Extraterrestrial Information - Mini Topics with Gosia - Cosmic Agency

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 15, 2023

Extraterrestrial Information - Mini Topics with Gosia - Cosmic Agency

Originally in Spanish - 2022-2023


Yazhi: A comment on what the conspiracists say that on Dec 27th they activated HAARP. We didn't see anything unusual from here, and the Toleka is close by and with sensors that can detect even a working car coil.

But the point is not that they did not activate HAARP. Rather, from here we see that it is working all the time, so it is normal. And there was nothing abnormal these days.

And it is no longer HAARP as it is known as those installations in Alaska and in Australia, that is old, the beginnings of HAARP. It's a system of many smaller units, some fixed, in normal facilities on bases, and some mobile like on warships and specialized. Then they put many of those transmissions together, add them up and cause a reaction as if it were one big installation. But because the signals come from countless sources, those who control HAARP have much more control and precision over what comes out as a result.

In the case of the 27th, nothing happened that day, but we did see the dynamics change with respect to cold winds (cold fronts) coming from Canada and moving down into the United States two days earlier, on Christmas Day, the 25th. But it was not an unusually strong change to say that they "activated HAARP".

You must understand that they use it all the time. The weather is controlled. Not just on occasion. This is important.

Earth and rings

Gosia: Why doesn't the Earth have rings?

Robert: And why should it have them?

Gosia: Because I think it has been said in some Solar System video that all planets have them, faint or not, but they have them. One moment, I am looking for the text.

Yazhi: It depends on the definition of ring, of what material. In the case of the Earth would it be... the Van Allen Bands? The space debris? Rings are an exception when there is loose material in sufficient quantities in close proximity to a planet. I would say that most planets do not have rings.

Robert: Besides, rings would be incompatible with the Moon, right?

Yazhi: It depends on where they are, but yes they would be a complication for the spacecraft-Moon.

Robert: And Yazhi, the Earth has never had natural satellites before?

Yazhi: I understand that in astrophysics a small planet, like Earth, is not conducive to having natural satellites. For example, the case of Mars - Phobos and Deimos are ancient bases, hollowed out rocks, but put there artificially. The Moon, from the point of view of non-humans in space, is painfully artificial, as its size is visibly large for a natural satellite. Earth-sized planets very rarely have natural satellites, and when they do, they are very small.

Robert: So, in the past they didn't have natural satellites because the Earth is a small planet.

Yazhi: That's right, it can't have something like the Moon naturally. It doesn't have enough mass to hold it.

I must say that the Earth has some rocks or asteroids that orbit it for a long time, there are many and they are small, the size of a couple of railroad cars, those would be its natural satellites, and I don't doubt that the Cabal says that they can collide with the Earth. I don't know how many there are, but I'm talking about more than 20.

Gosia: Sorry, here it is: "Swaruu (9): The rings of Uranus are very small, I don't know if they can be included as rings. In fact, all the big planets have rings. But Neptune's, as we will see, are more special." Ah, so it's because the Earth is small.

Yazhi: It says big, so yes. Yes, she's right. The Earth is very small compared to the other big planets. For example, Jupiter has rings, Uranus and Neptune also, tenuous but there they are.

Asteroid belt

Gosia: And how did the asteroid belt form? And the Kuiper Belt?

Yazhi: The asteroid belt is made up of 80% dirty ice and 20% rock, metals and other elements. It is the remains of the extinct planet Tiamat. It was formed when that planet disintegrated.

Kuiper Belt is outside the Solar System. It is the collection of debris that enters the Solar System and goes fishing as it passes through deep space.

Gosia: So if no planets explode, there are no asteroid belts? Or are they also created by fishing what comes in?

Yazhi: They are very rare in other solar systems. Not to say that there are none, I don't know of any other with asteroid belts.

More on astrology

Robert: If two people are born on the same day and at the same time, by their zodiac sign they will be very similar? In theory yes, right?

Yazhi: I have a strong tendency to say no, because things are not that simple and there are other factors at work there defining each person. But astrological science would dictate that they do have to be very similar in personality, energy and interests and reactions.

Robert: Yes. I also think there are more factors. Because you can be born at the same "hour", moment, but one in America at night and one in Europe during the day.

Gosia: That's why they also ask where you were born, for birth chart.

Yazhi: Yes, there should be other factors, other elements. We could also say that those other factors are the ones that define the differences between each person, for example, their family, cultural and social environment.

Because if you insist on putting a person in the exact same conditions so that all the frequencies around them match, you would end up with the same person, with one, but even a sibling-clone would have a slightly different point of view simply because they are looking at the same room from another perspective even if it's a meter away.

Robert: You mean that the kings and billionaires accelerate or delay the birth of the child so that they are more in accordance with some stars than others?

Yazhi: Yes, of course, more so because they do believe in astrology.

Gosia: But I would say that if they do that, they don't understand how it really works. Because you can't force someone to be something. The stars don't influence. You are what the stars are. So they can't force someone to be something by changing their birth date. They cannot force/change the soul print/their frequency dynamics to be "influenced" by some constellation. That being is already that something, it will be born where it belongs.

Yazhi: By modifying the date of birth artificially, you can propitiate the entry of one soul or another with different characteristics that coincide with the stars.

Gosia: Ahh... that's right! For another soul to enter.

Yazhi: At least they propitiate that to happen. And if that first soul insists, it will enter, maybe not that time, but perhaps the next one when the mother got pregnant "by accident" and they decided to keep it.

Gosia: But wasn't the soul already there in the fetus? It enters at three weeks (from what I remember). You can't make it exit and have another one enter, can you?

Yazhi: Yes, that is why the modification of the date of birth would have to be before that date, because after that they will not be able to modify the date of birth much, just a few weeks or days. Or they will place the fetus in danger. Yes, it is more difficult to schedule the pregnancy earlier, but it is done, mostly artificially.

Robert: But wouldn't it be better to consider the date when the fetus begins to be aware of its existence? I think it is more important when the soul enters the fetus than when the baby is born. For their horoscope.

Gosia: That is another point, yes. Why does it matter when the baby is born and not when the soul enters the fetus? What does it matter when you come out of the womb? If you are already formed inside.

Yazhi: It is irretrievably linked. All the dates, from conception to birth, are all linked, inter-connected as the same thing. The influence and the definition of soul frequency is formed earlier yes, birth is only one important point, but not all that is important.

Gosia: It would be difficult to know the date of entry of the soul to the fetus, I imagine. That is why the date of birth is taken.

Yazhi: It used to be very difficult to know, nowadays not so much, on Earth. More artificiality, which leads to things or entities entering empty bodies with little or no connection to the Original Source.

Robert: That is why natural births are so important, aren't they? The baby is born differently being in a mother's womb because of its connection to the mother than being in a machine, yes?

Yazhi: Yes. However, I wouldn't push the idea that test tube babies or womb-less babies don't have souls either, I would just say that it lends itself to abuse and shady things which then connect to the parasitization by lower astral entities. But in propitious circumstances it could be a normal person with a soul with full connection to the Original Source. Being machine born only propitiates but does not define or condemn someone to have little or no connection to Original Source.


Gosia: Someone asked me if you know if the Tarot is Masonic or if there is any relation to it? And generally about the Tarot. Is it a good tool?

Yazhi: I would have to check its connection to Freemasonry but yes, it is highly probable. The cards themselves, of whatever system, do not contain or possess any power. They are a tool to facilitate the person using them to channel their energy and turn it into something tangible and legible. As in that person manifests the appropriate card which contains a previously agreed upon meaning or meanings, and which also change, or can change from person to person using them.

Robert: So it seems that these cards are no good, right?

Yazhi: I feel that they are useful, but I have never really paid much attention to them. But they are just pieces of cardboard themselves. So whether or not it is Masonic is of little consequence, except that they contain symbology and/or procedures that can give permission or invoke spirits or entities or energies that can be quite regressive. Beware of that. But it is up to the individual.

Gosia: I feel that it is useful, it is very ancient and deep art. It works with your subconscious, your energies, symbolism of the unconscious world. To read "future", as it is commonly thought, that's mostly garbage. But there are levels here.

Yazhi: It depends on the person using them and the power of the person, not any power in the cards themselves.

However, having said that, in the case of the Ouija Board it does seem to contain an inherent symbolism in the board itself that facilitates the opening of portals of entry for entities that may or may not be regressive, although it is the regressive ones that usually interact more with people, because they are mischievous. In the case of cards, something similar could occur.

Ouija Board

Robert: Those who "play" with the Ouija board, what would you tell them?

Yazhi: To stop immediately, that thing opens portals. It is not an innocent game, the board was designed to bring entities, that's what it is for, to contaminate the population. Of course, it depends on who uses it, some more, others less, as it happens with everything that has to do with frequencies.

Robert: Once opened, how to close them?

Yazhi: Ignoring by looking the other way but sometimes it is not that simple, it is very complicated.

Robert: Do they take advantage of the tenants in that house?

Yazhi: Yes, more if they are concordant in frequency.

Robert: Renovating the whole house, painting the walls, does that help?

Yazhi: It helps very little. Or nothing.

Robert: Of course, painting does not help because the portal is not attached to the walls of the house, they are frequencies that are in the "environment". And you don't recommend anyone to go and live in a renovated prison or a hospital in social housing?

Yazhi: I don't recommend it, no. It is exactly the same as not recommending to live in a house by the swamp, you will be eaten by mosquitoes. It's the same. Whether you see them or not, they are there, whether you like it or not.

In the end, the house is not needed, it is the specific point in the energetic field. House or no house, demolish it, build a parking lot there, it doesn't matter, that point is "cursed". That is to say, the material does not matter. Or little.

For example, they will demolish the haunted house, it no longer exists in that place, but in the etheric there is no before or after, for those entities, so the house is still there in their "minds". Because they are outside of spacetime as people know it.

Robert: And the exorcists, the cleansers of bad energies, do they help?

Yazhi: Yes, they can help, more if they leave aside the religiosity, but it is complicated.

Robert: There are people who still say that the "Ouija" is something innocent.

Yazhi: They say that out of ignorance. It can be seen as just a board with letters on it. The problem is the ritual behind it.

Robert: What ritual is behind it?

Yazhi: It gives permission for entities to enter, it opens doors. Doors that they can't close afterwards.

Robert: And in the same way that you open doors for "lower astral" entities, can you do the same for "higher astral" entities?

Yazhi: Yes, it is the same. But from the high astral the only thing that comes in are beings of light that are loving and are guides.

Robert: Why does it seem to be easier to connect with those in the lower astral? Because of the frequency alone?

Yazhi: Because on Earth you are usually in the lower frequency.

Robert: Right. And why is it more frequent at the crossroads of the streets? The portals.

Yazhi: Because people there emanate energy of fear, a little bit at a time. Because it accumulates in one place.

Robert: Channeling with the deceased is the same as opening a portal?

Yazhi: If it is real, yes it is. The problem is that, as they open portals to the lower astral, what happens is that they don't know who they are contacting, because there are many entities there that lie, all for some benefit. And that is what is most likely to happen. They are not channeling grandfather Don Pedro but a deceitful spirit that is impersonating grandfather Don Pedro.

Robert: You could only talk to the deceased who stayed in the lower astral, right?

Yazhi: Or with a part or echo of the deceased that still remains in the lower astral, because it is out of time and space, but the real one is gone. It is possible but unlikely.

Robert: And one thing. Is there any reason why it can't be the relatives who communicate?

Yazhi: Because the normal and good people continue their way to the afterlife, and they don't linger around bothering the living. Those who remain haunting a place, it is usually because they are afraid that their actions in life will be punished if they follow their path to the afterlife.


Chinese Spy Balloon

Robert: Yazhi, do you know anything about that "Chinese" balloon in the USA? I think it has been shot down.

Yazhi: I don't have details. But I do know that CIC and traffic control saw it and followed it and I've even seen pictures of that thing, balloon. To me it's more cheap espionage between nations, very 3D game. I don't know more, we didn't give it much importance, but yes, we saw it from here.

Colloidal gold

Gosia: Question from Dr. Alex. Is it true that colloidal gold destroys nanotechnology?

Yazhi: I have never heard that, but my feeling is that it does, by interaction of the high frequencies of gold with high conductivity. I can't say more, I don't know. But I do believe it is very possible.

Plot against the Urmahs

Yazhi: We have discovered a global plot against the Urmahs and their starseeds, both human and cat. What kind of plot? We have no details, only that the energies of the soulless population and the Cabal are kind of focused against everything feline. That is, those who don't like cats are kind of attacking them. And the Cabal is looking to cut off the human Urmah starseeds as well. There is no more concrete data to share. This data comes from the Urmah. Not from us. They see something.

Robert: And what do the Urmah say up there?

Yazhi: That they are analyzing the situation, they are very angry, and so are we. The cooperation between the Urmah and us has never been better.

Green comet

Robert: Do you know anything about the "green comet" that will pass near the Earth and will be seen from the southern hemisphere? Is it a spacecraft?

Yazhi: Let's see. I heard something here. The overall impression was that it is harmless, so the ships in orbit don't even flinch, they just follow it. I don't have any more data at this time.

I can't know what they are referring to on Earth, but yes, comets that are just dirty snowballs with rocks do exist. They are always there, they are common celestial objects and even boring. I haven't paid real attention to that event. Only because from the bridge they track nearby objects for the safety of the ship. And they see no danger.

Burning ashes

Robert: Question from a follower: "If you release the ashes of a diseased person into nature and set the intention to heal the suffering (if they have suffered a long illness, for example), does it somehow impact that soul, perhaps releasing that trauma in another lifetime?"

Yazhi: It helps to centralize or focus the intention. It does help. In itself, it also helps those who are left in the world of the living, to heal their wounds from the departure of the loved one, yes I recommend it.

Portals and kinesiology

Robert: Question from a follower: "I have some questions regarding Mari Swaruu's video of the portals. She explains how in a small street many accidents happen for the reason of having a confluence of low frequencies produced by the reasons she explains about a family, etc...

The question is: Is it possible to "harmonize" the area using the energy of a natural vortex nearby by placing an object through kinesiology (usually a quartz) in the vortex as a menir, so that the flow of energy is distributed neutralizing the low frequency of the area?

I say this because through dowsing some of us manage to "harmonize" an area that before had a low measurement (in vobis units) and after the harmonization it changes considerably for the better. I take this opportunity to ask your opinion about kinesiology, since there are many of us work either with a pendulum, dowsing rods, our own hands or with any other technique."

Yazhi: The answer is YES. But it's like fighting negative energy. It's like raising percentages, meaning some feed the low ones, some feed the high ones. And it averages out, that's how the Matrix field works. That's why it works. Magnets also.

Kinesiology, I do not have much reference or expertise on the subject. Magnets do work. If the frequency of the magnets could be modulated, it would be even better. From what little I can sense about kinesiology I also have to validate it.

Storing in the cloud

Robert: I don't store anything there.

Yazhi: The cloud is a euphemism for brainwashing people. It really means: Put your stuff on my computer. There is no "cloud". That's distorting the truth to get people to accept that. If they called it: "The public can use Microsoft and Google hard drives to store their stuff", people would not accept it so easily. Words manipulate. They only get away with it because people believe their bullshit.

Mexico's Area of Silence

Robert: Mexico Area of Silence, what is there?

Yazhi: It is a highly concentrated area of magnetic metals down there and a large Ley line nexus point, of course there are portals there.

Robert: Interstellar portals or just lower astral portals or all together?

Yazhi: There is no difference, it all depends on each case.

Red Mercury

Gosia: It has been said that you use Red Mercury in your engineering. But isn't it toxic?

Yazhi: Mercury is very toxic. The fluid used here is a compost and the best way to describe what it does is using the name Red Mercury, although it is only a reference name and not the real exact stuff we use. And yes, it is toxic, but it's inside an engine. We don't recommend you eat it! And it is what humans have at hand to build an anti-gravity generator. And the fluid used in our engines is not exactly Red Mercury, but it does contain something similar.

Ionizing radiation at the poles

Robert: Yazhi, a question. It's about the Van Allen bands. Anéeka told me that where there was more concentration of ionizing radiation was precisely at the poles and you said at some point that is where there is less, but that does not mean that it is still dangerous. So, then, at the poles there is more or less ionizing radiation?

Yazhi: Good question, both are true. Look:

In any toroid you can see that the highest concentration of energy per square kilometer is at the poles. In that image you can see how the waves are concentrated there to form something very firm and dense. But, at the same time, there is also a hole if you know where to navigate. Is that understandable? Both cases are correct.

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