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June 22, 2021


Cristina: The races called Orange and Malakak, are also reptiles?

Anéeka of Temmer: The Orange are humanoid, they look human but with orange-coloured skin and a physiognomy similar to the Australian aboriginal. Malakak are the Tall Whites, the same ones: tall, slim, albinos. Both are half regressive.

Cristina: So they're not reptiles?

Anéeka of Temmer: Orange and Malakak are humanoids, they are not reptiles. They are more or less races close to the Lyrian, but already on the side where they begin to not resemble humans enough. The Malakak pass for tall albinos, but they already attract attention. The Orange do not pass for humans. It is important not to confuse the Malakak with the Solatians, since the Malakak are strictly speaking albinos, they lack pigmentation in the skin and in the eyes, being that they can be almost white or even white. On the other hand, Solatians are classic Pleiadians, of those who look extremely blond. They are Pleiadians from Pleione.

Estel·la: I didn't know that there were other races living together like this with humans (even if we are a biosuit).

Anéeka of Temmer: As a race, we Taygeteans are more like classic blondes where 95% blue eyes and 5% green eyes dominate, but they are extremely rarely found in another color. We do not have the same variety of races as on Earth, neither we nor any other planet in the Pleiades.

This image would pass for a tall white or Malakak.

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This one is similar to a Solatian.

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Whereas a Pleiadian-Taygetean has clearly more pigmentation.

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In other words, Taygeteans seem Scandinavian while Malakak and Solatians do have a more alien appearance, whiter.

And the Celean Pleiadians of the Celean star are like the Solatians but with a clear blue tint to their skin, that is why they are called Blue Pleiadians.

The Engans of the star Electra and the Taygeteans of Taygeta are similar, both looking Scandinavian, but the Engan women are rougher than the Taygetean women and the men are shorter. Engans are like more compact than Taygeteans on average. Although between an Engan woman and a Taygetean woman there is not as much difference as in between a Taygetean man and an Engan man, because the Taygetean on average is 10 to 15 centimeters taller than the Engan and with a stronger complexion.

But Taygetean women do have sharper physical or facial features than Engan women.

Cristina: Thank you Anéeka, and how do the Orange look like?

Anéeka of Temmer: Traits very similar to the natives of Australia but with orange skin, but exaggeratedly orange.

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Both the Orange and the Malakak are not to be trusted, they are very convenient. Inconsiderate half-regressive.

This is a variant of the Orange ones, they are like pale yellow, they have also been seen a lot on Earth lately. They are also considered dangerous (I don't have how to write their name).

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Cristina: And what are the Malakak and the Orange doing here? Where are these races from?

Anéeka of Temmer: As with many other races, they have not shared an official origin, they hide it (a bad sign) but they have many settlements in many places, such as bases or colonies. That's the problem, and they don't mix with the Federation races.

Both species, Malakak and Orange, have been seen in Area 51, cooperating with the US military. Some Malakak have also been seen shopping (yes, shopping) for clothes and souvenirs in Las Vegas, they only go out at night. People are struck by them, but do not associate them with non-humans despite their strange appearance and behavior.

They move in small herds when in public, small groups not exceeding 10 people, group safety, including their children. They can breathe Earth's low-oxygen atmosphere quite well, better than we can.

Tomkins stated that he worked with them in area 51 and it is thanks to him that we know they are working there, or mostly because of him.

Right now you are talking to an individual of the race, the second image from left to right. I’m just saying.

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Estel·la: And these bases or colonies are underground? And in what areas are they more or less?

Anéeka of Temmer: Below Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, in the USA, as for the Malakak.

Cristina: And the Federation allows them to enter Earth?

Anéeka of Temmer: Supposedly since 2009 those races that are not considered neither positive nor regressive cannot access Earth, but from what we have seen they do it anyway because they transit through large American portals, which even small ships pass through there. But officially they cannot enter Earth, only exit.

Estel·la: And what interests do they have here?

Anéeka of Temmer: We don't know for sure. But it may be due to human and animal resource exploitation treaties, such as Genetics. We connect them at least in part to cattle mutilation in the south-eastern region of the USA. They are known to help the US military with technology, but their motives are, or remain, unclear.

Estel·la: Thank you Anéeka. And what evolution of technology do they have?

Anéeka of Temmer: Very high technological development, very interstellar, They usually transit through space portals like suns.

Estel·la: And that includes both Malakak and Orange?

Anéeka of Temmer: I speak of Malakak since the Orange are not so relevant, although they have also been seen in Area 51, there is little data about them as their motivations. They are elusive and tend to avoid anything to do with the Federation.

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