Karistus - Enigmatic Race from Jupiter - Information from Yazhi Swaruu and Aneeka of Temmer

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 18, 2022

Karistus - Enigmatic Race from Jupiter - Information from Yazhi Swaruu and Aneeka of Temmer

Originally in English

Yazhi: Karistus are mostly 6D people. As I have said before, whatever is in a higher density will have its mirrors and equivalents in all lower densities. They appear with wings because they like to be seen as angels, the concept of angel on Earth partially comes from them.

I know they are very peculiar in their beliefs. According to Karistus mythology, all Lyrian people, now all over the Galaxy, are Karistus hybrids. That means you and I as well. They refer to this from a soul level, not just biology. And from their point of view I think it can be, or is perfectly valid. So they interpret what is going on on Earth in a different way as how we see the problem.

For them it is simpler. It is simply duality playing out there, and it is two groups of souls competing for Earth at all levels. All levels of existence. I underline it because they see that statement as very important. For them it is a simple a fight between Vlash people and hybrids, and Karistus people and hybrids. The Vlash, for them, holds all negative races, Reptilian, Gray or whatever, and the Karistus are the positive side. They call hybrids, what we call starseeds, no less, and the same.

The Vlash invaded Earth, a Karistus world according to them as this is their solar system, as they are quite arguably the most advanced race and culture of this entire solar system. So to them, Earth belongs to them. They argue that it is their property. The whole solar system was their turf, until invaders came along.

Gosia: Why so much struggle for Earth? Aren´t there enough planets out there?

Yazhi: It's not about Earth itself. It's about who lives in it (and ultimately because Earth's consciousness is indeed the result of all those consciousnesses in it).

Gosia: What about Reptilians and all that being a human manifestation?

Yazhi: Humans would be Karistus as well, then Reptilians and everything negative is a Karistus manifestation. For them all Lyrian species are variants of Karistus or Karistus hybrids.

About everything being the manifestation of a consciousness, and being that there is no negativity, only what a soul makes for itself, manifests according to its thoughts.

Gosia: But wait a second... apart from Lyrian races, there are thousands of others, non-Lyrians: Andromedans, Sirians, etc. Where did they come from to this solar system and why don´t they have the right to call themselves the owners?

Yazhi: The Karistus feel they are the rightful owners because they have been for eons of time and it's right on their doorstep. All the other races are just... whatever, trespassing?

Gosia: Do all those other races agree with this view? What does the Federation say? I mean the Federation was constructed to fight those invaders. So they were here too for eons.

Yazhi: It was only after all the fights and the Tiamat wars and then even more recently when countless souls from countless races entered Earth as starseeds, hybrids to Karistus. Although I feel it has always been like that!

I don't know what the Federation says about Karistus owning Earth. I doubt they validate that. Because as the Federation goes, or thinks, a place belongs to whoever lives in it! But owning Earth is a Karistus concept, not a Federation concept.

Gosia: So where do the Karistus stand regarding Federation´s plans to "step up the game level for humans" and all? In what way do they intend to help?

Yazhi: They don't like it. And they openly say so. And that's why they agree with us and back us up.

Gosia: Do you agree with their statement of ownership of the Earth?

Yazhi: No, we do not. But they are positive creatures. So Earth would be in much better hands if they would be the ones taking care of it. But ownership, like that, does not go with us.

I'm not sure of what they want to do, or doing, about the problem. But they are backing us up, they are on our side, and on your side. They watch your videos and they respect you a lot, so I've been told.

Gosia: Hihi, ok. Thank you, that´s nice to hear. How many in numbers are they?

Yazhi: Together with the Alfratans (Centauri), they are the most numerous non-human species working here in favor of Earth.

Karistus are not Federation.


Originally in Spanish

Anéeka: Karistus claim the Earth because it used to be theirs, before the arrival of the Lyrians, I am talking about 200 000 years ago. Another point is that Karistus see the Lyrians as them, that is to say that the Karistus, according to their history, legends, and beliefs, are the origin of the Lyrian race, therefore they see invasive what the Federation does being so permissive with what happens on Earth. That is why the Karistus do not agree with the Federation.

That is, for the Karistus, all races of human appearance in space are variants of them or are Karistus themselves. That means that Humans are Karistus, Taygetans are Karistus, Swaruunians are Karistus, Engans are Karistus, Antareans are Karistus, and Ummites are Karistus.

They have very protective ideas, they claim Earth but not from an invasive angle but to return Earth to the way it was with them.

They dress like Andromedans, very much in long ornamented tunics. It´s just that they have very long necks. Almond eyes, light - almost white, but I think they also have dark eyes. Very slow and paused movements.

They cooperate when they want, but are perceived as someone outside, as "superior" to the Federation. They are from 6D but live in all Ds below six. In themselves they are the most advanced civilization and race in this solar system. They see themselves as great mentors.

We disagree on some points, but we don't see the case for antagonizing them when it's not like they want Earth for themselves invasively. It is not their style. Rather, they say that if the Earth had remained under their control, none of what is happening now would have happened. And I know they have many starseeds on Earth.


More recent conversation

Originally in English

Anéeka: We do have the Karistus quite close to us lately, cordially. They are on our side and not on the Federation's side of this mess. Taygeta and Karistus have cooperated throughout the years.

And thanks to Karistus we know that all those meetings in, on, near Jupiter, people on Earth are talking about are false! The Karistus declared to our queen, Alenym, that those alleged Federation meetings are a lie and that they would know about that, and that the Federation would never conduct such kind of meetings on Karistus soil. They also said that they know that certain Exo-Politics groups are false and under direct CIA control.

Gosia: Why could it not be done on their soil?

Anéeka: Because Karistus and Federation have ruptured cooperation. They still talk but the Karistus does not want anything to do with Federation law or Federation interaction due to bad handling of Earth problems, and because the Federation has been permissive towards races that are against Karistus interests, namely the Vlash and Maitre that we call Kingu reptilians and Tall Greys.

Karistus have been helping since before Taygeta, perhaps. This problem with the Federation and with the regressive races on Earth, including hybrids, has been going on for thousands of years. Safe to say Karistus is one of the most active races fighting in favour of humankind.

Gosia: In what fashion are they active?

Anéeka: Mostly direct confrontation. Like what Taygeta does not do a lot of any longer. I mean, Karistus does get close dirty and personal, in a shoot-out, or a knife, or sword fight against regressive agents or hybrids. But since Alenym came to power, and guided by Swaruuneans, Taygeta has stopped fighting in that manner, or only with some localised skirmishes, not as in direct combat.

Gosia: They do that in their human forms... or you mean starseeds?

Anéeka: Both, direct step downs and starseeds and hybrids. Karistus is a very noble and well-intended race fighting for humankind. They suffer great loss of Karistus life engaging in this war, because it is a war and people should start to realize it is a war, or they will lessen their chances of survival.

The problem is that they have been also under the boot, and the law of the Federation that lays claim to Earth as under Federation Space and control. So Karistus have been fighting legally, in kind with Taygeta and Alcyone Council (and Council of Lyra and Avyon (Urmahs) for that matter as well).

Gosia: Thank you. I have a bit different question. If they exist on higher than 5D level... I imagine they can´t come in through immersion? Or can they? They have immersion pods in their density?

Anéeka: This concept is broken or was broken by Yazhi. We were saying that Karistus are 6th density beings. Well, according to Yazhi, no. They are at any level like any other race and only depending on the spiritual and consciousness level of their inhabitants, but without placing them, or any other race, at any numerical density, as that's New Age. So Karistus are Karistus at whatever level they may be, and each one may be at!

Gosia: Ok I understand that but for example then... if you travel to Jupiter, will you see their crystal buildings? Because Swaruu said she needed a special ship frequency adjustment to see them.

Anéeka: Yes, but you need a special frequency to go there any way, and to Taygeta, and to Alfrata, and to Cyndriel and to Pitoya. Also they do have some kind of energy field protecting and hiding them, but that's not so high tech.

Gosia: So what do you see when you look at Jupiter when you are close?

Anéeka: That's the problem, I've never been there. Toleka Class Heavy Cruisers like the ones I'm always on, exit hyper space between Mars and Earth, so I never get a chance to look at Jupiter close up.

Gosia: Do Karistus regard as their own only Lyrian races? So not Andromedans etc?

Anéeka: No, not Andromedan as those are another branch entirely. Karistus see and understand the genesis of the Lyrian race in a different way the Federation does as in coming from the great expansion and all that. For Karistus the genesis is more of a spiritual manifestation, and in that case they could be more right than the official Federation "Great Expansion" story.

Gosia: So all the other starseeds on Earth who are Sirian, Grey starseeds etc... would not be theirs?

Anéeka: They see those as variants or hybrids of their own, but only if coming from what we call a Lyrian race. So Sirians perhaps not as they are more in kin with Andromedans and Arcturian races (as in aquatic and semi- amphibian).

Gosia: Swaruu said Karistus are bioplasmatic energetic beings.

Anéeka: Yes, that's true, but many races do that when not incarnated, even humans, not just Karistus. And also, look at Yázhi! She can be viewed that way too. She claims she can manifest herself as a weasel! Karistus, the ones I know, have bodies like the rest of us. I mean, I've talked to them and they look... well... Lyrian!

Gosia: Maybe we are referring to different "levels" of Karistus.

Anéeka: Well yes, exactly, but then that applies to any race, levels of existence, and of consciousness. I am describing them my way, so it may differ from how Swaruu 9 described them, but in the end, we are talking about the same beings.

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