Global Situation - Aneeka of Temmer (Taygeta - Pleiades - Extraterrestrial Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 19, 2020

Global Situation - Aneeka of Temmer (Taygeta - Pleiades - Extraterrestrial Communication)

What is the virus. In addition to being just media disinformation and everything we have said before, there are many cases of real deaths, but they are caused by radiation that has the same symptoms as a SARS virus. What it is is nanotechnology in the form of intelligent powder. Present in vaccines. Starting with influenza mainly. What we have found is that people who are having strong reactions, virtually all of those people have had the influenza vaccine among others. But mainly influenza. That´s why they contain heavy metals, to increase reactivity to electromagnetic radiation. So the virus is a 5G compatible 60mhz technology activated nanopowder reaction. The use of Chemtrails is not ruled out as well, but the concentration of nano powder is very small and insufficient to cause a reaction in people's bodies. So they must impose the compulsory vaccine. Biological virus there is none.

And they hide all this for many reasons, more than anything, it is because they want to continue with the consequences that the false pandemic will bring. There are many consequences that they are after. The economy is only a low level but it is important. It is not just affecting the economy from above by controlling it on a large scale. It is also ruining small industry, and small businesses of all kinds. So that the small convenience stores, sundries, bakeries, kiosks, hardware stores, and every small family business shuts down. It is also to ruin those who depend on the so-called informal economy, such as street vendors and farmers and peasants. It makes everyone dependent on the big companies that dominate everything. They sweep with the little ones. That is only the economic aspect. Others are population control, extermination, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030. It is not a single reason, humans tend to be simplistic and believe that it is just "business". It is not just business, these psychopaths have multiple agendas, and humans are unable to visualize and assemble such an interlocking and complicated plot and orchestrated to perfection or near perfection.

We now know they will never ever say in public that there is no virus. But the Intelligence agencies of Earth all conclude that the "virus" was made in Wuhan in the biolab yards away form the market place that is said to be the center where the infection started. They say it is activated with 5G.

Taygeta Knows this: There is NO, repeat, NO Virus... What they are spreading as a virus is nano dust with nano bots and smart dust that reacts and is controlled with 5G signals. And that's why they need the mandatory vaccines. Because they can only "spray" a limited amout of people in a population center... Although it is global. Hence the Morguelons disease. Nothing but activated nano dust the body is doing its best to reject!

I insist. No one must take ANY vaccine ever! Never ever. You must refuse it in mass. That is the very worst thing you can do in every level. The Cabal will never kill people using a real bio weapon, because they cannot control it. It kills indiscriminately. And these people are also interested in guiding the human race Nazi style, with Eugenics. Meaning THEY want to choose exactly who lives and who dies. And this technology is for that, exactly for that.

Governments: Two factions. Negative Cabal Clinton, Bush, Obama, Bill Gates, royalty of England, Vatican. Against: Positive side, Putin, Trump, Obrador and Federation of United Planets. War in Dumbs confirmed and it is already leaking to the official media.

It looks like the data so far indicates that it is very possible that JFK jr is the man behind Trump.

Federation: Works in the Dumbs with the armed forces of the USA and NATO and Russia. And it is the reason for strange noises and earthquakes across the planet. Volcanic activation is related as it is used as a weapon to destroy deep DUMBS and in some cases is only a secondary reaction after the detonation of Federation sonic bombs (compressed sound). And nuclear bombs from the USA and NATO.

We confirm the rescue of nearly 5 million people, mainly children, within the DUMBS. Some numbers go up to 20,000,000 but we cannot confirm it.

Quarantines are necessary given the serious combat situation all over the planet. To remove civilians from the path and danger. Where they are more severe, such as in Spain, Italy, France and the USA, it is because operations are in progress. They are mostly underground but leak to the surface or there is the potential for them to leak with potential to harm the civilian population.

Quarantines were imposed by the negative side as part of their control and economic collapse agenda. It is the positive side that took quarantines, and used it as something in their favor.

It is better to respect quarantines but since this is a war, things may not go as planned. So there will come a breaking point where social disobedience is recommended. Even as a measure of pressure for the same Federation of United Planets who are the ones orchestrating the positive side and it is those who have control over the NATO Pentagon and the Kremlin. And what is a fact is the large-scale intervention of the Federation of United Planets.

This is the situation at the moment.

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