceship with temporal travel.

About the timelines that cross, what happens is that there are no timelines defined as independent self-contained identities. Rather, a timeline will always be defined by the range of perception and consciousness understanding of the people who live it. They are the ones who form it.

So, if one or more people can perceive the presence of something from “another timeline”, in this case the mirror, they are merging timelines, creating a more expanded one (more expanded consciousness). The expansion of consciousness implies greater understanding of everything, that is to see more timelines.

Someone with a narrow mind can only see the official version of an event, but someone with higher consciousness can understand not only the official version of the event but why it is claimed, why it is false, with what agenda, and can also see the real cause of the event. Which implies that the higher consciousness person can perceive several timelines, being that I define “a timeline” as the range of consciousness perception of one or more people. And the fact that one or more people can see the same timeline is because of the agreements of perception.

Gosia: Yes. Okay. Thinking... and going back to the mirrors. So are some of them real people? With soul and everything? How do they relate to the soul of the person in 5D? Are they the same person?

Swaruu X (Athena): Each one is different. Generally, they are the same person. Yes, the mirrors have souls but everything depends on each case, nothing is fixed. Or better explained, it is a different moment in the life of a person, whether or not of the same incarnation.

Gosia: But the fact that it has been “generated” by the presence of a 5D person... makes it “next” in the “sequence”. Not that it is past incarnation. Because first there was the 5D person near or on Earth. Not the other way around.

Swaruu X (Athena): Sequence from a certain point of view, yes. It could be that a person is on Earth as a Step Down and then leaves to come back in time and be the Step Down again, there would be two of the same person being the same.

Another example is that a 5D person steps down to Earth and at that moment, if he has no previous “history” to support his existence, an energetically created mathematical history would be produced to support his existence there. That is, his presence is Matrixified.

For example, starseeds who know they are Step Downs but their families continue to insist they are human because they saw them born and grow up. Being that those memories would be implants of the Matrix itself. However, to muddle everything up even more, you can and do create those implants artificially as well.

Gosia: Wow. And these mirrors, if they are real, are they also considered starseeds? Because "mirrors" sounds a little bit like you are “less”. I understand that they are not less, right? They are complete people.

Swaruu X (Athena): Again, it differs from case to case. And they don't have to be less. They are simply the same person as seen from two different moments of their same existence. Simpler explanation.

June 2023

Gosia: In the case of a stellar person and the terrestrial one being the same, can you tell who is the mirror and who is the “original”? Or two are original? Or in the case of two terrestrial persons being the same? Also talking about the events.

Yazhi: It depends on the qualities of each mirror. Yes, it can happen that the mirror is the same as the original, but that tends to be because it was “generated” with technology, as a jump between timelines of a spaceship, bringing the same person to the timeline where he/she was already.

Gosia: But I mean non-technological. Let's see, maybe what you think is the original, is the mirror and it was generated later. Especially when it comes to Earth-Earth cases.

Yazhi: Some may be weak ones, like just an echo or a bad copy that's not quite in this reality, for example you see it but you talk to it and it doesn't respond, and after a while it disappears. But the same person walking, kicking and talking twice, that's by spacecraft or portal.

Gosia: Yes, but those are two people from different timelines meeting, not mirrors, for me. Two are original.

Yazhi: In that case yes, it would be two originals. And so it is, as you say, if it involves a portal, spaceship or technology, that is not a mirror. Mirror is something more metaphysical, something of the very fabric of reality that causes a duplication or copy in varying degrees of strength or accuracy.

Gosia: Yes. So, in the case of these mirrors, I don't understand very well how you can know which one is original and which one is a mirror, if it is a strong one? Even between 3D and 5D. Who says that you are original there and mirrors are here? Maybe it's the other way around? Maybe you are the mirrors.

Yazhi: I think there are cases where you can't tell. And it can cause conflicts between the two. For example, Naia'el here who can´t stand Jack.

Gosia: Yes. Especially if it's a real person, not an organic portal. Who dictates who the “original” is? Because that would kind of place the Earth as inferior, us here being mirrors and ETs originals. I think it's not so black and white.

Yazhi: They occur everywhere. They are more common between two realms, perhaps because of the separation, but both of them also can happen on Earth. It is not unusual for one to live thousands of kilometers away from the other, for example one in America and the other in Europe, so that cultural separation also functions as a “realm”. As if reality could put one person per place, “thinking” that they would not meet.

Gosia: So... in this situation, how do you know who is a mirror of whom? Or maybe they are two originals, just duplicates.

Yazhi: I would say that they are simply two originals.

Gosia: Then the word "mirror" would have to be redefined. Because are they really? Or are they duplicates? Same person, same event, "printed" more than once. But two originals. Unless it is an organic portal.

Yazhi: It's just that those are not mirrors, they are duplicates.

But there is a non-real component in one type of mirrors, that is the diffuse, weird mirror that does not answer when spoken to, it is not a real person, it is not someone different, it is just a manifestation or an echo of the real person.

So, in the case of the organic portal, or the energetic echo, it is clear. But in the case of one realm and the other, both seem real, for example Naia'el /Jack. Where they are two different people but, at some point, they were the same person. At some point in the creation of the souls in the ether they were the same person, although they are now different. And although today they use the same body model, the interests of Naia'el differ drastically from those of Jack.

Yes, the immediate simple explanation is that it is the same person in another timeline. Because life here in the misnamed 5D is not supposed to intersect with life in 3D. They are the same person and at the same time, because everything happens in the now.


Yazhi: It is as if there were a limited number of avatars that must be repeated, that is, if it exists in one place with its rules and laws, it must exist everywhere but adapting its laws and rules to the interpretation given by the collective unconscious of each realm and place. So, if something has certain attributes and a reason for being in one place and it has to exist in the other, it ends up... adapting the attributes and what defines that person (or thing) to the rules and laws of the other place.

That's why something can have a genesis in 5D and another genesis in 3D but they come to be the same thing, the same genesis, the same reason for existing, but with the more complex explanation on the 5D side, on the side of the more complex density. And that explanation of the existence of whatever it is must also include the explanation of the less complex density, in this case the terrestrial 3D.

That's why a person can be stellar and have a life history in space and the same person can have a normal 3D reason for existing on Earth. And that is why they take that as proof of falsehood then, when what is happening is much more complex.

And the simplest explanation is not always the correct one. Because in that statement that the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one, nobody has explained what defines the simplest and nobody has explained what, or with what parameters you define what is correct and what is not.

Robert: But as the “D”, the frequency state, becomes more complex, wouldn't those rules and their laws tend to “blur” because everything would become integrated?

Yazhi: Yes, and so it is, but they still exist when they are observed only with limited parameters, i.e. as if observing only from 3D. For example, the photo of someone from space that the skeptics say is a terrestrial person where they can even identify them with a name, an ID and all that human stuff, and they scream fraud. But, from above, that's only how the Matrix accommodated the presence of a stellar person there to its algorithms. A stellar that has a much more complex history.

And if some ufologists define what is and what is not extraterrestrial, they will only do it with parameters limited to the 3D rules that do not correspond to all the existing laws in the cosmos, therefore they cannot explain why that terrestrial person with an ID has a highly extraterrestrial mind and all that would be behind it. This as an example.

Reality is very complex, but it is still only one reality, that of the point of view of the Original Source. All other realities, timelines or parallel universes, other dimensions, other densities... all of that is a product of limiting ideas within the minds of beings with limitations of perception. 

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