Iron Properties - Flip Side - Part 2- Protection from Negative Astral Entities and Paranormal

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 21, 2021

Iron Properties - Flip Side - Part 2- Protection from Negative Astral Entities and Paranormal

Yazhi: One thing about iron that I did not say and I think it's important, it is its flip side.

As I have explained, iron holds frequency. So it's good to prevent your frequency from being highjacked by other sources, entities or any "souls" who may want to emulate or adapt to your frequency to use your body or work through you, manipulate you or any variant.

The problem is this, as a flip side people must be aware of. Iron is very grounding, as a consequence of this holding its frequency. It holds only a set range of frequencies that are very much in accordance to the mother frequency that “manifested” the iron originally, Earth.

So it holds people, consciousnesses, very much in what we can call the “material plane”. This means that it causes people to keep their minds, (frequency) of perception and thought, in what we call 3D or Matrix thought - realms. And nothing wrong with this, it depends on what you want to experience. People are in 3D Earth for a reason, and that reason is to experience 3D. Only using “3D” for lack of better terms, or words, to explain the experience of being on Earth living on Earth with all its rules.

So yes, as a consequence of iron, having it in your blood stream, and as an amulet, whatever, does keep the holder, the person, in 3D experience, stable there, “protected” from experiencing things outside 3D realms experience. Ergo: keeps people from experiencing the paranormal.

Gosia: You are refering to the iron in blood or in stones?

Yazhi: Both, because they are inter related. The frequency of the amulet will magnetically “bleed off” affecting the frequency of the iron in the blood, cells and tissue.

Gosia: Yes, so... it also prevents people from being in touch with higher realms, good realms and positive influences then?

Yazhi: Yes, that may the “problem”. But I would insist that mind is mind and iron is a metal, so it's made of mind, nothing limits you. So I wouldn't take it as an excuse not to experience paranormal, because that's an idea you hold, not something that occurs to you.

But in the case of people who are very much in the Matrix, people who are so called “asleep”, unaware of anything outside the sociably acceptable... they are not at that level. Iron will help keep them there... Matrixed! Because if they are full of iron it will be very difficult for them to come to experience something outside the normal... that will turn their thought towards the fact that the paranormal exists.

Gosia: Well then why would the Cabal be removing that from people using 5G and stuff? Only to make them more vulnerable to bad entities? But they are also making them less Matrix this way.

Yazhi: Two things here about that, the first is that they need to remove the iron in order to replace it with graphenite or with however the content inside the vaccine is called. So they must lower as much as possible the iron content in the population in order for the vaccine to have a maximum effect!

The other “thing” is that in this case people who are in there, on Earth, and are fighting the Cabal and the vaccine, and are immersed in a soup of entities all trying to control their minds, to possess them literately, iron is a great ally because it makes messing with them more difficult, and it helps them keep their frequency, hoping high.

In theory, having low iron would help people experience the paranormal a lot more due to the lack of frequency sustenance by the iron, so they would be able to move to and be able to connect to higher realms, realms that are “lighter”... Their frequency alone and intention would protect them against lower dark, regressive entities... yes.

The problem is that people on Earth, now, and on average, do not have such a high level of control over what they want and manifest and over the frequency they are emitting, therefore what they are experiencing and living. They would frighten off at the first face to face encounter with an unexpected entity that does not hold good intention towards them.

All they would need to do is to face them directly like the powerful light beings they are! But as I said, people now more than ever are simply not at that level on Earth in general. So yes, iron does stabilize people in frequency, but very much in so called 3D experience. Helps a lot against dark entities. But at a cost.

Gosia: So what would you recommend a person like myself? Use it or not?

Yazhi: Well, you are still there. I would recommend using an amulet made of magnetite. Not recommend ingesting iron in your case, unless you are very low of it, because you do need hemoglobin.

Iron prevents or helps prevent people from awakening to higher realms, higher planes of existence, hence the paranormal. But to those who are already awakened iron wouldn't interfere with their process of realizing other higher realms and connecting with them.

Gosia: Ok. Wear it constantly or with breaks?

Yazhi: You are not very exposed to negative places or people, but Matias is. So I would recommend he should wear magnetite at work.

Gosia: At home no? It only works when worn?

Yazhi: Mostly when worn, yes, but it does leave you set with a frequency even when off.

Gosia: Everyone is running to buy iron necklaces and bracelets now after the video we made, haha. I saw in comments.

Yazhi: Ok good. I think it's good because the Cabal wants to infest them with entities.

But I insist on something. If someone is already awake, iron will not hinder, or interfere with that person's experience including the paranormal. It interferes more on people who are not yet awakened, this by pure logic. So I do not see very much of a down side to iron amulets or wearing magnetite rocks. Awakened people should see iron as an ally. It won't, and can't hinder them, much less their mental or spiritual awakening.

Gosia: But then, if it doesn´t interfere much with the awakened persons´ experience... then how do we know it protects from negative entities at all? I am sure it doesn´t know how to filter “good from bad” no?

Yazhi: All what iron does is hold your frequency, help you maintain it. So whatever you are thinking, (frequency), will be held by the iron as well inside your auric field. So it's you who is filtering out the good and the bad, not the iron. So in that case I do see iron as helping shield off negative interference, entities and all those.

Gosia: Does the size of the amulet matter?

Yazhi: I would say yes it does. But depends on the iron. A little magnetite pebble is quite strong, bean size for example. But yes, if it's of a good size it does hold power. But it needs not be too big, no need to be carrying around a railroad track on your back, kind of heavy!

Gosia: And someone asked: does cooking on the iron skillet work too?

Yazhi: Yes it does. As well as cooking on steel, it´s very good. Steel because it´s neutral. Aluminum, never please, hurts your brain.

Gosia: Another question from the public: Does this info apply to the copper base? Blood group?

Yazhi: Applies to all. Blood group, some may be more sensitive than others. But in one degree or another they all need iron.

Gosia: Do iron bracelets or necklaces also protect us from electromagnetic radiation?

Yazhi: No, although I'm aware some may say they do, I do not discredit, I just don't know, have not seen the evidence. So by logic, knowing about radiation, I'd say they do not! Unless you are behind a large iron plate, door, something large, a small amulet, no.

Gosia: Are iron supplements recommended or better get it through the food?

Yazhi: Better though food. Supplements can cause gall bladder, kidney and liver damage. They do not absorb well.

Gosia: Someone commented: "Don't forget copper, it helps the body absorb iron."

Yazhi: That's another story. Copper/ Silver/Gold. Nice theme!

Recipe for mono-atomic gold:

Take a good amount to grade: 22 karat gold pieces (22karat only) and heat it over 1100°C, and then heat it even more until it boils and starts to vaporize. This done mostly in a container made of volcanic rock. Then you let it boil and boil until the gold is all gone. The container will have inside smeared all over a white powder. That's mono atomic gold. This helps regenerate DNA at an amazing rate. Helps reverse aging and reverse degenerative diseases.

Gosia: Do you use that mono atomic gold recipe in Taygeta?

Yazhi: Yes, it is part of the medical inventory, as a potion. Speeds up healing. Also used as part of the recipe of part of the ingredients in the essential fluid inside Medical Pods.

Gosia: Wow ok. But you need a whole lot of gold to get just a tiny bit of powder it seems?

Yazhi: Yes, unfortunately that is correct.

Gosia: Ok well, I could ask more but that would be another topic so I don´t want to get distracted now.

Yazhi: Ok. The important thing to mention is that the grounding effects of iron can be used to your/our advantage in the situation where you are under attack, otherwise, I insist, we are all energy and there is no matter, mind over mater, you are not limited, you can fly, if you are awakened iron will not and cannot hurt you.

Gosia: But if mind over matter, then in theory we shouldn´t worry about negative entities either?

Yazhi: Exactly. The problem here is that most people on Earth are simply not at that level. It´s for them, not for me, not for super strong starseeds.

Gosia: But if we believe we can fly no matter what... then wearing an amulet could be sending a contradictory message to the universe... since us wearing it states that we do NOT fully believe it´s mind over matter, no?

Yazhi: If that is what you feel and see, that can also be the case. So iron can work, or not, to your advantage. But that depends on the user.

Gosia: Yes, I guess in the end it´s everyone´s individual choice. Only they can know how powerful they feel.

Yazhi: If you truly feel yourself to be powerful, then you are!

Gosia: Except for glass eating, haha. That will still most probably affect you. I had to respond that to someone today, as they said they feel super powerful and don´t need anything.

Yazhi: I wouldn't eat glass myself either! And if they feel they are super powerful, then they freaking are! But are they all? No! Use it, it's a tool.

Gosia: Do YOU up there, the Taygetans, wear amulets, etc?

Yazhi: Yes, they do as jewelry. And for symbolic reasons. Protection even.

Gosia: Against what? Those entities can reach them up there too?

Yazhi: Their own ideas.

A side note: not only iron works for protection: people can and should also use the wide variety of crystals and rocks, amethysts and all, that also give protection due to the same frequency holding programmable effect!

Gosia: Ok great, I will include that.

Yazhi: Thank you!

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