I Do Not Consent - Is this Phrase Adecuate? Yazhi´s and Gosia´s commentary

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 15, 2021

I Do Not Consent - Is this Phrase Adecuate? Yazhi´s and Gosia´s commentary

Yazhi: They can do their videos wording them however they like. But if they understand the phrase: "I do not consent", so does the universe because they ARE the freaking Universe!

Having said that... they are mentioning this from the standpoint of view of the unconscious mind from where everything is manifested from, right? The subconscious mind and the unconscious are simple 'minded', so making things clear, wording things the correct simple and direct way does help.

So if they want they could word their "no consent" videos however they want as long as it is direct and understandable. Because they could word their videos in an overly complicated way just to avoid using the word 'No'. With the opposite effect.

Another angle... from the standpoint of adult psychology, NO is a very powerful word, and if more people used it, they would be less abused by whoever is passing over their rights. NO is clear, and direct and short.

Gosia: What I would say is three angles:

First, the universe doesn´t read words in themselves, but INTENTION of what is said. "I do not consent" has a very strong emotional charge, it is simple and direct and that´s what´s going to be read by the Universe.

Second, that AFFIRMATIVE statements theory applies more to sentences like: I AM RICH, instead of saying I AM NOT POOR.

And thirdly, these videos are not for the Universe but for the CABAL and they need to be told that we, people, simply do not consent.

Yazhi: EXACTLY, that's what I was going to say next. Those videos are not to manifest nice realities communicating with the 'Universe'. They are communicating with the Cabal, made up of people and adults. They are reading and seeing this.

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