Jesus - Mechanism of Population Control - Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta, Pleiades) (Part 2)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 08, 2021

Jesus - Mechanism of Population Control - Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta, Pleiades) (Part 2)

Swaruu: Given the information carefully studied over countless years, more than I can publish, and also relying on my personal files, I tell you directly that Jesus of Nazareth never existed.

The information that I have shared with you is only a small part of a body of evidence that is much larger and more detailed, and in itself it would dismantle every aspect of all the scriptures, the gospels and the New Testament step by step.

I know that many people have a personal attachment to their concept of Jesus. This is a personal attachment and dependency and has been instilled in them from a very young age. The Church and the Cabal, effectively the Roman Caesars, have used human need to believe in something greater than themselves that cares for them, and that has unconditional love for them, against the human population entirely for the purpose of maintaining social political control over a very large empire. The use of the creation of an internal "police" within each person to prevent them from rebelling against the established norms.

They have exploited human need and human weakness for the emblem of Jesus Christ as a being entirely of love who only enacts peace.

But this figure entirely made of love was created with the explicit purpose of modifying the minds of the subjects so that it is easier for the controllers not only to exploit and control them but also to keep them as slaves, totally incapable of defending themselves since they only turn "the other cheek".

There is no evidence whatsoever that can be sustained, or that can support, direct and objective scrutiny about the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. There are too many Kristos, or messiahs, throughout the region and from centuries back, and at the same time none that fit the character of Jesus Christ, and yes a lot of overwhelming evidence that it was a fabrication on the part of the Flavians and using the Titus' military campaigns specifically, only modifying them to serve a story or an agenda as was customary at the time.

All the characters that corroborate or testify to the existence of a real Jesus that researchers have found and that I have found myself in my research come from the same writings and Gospels and therefore cannot be taken as true, including the supposed brother of Jesus Jaime, and Paul the apostle himself.

Theologians rely on them to give authenticity to the story of Jesus many times by citing multiple sources that in turn all return to the gospels themselves again. To claim to have witnesses in this way is as absurd as using the 7 dwarves and a supposed testimony of each one to give truth to the story of Snow White and her resurrection by the prince's kiss. Characters contained within the same narration or story cannot be used as witnesses, and this is precisely what happens here.

Another constant problem is the large volume of historical works and of researchers and theologians who have published countless things throughout no less than 2000 years but who have either been paid for by the Vatican, or by the Jesuits or by any religious organization or branch that is partial to the Jesus story and therefore their conclusions are either agenda-driven or simply not objective.

Today very few researchers have done an exhaustive and objective investigation about the existence of Jesus as a real person. And the few who have dared to do it have encountered very strong opposition and social and academic isolation and in some cases social and family isolation, also due to the simple fact that they go against the current.

In the same way as with Jesus, other characters in the scriptures, and as I said above this includes the supposed authors of the gospels, have also been invented for the story and in detail, with complete biographies that do not fit with the objective historical reality of the moment. Being that even the true authors of the gospels accept that they were the ones who wrote it. They don't hide it. This can be seen not only directly in other works by Josephus but also in clues that they have left behind within the same scriptures as markers or keys so that people with sufficient academic preparation and knowledge, as well as understanding what to look for, can decipher said markers or clues and understand who and for what they were written. They do not hide it, directly and from the beginning they wanted it to be known who they were in the future. But this is not knowledge that is intentional for the people to know, but for subsequent generations of people in power to know, that is, the people of the club, of the controlling elite.

For many, Jesus symbolizes all that is good in life and in existence itself, which is why not only many branches of religion have embraced his concept, leaving everything else aside, but countless people or individuals have taken it in as well, as something of where or what to cling to in life. They have a personal relationship with him, or with their personal idea of ​​Jesus. They talk to him daily, they keep him in mind all the time, he is their survival mechanism, a mechanism to face the reality of the harshness of life.

This is why they refuse to see further and blind themselves to the mere possibility that it is false. But there are more than enough elements to ensure that he never existed and that it was a Roman fabrication for population control purposes. In the same way, there are those who claim that there is enough evidence to ensure that he did exist, but base themselves on the work of other previous researchers who are partial to the interests of either the Church and the Jesuits or their own personal attachments to Jesus. They base themselves on previous works that in turn are based on others even further back, like layers of an onion, ones reinforcing and potentializing the work of others.

Today it is being argued in various places or New Age channels that there is an organized attack against Jesus that tries to erase him, this on the part of the dark forces. This is once again using people's attachment as a weapon to continue perpetuating their agendas, turning the strong arguments against his existence in their favor with a purpose to continue to use the character that has served them for millennia to control the people.

The information is out there, and today it is mostly available to everyone. It just takes an awake mind and the will to investigate on your own.

It is said that Jesus is an emblem for all that is good in life and of the human being and that you only have to see that part and not that of the abuses of the Church, that you do not have to examine if he existed or not. But this is exactly what the controllers want. It is what the Vatican wants and what the Jesuits want. And the Jesuits are none other than the Illuminati. They are the same. Jesuits = Illuminati. The fact that people continue to use Jesus as the representative of all that is good is exactly what they want, in order to continue with their atrocities against humanity.

Rome never fell, it is still in power, it only transformed over time. The Romans are the Illuminati, the Romans today are the Cabal and Caesar is the Pope. There's no difference.

They continue to use their base religions to control the population, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, their 3-horned monster, crowd control machine. The 3 religions are the same, with variants or modifications according to the control needs and the needs of a particular population, all in order to better control them or to have an excuse to promote division between peoples.

In itself Jesus of Nazareth is a symbol of oppression against people. A limit for the spiritual and personal growth of the people. It is not a symbol of Peace, it is to conform to what is socially accepted, a symbol of absolute submission to the controllers and to the established power.

Wanting to see only the good part is just entering their game. It is not necessary to have such an avatar to symbolize unconditional love and elevation of consciousness and spirituality. The Jesus concept holds you back more than any other on Earth. Be free of thought and believe in yourselves, without delegating your power to anyone else.

The amount of atrocities carried out in his name over the centuries is impossible to describe in words. Don't keep feeding the lie.

Gosia: What about Belen? Did it exist?

Swaruu: Belen did not exist, the Romans founded that city just to give validity to their story. Jesus was not born anywhere but in the minds of the Romans. It was founded during the reign of Emperor Titus. Circa 070 AD.

The Romans created the Jesus story as something that had happened a few years before, 33 to be exact, then it was moved to 40, always notice the numbers and the symbolism. And that the story of Jesus did not happen during the reign of any Flavian, but of their political rivals the Julio-Claudians. So that if something goes wrong against Rome it is the fault of the Julio-Claudians and not theirs. Pure Roman politics of the time.

Gosia: And Jeshua? Is this related or a separated story?

Yazhi: All I know at this point is that all those Biblical people were people of political or social rank in the Egyptian community in general. All of them. But I have not dwelled into that specific story, I think ever.

I know they are all interdependent characters that are all based on the same formula. So I don't need to go into researching each one by one.

Because I know from memory and research that all biblical characters were based on real people who had rank in the society at that time, in Egypt, Babylonia, Rome and Greece. Only with paraphrased and over exaggerated attributes and added story that are nothing but convenient strategic fiction. The Romans even had a name for that fiction made up to prop up a narrative to fulfill an agenda. It had several names but one of them is a Biblical 'Mystery' using that very name as an excuse not to have to explain more (because it was all made up) so researchers of old and of new would hit a wall, dead end. As in “It is 'a' mystery.” Period.

A good example of a biblical character based on a real person is King Salomon (meaning: Sun King = Solar worshiping / Atonism) who in real life was Amenhotep III. Surely they do not teach that in "Sunday school."

Where is God here? “Where” does not apply, because here what applies is the concept of non-locality, that is, it is in everything that exists as a force that is the Ether and each consciousness is the ether and creates under its own interpretation and its own perception the misnamed physical world and only according to its level of perception and particular frequency. Therefore, it has no locality, and itself it is the very basis of the principle of non-locality of the ether.

Gosia: Thank you. Another point. As you said there are thousands of timelines and everything exists at once. Is it possible that Jesus did not exist and all this information that sustains that he did not exist, belongs to this one only, but he did exist in others?

Swaruu: Saying that “as I thought it then exists in another timeline”, although valid, from an expanded metaphysical aspect, only serves as an excuse for the Cabal to impose its lies for control purposes. I have seen multiple timelines, and no Jesus appears...

Gosia: Someone has said that you travel to certain timelines based on your beliefs. Is this possible?

Swaruu: Yes. From a personal aspect, what a person firmly believes, is their reality. But on the other hand, that is precisely what the Cabal wants, to create a collective timeline in their favor. So people must create something else, not move like sheep towards the same socially accepted concept. Jesus or the Cosmic Cat have the same validity. And they use Jesus to separate peoples. That is what´s bad here. That is why it is better to see it from the angle of this timeline, as what it is, false.

Robert: Exactly. What is more, we have all the historical records where it is seen that he did not exist and everything was manipulation in this timeline.

Gosia: It´s just that, how to get out of, and reconcile, the fact that on one hand what one believes is his reality... and then the fact that Jesus did not exist historically?

Swaruu: Saying that “as I believe in Jesus so he is real”, for humans who are not much prepared for these things, it is quite dangerous and unhealthy knowledge for the collective, it promotes separation and wars. Look at it simply, he did not exist in this timeline. This fact counter opposing the other is dangerous, but true. But that is something personal, believing in something, and a belief should not be imposed on other people, and the concept of Jesus is that and for that, with that they create control and dogma.

Robert: Exactly. What has happened in other timelines is not our problem.

Swaruu: Besides that, yes Robert. Other timelines do not concern us.

Gosia: Yes, I understand. I guess it's like saying but Gosia, you are a singer in another timeline, what are you doing with these videos on YouTube? Well yes, I'm not a singer here so I make videos.

Robert: Exactly Gosia. Otherwise, we will always be manipulated and all these wars are to hide the true story from us so that we can believe whatever.

Swaruu: Being told that what we believe is valid and exists can be liberating. Or it can be used to promote and support the Cabal and that´s what they would do. In this case all the lies in the world become real. It's not just. Let´s not use that more expanded point of view to validate lies. If you believe in something, it exists in your mind for you, ok. But here that is not yours, it is something that was imposed on you for control purposes. Ok, Jesus existed in the minds of many... But that invades the rights of other people because a story invented 2000 years ago by a narcissistic Roman is being imposed on them.

Gosia: I understand. And apart from this... so many people collectively believing in Jesus... what metaphysical effect do you think this has had on the “astral” world? Has any Jesus been created only with the intense thought after thousands of years?

Swaruu: An egregor is created but, in their minds, or in the form of idols. However, it cannot be used to validate its existence. Because in that case Tinkerbell also exists.

Gosia: Yes, but isn't it being created in the astral world? As an "independent" entity, little by little? And I'm not saying that as a validation of his existence, just a metaphysical curiosity.

Swaruu: If such an entity comes to life... Who would it serve? The controllers. And Tinkerbell?

Gosia: That entity could not later "communicate" with humans? So then we would have all kinds of channelings with Jesus for example. Or visions. Something created with the collective mind by agreements throughout thousands of years. An almost autonomous entity... and yes, serving the controllers.

Swaruu: There are already channelings of Jesus everywhere. I think they are the most abundant. But that serves the Cabal.

Gosia: Yes, it serves the Cabal but is it possible? They have created an egregor. They have given it life.

Swaruu: From the most expanded point of view it is possible. But if we focus on that more expanded point of view here, validating it, then it is best to just finish all our work here, because there is nothing more to be done. From the point of view of this timeline... it would be just an excuse to perpetuate a lie.

That is why I have also said that everyone has the right to believe what they please. The problem is that this is what the controllers jump on and also end up using this as a pretext for wars.

If several people believe in Great Crockett (your dog), yes you can create Great Crockett. You can use it for better or for worse. Jesus was used for bad <--- Because it is for population control. From the perspective of this timeline, which is the one that concerns us, there was no Jesus. The rest will only be used to perpetuate a lie and the abuses that have come with it because nothing has done more harm to humanity than that concept of "Jesus". All love and kindness, when it is an excuse to brainwash their minds so that they do not defend themselves from what the Cabal do to them.

Why does religion limit stellar knowledge, such as Navigation?

The reason why religion, in this case Catholicism, limits the travel beyond light is because everything is consciousness, and the supra-luminar flight needs complex understanding of the ether and frequencies. The understanding of a cosmology based on frequencies and on consciousness is incompatible with the religious cosmological model.

Although you can hypocritically believe in religions and only use the other knowledge of frequencies as an isolated science, under the premise of ¨everything is possible in “the kingdom of God” ... is credible that that´s how a ship would work. The problem with this position is that it presents the operation of a ship as something purely mechanistic, such as passing the sound barrier would be.

But in closer observation it is not possible, and a limit is reached of what is possible to achieve in a scientific-mechanistic way with this hypocritical method, because the ship emulates the consciousness of the person who flies it, of its owner, so the engines of the ship would emulate the true beliefs of its pilot, with limited perception, and thus also what the ship is capable of doing will be limited.

But this is purely from the point of view of a religious Catholic getting on a ready-made ship. But the deep understanding of how frequencies work to the degree of being able to create and manufacture a spacecraft of magnetic motors of total toroidal immersion fed by zero-point energy reactors, is impossible with a consciousness with the brakes on coming from the religious mind. Because by entering into the understanding necessary for the engineering and design of the internal mechanisms of a ship, it would necessarily and immediately clear the religious concepts of the manufacturer.

From a back-engineering point of view, it is impossible to copy many systems, materials and concepts that are like programs inside the holographic computer that controls the ship.

That is to say, it is like in 1925 they retro-engineer a modern car, they replicate everything but have problems with metallurgy, composite materials, but even more problems with manufacturing and even more problems with the internal programs of the computers that control said modern car.

Hence, returning to the spaceship. They cannot replicate the computer and its "consciousness" that are necessary to control the motors which in turn control the output frequencies that are the basis of supra-luminar navigation.

Side note: No longer using the word Warp here as referring to flight beyond light. It is an English term that refers to bending. And it comes from the curved space of Einstein's Theory of Relativity of 1905. Which is all false. Nothing bends when entering supra-luminar flight. It's just frequency management.

Attachments to Religions

Why do they stick to a religion? The human being is far from the Source by simple immersion in the low lunar 3D frequencies. Humans have always been conditioned to depend on external authorities more powerful than themselves. This already as indoctrination from young age. That is delegating their internal power, their value, they become the property of... They are always looking for who they are, they do not remember past lives. They know to be something else.

People don't know what to believe, what to stick to. They doubt themselves. So with that they rely on authorities, first parents, then teachers in schools, bosses at work, politicians and religion. This has already been discussed. It is easy to hook them up with a religion carefully designed for mind control and population and mass control.

In the case of Jesus specifically... People need something to accompany them, to feel unconditional love. Not to feel alone. For many people, Jesus is the only thing that keeps them alive. The only good thing, the only hope outside of their suffering. They don't know anything else.

So they will defend their religious concepts with their lives, because these people are the religion itself. As with the Matrix. They are the Matrix, they are the religion. Without them, without the general human population, there would be no religion. They were all made for them. All religions.

In the case of Jesus, they will defend him with their lives because the image of Jesus is pure love, all benign. And so they feel betraying something that has only given them emotional stability. They become addicted and dependent. And the enormous feeling of guilt and injustice has been instilled in them since childhood.

What they defend is not what the Church imposes on them in an objective way, but the personal relationship with their own idea of ​​what Jesus is and what he represents for them. It's like a loved one is being attacked. A member of their family. Or even worse, their very essence of what identifies and defines them as people.

Humans become attached because they seek something more about who they are and, since they are attached to being told what to do and what to believe, then they will obey what has been dictated to them since childhood.

Religions and specifically Catholicism is one of the greatest pillars that sustain the Matrix. Reducing the perception capacity of people and making them docile. Forcing them to remain in a low frequency.

Gosia: I think they also cling to religions because internally they perceive that spiritual dimension of which they are a part... this is undeniable for them. But this innate sensation was abused by the controllers to guide them towards something OUTSIDE as the source of this sensation, Jesus, God, not as something inside to which they belong without the need for anything outside. That is why they cling because they KNOW THAT SOMETHING EXISTS and this something is impossible to erase from human consciousness. But to this something, to this undeniable spiritual sensation, the controllers have glued false deities like Jesus. They have taken advantage of the undeniable innate spirituality in the human subconscious. That is why denying Jesus and God feels to them like someone was erasing that spiritual part in them. Innate spiritual feeling PLUS desire to be guided and accompanied in their misery of life = Jesus.

Swaruu: Sure, I totally agree. In itself it could be said that Religion is spirituality made a weapon against people. And here what we have said before comes into play. That they confuse Religion with Spirituality.

Gosia´s speaking part:

The following is the short clip I took during my last visit in Poland. This is my mother, devout Catholic, talking about her beliefs. It shows very clearly 2 things. First one is a very clear confusion between Spirituality, the innate drive in the human spirit, and Religion... mixing the two as if they were inseparable. As you will see, my mom is highly spiritual and perceives all that surrounds her as part of the higher Intelligence, the Source. Because of the conditioning though, her feelings, and those of many others, were hijacked and driven towards the institutionalized concept, and towards false deities, and for her it is impossible now to separate the two.

The second thing that is clear here is the lack of historical knowledge on the subject of Jesus. Her belief is purely based on following what she was told. And this is how most Catholics, and Christians, are. Sorry mom, but thank you, for letting me use you as an example for this video.

Video of Gosia´s mother is played.

Gosia: Yes. Another thing also occurred to me. Seeing people like my mother for example, with such devotion towards Jesus. I think that what happens to these people is that they really have access to the spiritual world... to the etheric area within themselves... but they confuse that the person of JESUS ​​that they feel "close" to is THEMSELVES in the most elevated planes. They have connected with themselves. With their higher self. But their religious programming presents this to their minds as JESUS, or something external. Just my thought.

Swaruu: Yes, and here we would add that they are manifesting everything they truly believe in. And yes, I accept it. Jesus is very real to them (as the cosmic cat is to the cat on the chair behind me now).

It is very comfortable to follow what they are told. Not having to assemble the whole cosmology of reality on their own.

Another problem is that Religion is said to have done a lot of good in the world, not just bad. And that it has done things for an isolated person. That is why they say that it has done a lot of good and many will defend this from this angle. And I do not doubt it from the individual point of view such as that "Jesus has done a lot of good for my grandmother."

From that angle it's true. Therefore, if we "take" Jesus from "my grandmother" she would be left with nothing to hold on to in order to have a life, to have confidence and belief in herself. As a survival mechanism. I have no doubt that on a personal level it is something "good" for people. At least for some. But from the most expanded point of view it has done immeasurable and gigantic harm to humanity. It is the most used excuse, from ancient times to these days, to start conflicts and wars. From between neighbors to between nations.

This, what we are discussing here today, is for me why a people should be left alone to follow their own spiritual path, path to expansion or whatever they want to call it. Just respect and don't criticize.

But if we go down that road... We shut off this work of transmitting information. And we would be the same as the other races of the Federation among others. Respect, shut up, look the other way.

YES. From the most expanded point of view Jesus exists, of course he exists... Maybe not as a man but as a concept. Respect it like everything else then. Say nothing. But then, say nothing about everything else too. Respect also what the Rothchild’s believe. Respect Nazism. Respecting extreme Islamic ideologies. Respect whoever kills seals for their skin. From the most expanded aspect nothing matters, they are micro-minute for the cosmos. That is why the others are silent.

The "ladies" who have Jesus as their only personal relationship, the only "love" in their lives, lonely people, misfits. With what right do we attack? Or by what right do we say all this?

There must be a parameter of from what point of view something is true or false. From this parameter that we have here the concept is false. We have all the necessary data to ensure it. But they will never be enough for many. We just offer you one more point of view, as always. But let it be clear. That for me, Swaruu, I am sure that there was no Jesus and that everything is set up for population control by the Cabal and at that time the Cabal was (and still is) Rome.

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