How to Control Society on Earth, and more about Holistic Society (English)

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November 04, 2023

How to Control Society on Earth, and more about Holistic Society (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, thank you for joining me here once more. I hope you are all fine and happy today. My name is Mari Swaruu.

This content can be taken as science fiction or how the viewer sees best, but I take my information very seriously. For whoever has eyes to see.

I write from three points of view in this video: from the point of view of me speaking to you, the viewers, but also from the point of view of an oligarch, from his possible thoughts, and also as me speaking to the oligarchs to show that I know their minds. Jumping from one point of view to the other as I go along, looking at the same known things from other points of view and interconnected in different ways.

Holistic Societies don't have a government as such, and their political system has no equal and nothing similar on Earth, being that it is most often confused with socialism, but it is far from it. Much of this confusion is spawned from the idea that people in general need a government to impose order on them or else they would inevitably fall into anarchy and chaos. Unfortunately, on Earth, this is the case, as everything points out that is an inevitable hard fact, even though there are a few people, or 1% of the population, who are ethically and spiritually advanced enough not to need a social organism to impose rules and regulations on them to prevent anarchy.

Unfortunately, the very political power dynamics that are necessary to control the population mass with little to no advanced ethics is also the same one that prevents the spiritually advanced 1% from reaching positions of power. Mostly because their very ethics prevent them from doing and fulfilling all that is needed to attain those jobs with positions of power.

Briefly going back to how fully holistic societies work, the percentage, or amount, of ethically and spiritually advanced people in their general population is so large that a regulating government with the hand of steel is no longer necessary as every individual there has their own internal guide in the shape of their personal advanced ethics and spirituality.

Another aspect, or characteristic, of holistic societies is that each individual has been educated so fully and in such a way that at least in theory they could all become the acting leaders of their culture. In a holistic society, everyone is a potential leader and they contribute to their culture's needs simply by acting out their own interests and what they enjoy doing in life, following their dharma as best as possible.

Another important point about what shapes and forms fully holistic societies is an interesting side effect of having empowered highly advanced ethical and spiritual people ruling it, and it is the dissolution of the idea of scarcity and the formation of an abundance mentality where resources are plentiful and no longer a problem, once more propitiating each individual to act out the best versions of themselves as mere survival is no longer a problem.

This is the main difference between a socialist political system and a holistic one, where in socialism there is a government ruling over the population with a hand of steel and, contrasting this, in a holistic society this is not so, as each person acts as their own personal government which is in perfect accordance and synchronicity with the greater needs of their culture.

People who confuse holistic societies with socialism simply cannot see how a government less society can be achieved as they take for granted that a social regulatory organism would always be needed to prevent anarchy. They simply cannot conceive a society made up of ethically and spiritually advanced people to the point where the dissolution of the government as such can be achieved.

But on Earth, things are not the way, and even though there is a large population of advanced souls living there, the real mass of the population is far from being at that level as there are way too many people with low ethics who would do anything, no matter how despicable or hideous, just to get whatever they want, always acting in a primitive and virtually animalistic manner.

So, unfortunately, on Earth, and as things are today, some sort of government is still needed. But, unfortunately, such primitive unethical aspects of Earth's culture and a scarcity mentality combined with living in fear and always in survival mode propitiates the worst kind of people reaching places of political power, precisely those with the lowest ethics.

This causes the need to develop some kind of organization or mechanism to regulate, to govern those unethical people who have reached places of power. And this mechanism has been in place for thousands of years on Earth in the shape of powerful secret societies, which are the ones that impose rules onto governments from behind, from under the table, and far away from the conscious awareness of the greater population, which can only see the overt, in-their-face government and the people in it, which in reality are nothing other than discardable front men and women for the real power structure, which prefers to remain in the shadows.

People with a low consciousness level cannot even consider the possibility of there being another government controlling them from behind as they would think that every person with power would like to boast it in public rather than remaining completely unseen and anonymous. People in real power positions don't need public attention, not only because they know it would work against them as they would be exposed for who they are and would be vulnerable, but mainly because they are simply not interested as they do not need public nor external validation to who they are while they pursue their own interests. Their egos are not fed by public opinion to the level similar to how you don't care much about what a bunch of park pigeons thinks about you.

Everybody wants to rule the world, be it completely, be it politically, or in one or another way, or at least in their area of expertise. But complete dominance and control over the entire world and its population have always been the ultimate goal of any oligarch. But what do you need to accomplish such an apparently impossible task? How did those secret societies behind the governments achieve world dominance? They must make everyone else think it is impossible, fabricating the apparently unsurmountable obstacles and steps that must be accomplished to succeed in such a tremendous task.

As a member of those secret societies, you first realize that your people, family, and friends are in a minority next to the mass of the greater population. And if they would realize and be conscious of what you have done to them in the past, of your plans and everything you are doing to them, they would chase you to the end of the world until you are found. Because you would be found, even if you hide like rats inside one of those underground cities of yours. And if you are lucky enough, you will only end up lynched. And if you are not, far worse things would await you.

Even though they are drunk with power, they live in grave fear, even if they have normalized it to a great extent. They must do anything in their power to remain anonymous so all the problems they create are blamed on their front men, the politicians who, like masks, can be discarded if the public stops liking them and can be easily replaced with new ones, which the general population will readily accept as a new option and hope as they are all perfectly brainwashed and mind-controlled with the media they also control.

This brings us to the next step, where you need to keep the population dumbed down and not being able to think for themselves, or else they would see right through you, the manipulative oligarch, making you vulnerable to countermeasures. You need a population of workers constantly concerned with survival and with having their most basic needs met, never finding the time or the chance to think on their own. You must keep the population busy working all day long simply to be able to eat and have some sort of roof over their heads. So giving them the lowest possible salary is imperative, always under the excuse of the state the economy is in, an economy that you, the oligarch, fully control as well. Only making the people believe it almost has a life of its own, as well as its ups and downs, which obey complicated mathematical factors based on offer and demand that in turn cause inflation, deflation, and so on, which is nothing more than more of your manipulative lies.

The people must be kept as dumbed down as possible, so you feed them contaminated food full of carefully developed chemicals that attack the brain, and which you justify for the people as necessary conservatives and flavor enhancements, while you either demonize the good food or make it over expensive so it becomes inaccessible to the general population. You invert the food pyramids so that people eat the wrong things, and, at the same time, you twist your medical science so as to make it work with scientific decision in your favor, keeping the population sick and depending on more of your false medicine, hiding this problem from the wiser, only as the result of economic interests.

To keep control over the general population, you must erase their past so they can't learn from their mistakes as they cannot find alternatives to whatever you impose on them as the truth or as the truths about multiple subjects. You fabricate a false narrative, a false past, which goes with your interests while you erase all the evidence that points out your lies. And then you push it as truth in your schools which are incapable of teaching nothing more than obedience to a long list of cruel lies while you poison the soul destroying the independent thought of the younger generations, turning them into more weak obedient zombie servants of your false reality, incapable of questioning anything, therefore harmless to you, the oligarch.

You also deviate the natural tendency of people, of souls, to look for their true spiritual origins, exploiting this with utmost mastery, deviating and directing the population towards a false and artificial cruel caricature of true spirituality you call religion, always imposing a narrative that serves you, a narrative which is full of fear, of guilt, and of everything else that demolishes the soul and the true connection to Source.

Furthermore, you create many of those religions to use one against the other, to keep the population separated, fanatically defending their own as if it were the correct one, exploiting the people's need to behave and conform to the religious rules in order to be able to escape from the life of suffering they are immersed in and which you caused, or making the people fanatically follow the very religions that are there to separate them from true spirituality, religions you created to control them.

To control society, you must compartmentalize everything so that no one can see the full picture, ignoring what is going on elsewhere and how everything connects, thus preventing the people from understanding how you operate, how you work, and therefore how to counteract your hideous actions. You then create more separation using civil rights movements, which initially were meant to fight for the rights of minorities, again fanatizing this with your controlled media, causing the population not to be able to see past what is immediately in front of each social movement. With this, exploiting and weaponizing legitimate efforts to fight for people's rights. The members of those minorities will only see and fight for their own interests, blind to how they are being used to create more separation and more fragmentation within society, to the clear advantage of the secret society oligarchs who achieved all this manipulating the media, which includes censoring and canceling whoever is the wiser, whoever sees through them.

An example of this is creating social movements which end up separating men and women as you also heavily promote same-gender relationships, with this effectively reducing the population of the areas where you deliberately impose this the most.

Then, the population is not allowed to even mention this for fear of being attacked by the members of those minorities who are so blind they cannot see beyond their own interests. They are simply incapable of being aware of how their legitimate rights are being used to destroy society. And this applies to a very long list of civil rights movements which may have started with the genuine intention to make the world a better place to live in but which are all now deformed and weaponized to further obscure control agendas.

You create artificial nations and you fanatize their citizens with a false sense of patriotism so they become brainless zombies who are willing to give their lives to fight for their country and freedoms, a freedom they do not possess and never had. You manage those countries from behind with a government that governs all governments while you make the general population believe they are independent nations, which in reality are nothing more than exploitative corporations and human farms, human farms you artificially cause to fight among each other whenever it serves you, mainly to reduce the population, to decimate entire generations.

It is bad enough to lower the population's numbers by sending an entire generation of young men to battle, which is nothing more than a large sacrificial ritual to all those lower astral egregor monsters you create and worship but it becomes entirely and utterly devastating to the entire generation and overall numbers when you send the young females to battle as the young women are the real key to population control. And you do so brainwashing them with your media into believing that they can now have the honor to join the military in the name of gender equality.

Be aware that everything official on Earth has a false narrative behind and a reason to be so. Everything that is going on is synchronized, it is all related to one another and nothing is only by chance. But the general population cannot see the entire picture because it is designed that way. Only the wisest can see through all this and realize what is really going on, and it is there when they are ostracized and ridiculed by the dumbed down population.

But the Earth needs more of you, wiser people, you are the very key to attaining a critical mass of conscious, aware, and highly ethical people capable of dissolving the entire system. Your work is critical and you shall not stop as it is your mission on Earth. Your mission is to be true to yourself and to your higher ethics which you are well aware of. That is all that is needed and that is what you must do, and it is everything but easy, I know.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing for more. I appreciate it a lot and I hope to see you here next time. Take care and be strong out there, beautiful, aware people.

With love and sending you much strength.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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