Immersion Pods - Entertainment and Entry to Earth

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 19, 2023

Immersion Pods - Entertainment and Entry to Earth

Originally in Spanish 2020

Anéeka: Taygeta's holographic computers can do virtually anything. You can imagine a talking pet as a companion or as a playmate for children. They are programmed to do whatever, usually to interface with the computer itself, where you talk to the imaginary pet and it gives the answers, accompanies you through the day, plays and everything, but it's a hologram, and kids love these things. It's like having cartoons on TV, but guiding them positively, and the parents have total control over it or just simply to accompany whomever as a pet.

Do you like a cartoon? You can have your favorite characters accompany you in your games. The computer projects them and varies their size and everything. You talk to them and they talk back, and you can even touch them if you program it. The computer imposes tactile sensations. It's like a less aggressive version of total game immersion, like the ones we've already discussed.

Gosia: Don´t the people feel a bit confused about what is a real thing and what is a hologram?

Anéeka: Yes, and that's the negative part of the system. And not only for children, for everybody, because you get disconnected, you don't know anymore what's real and what's not and you start with the philosophical problem of what's real. Because, for example, if someone is extracted, they become engorged with immersion games. Not just the ones that are extracted, but it's example, like addiction to video games. But as time goes by, it starts to lose value and remains just a toy.

For example, I am sitting here with you and I have the game immersion or simulation controls at my left arm's reach, but I haven't used them for months. Yes, you lose interest.

That's why we say we're going back to the simple, the handmade. You might ask why I don't ride my bike on a beautiful tree-lined path by the lake using the immersion. It would be fun for a while, like two hours, but it's not biking anymore, that's how I feel.

Gosia: And does it happen a lot? If so, what do you do so it doesn´t become too addictive?

Anéeka: It seems that the children already have something that stops that because you don't hear them obsessing too much.

It does happen, of course, but it's like one more toy and a testament to how children are like that when you give them something and they end up playing with the cardboard box. It's the same here. Yázhi herself prefers her real plastic dolls, although she could animate them with the computer.

Gosia: And what exactly is the immersion pod program, like the one through which you enter Earth?

Anéeka: It is tailored to the requirements and what the person wants. It is a machine that is like a med pod that keeps the body in suspended animation keeping it healthy and in sense isolation, while the person's consciousness moves to have its attention on another reality. This is done through frequencies.
The theory states or dictates that each person has an individual and unique frequency or range of frequencies. So, a physical body is conditioned or designed only to be able to hold or host or react to a specific signal from the owner.

So, by making one person's frequency compatible with another person's frequency, the contact between soul, mind and physical body can occur. That is, entering that body to be that person. Part of the work that the little Greys called Gardeners are hired to do is adapting a body to the entrance of a specific soul like adapting an empty Matrix body to the entrance of a Walk In who will use it for his or her own life experience.

The process is extremely elaborate in describing how exactly with frequencies, but the basis is that the frequency of that person, we all have a personal frequency, is artificially made compatible with that of another body, sometimes very far from there. Just as it is described in the movie Avatar.

So, a Taygetan person will be asleep in Temmer in a pod while operating a human avatar on Earth with its own distinct life. And this person may or may not know that he is in immersion. He or she may or may not remember details of said immersion, either. In the case of Earth, they most commonly do not remember that they are in immersion because in and of itself, that is supposed to be the experience they seek.

But the memory wipe is not complete leaving the person with an inner feeling that something is not right and that they are not the person they are on Earth, that they are someone else somewhere else and they keep looking up at the stars for contact and a way home.

There are at least hundreds of thousands of people in immersion on Earth right now and of countless races. All using their own versions of the same technology.

Immersion like this is not only used to enter another race to be of that race for a while. It also serves or can be used to be another person entirely even in the same place where you are in immersion. That is, you can be living and remembering everything in the same place. No longer wanting to be the person X for a while and generating another life right there, as another person, and then get tired and go back to being the same person X as before.

It is also used to be able to work in environments or on planets where the place and the environment is too hostile to be there with the natural or original body of the person.

Gosia: Thanks. And when you are in the med pod, how is your body maintained exactly?

Anéeka: The muscular system is maintained by micro discharges that stimulate muscle groups. This is nothing too advanced since even on Earth they use electrical stimulation devices for exercise and fitness.

Also, the internal organs and nutrients are passed through the same special liquid in which they are immersed as in the med pod for medical use.

There are other immersion pods that are dry inside, but they are not used for long immersions. Although, that is relative because time is malleable and personal. So, a one-week dry immersion may result in decades of life somewhere else.

Gosia: And if the person you extract is in immersion, what happens then?

Anéeka: Immersion is more complicated from one angle and less from others. The starseed, when it dies on Earth, is supposed to awaken in the immersion pod. It has served its life span on Earth. It does not have to be extracted. It just wakes up at home on the planets. He remembers who he is and why he came to Earth this way. It is one of the most common ways to enter Earth. It only conflicts when the contactee is in immersion and wishes to be extracted traditionally. It is possible and is done, but you are faced with having two bodies and the complex dynamics of managing or being two at once. It is difficult and strange for many and they prefer to avoid it. It is up to the person to be extracted what to do. The most ethical and advisable thing to do if you are in immersion is to fulfill your natural life cycle on Earth.

But immersions have a very serious flaw. Already inside, people create too strong an attachment to something that is not their reality engaging in debates of what is real. I feel like that's like getting lost no matter how safe they are.

Gosia: The experience is real though, right?

Anéeka: Yes, but for example, a step down, what happens there is what happens there and it is reality, and if he dies there he doesn't come back here, he just goes to the afterlife, and there he will decide what to do. And someone in immersion continues his life here if something happens to him there. And the problem is that from the perspective of someone in immersion, that's reality. So it doesn't matter as long as he lives.

That profile then comes back to bite you because it leaves a trace of who it's supposed to have been. So, if you come back here and show your face they will see you with the human identity and not the one here.

Gosia: And how many Taygetans are there in immersion right now?

Anéeka: As I understand it, there are 2370, if I'm not mistaken about the exact number. Some people have already been extracted and others died naturally there and returned home naturally.

Officially, from immersion, no one new has come in from Taygeta in years. But this does not rule out Taygetan starseeds coming in naturally.

There is another kind of immersions that are more playful or entertaining, where the person is just in a room that stimulates the senses by isolating them from others, like the Star Trek holodeck, only much more advanced. These kinds of immersions are used for training of all kinds, or for communication with loved ones light years away.

For example, a person can be here, on a ship in Earth orbit, 440 light years from home, and they can go into immersion and walk around their parents' house in Temmer, or wherever, and there they can see their parents who are also in immersion, and actually interact with them face to face. They all know it's immersion, but they can touch, hug and talk to each other. Or you can all do the same thing, but on a beautiful beach. It's a very high-tech video call.

As variants of this, there are the ones where you design what you want to experience, whatever it is. Your imagination is the limit, and you go in there to have fun. It is also a high-tech video game, or you can use it just to relax, going alone to a favorite beach to see the sea and feel the sand for healing, and from there go to a mountain forest in an instant. The experience will be according to the data you have, how complete it is. If you don't have all the data, the computer fills it in for you using the best information available. It's only as reliable as the data that feeds the computer.

Gosia: And is it possible to get all the data?

Anéeka: I don't think you can ever have all the data. If you want to go and see what happened, that's another technology. It's the handling and time travel. I'm talking only about immersions, but the time travel technology itself is used all the time to feed data to the immersions, so they go hand in hand.

But every technology has its problems, and this lends itself to abuse and the creation of nightmares in the interest of living them, and that can cause problems and even real trauma in a person.

Gosia: And the data from a computer, how are they formed?

Anéeka: It is a recreation of the world like a video game computer does. It does not recreate the world in its entirety. I'm talking about this kind of immersion, not the kind of life avatars I mentioned above, although it's all related. Here I'm talking mostly about immersions for sports or training purposes.

Gosia: So the data is collected through the observations by SandClock and not the people who lived that moment?

Anéeka: Yes, sometimes. At other times, it's just a recount or interpretation with the data that you have. Historical data of how people lived in the time of Sparta, for example, but that's for entertainment purposes with no historical validity. Or you can become a dragon and you can burn villages, or a fairy and grant wishes, or a strange animal with an umbrella for a tail. Whatever you can imagine, you can live it.

Secret, it's fun, but after a while it gets tiring. But other people can become addicted to it, being that their life is there and not in reality. This is the case for most people in a long immersion.

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