Minitopics - Information from Taygetan Team (Pleiades) - Extraterrestrial Contact

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 30, 2022

Minitopics - Information from Taygetan Team (Pleiades) - Extraterrestrial Contact

Originally in Spanish

**New topic**

Why are there so many blood groups here on Earth and do you do blood transfusions in Taygeta?

Anéeka: In short, because the human being is a huge mixture of different races and souls, which manifest themselves with that kind of variables. Short answer.

In contrast, the Taygeteans are all O type blood that is - or + and no, it doesn't cause genetic problems when reproducing, but that here. And the Swaruu’s are all A+ blood class, another indication that they are not the same race as the Taygetean. They are clearly another.

Robert: And doesn't it cause problems for you to have all the same blood? Can't the offspring come out wrong? It's as if the same relatives have children.

Anéeka: On Earth it can cause problems but not always, in Taygeta it is not a problem to have the same blood type.

I know that there are cases, but we would have to study the causes of each case in detail. I do not think that they are only for having the same blood type since there are not so many and reproducing between people with the same blood type is extremely common and without having any problem.

To say that a problem presented by the baby is due to having the same blood type, for me is a very simplistic 3D explanation that does not cover all the possible causes, whether or not with their partial 3D genetic explanations that do not cover everything that happens in the genes and how they work.

Robert: And another thing. Do you do blood transfusions or not because of what that entails metaphysically speaking?

Anéeka: Yes, we do in extreme cases. Here a machine grows more blood for the injured person in a few minutes from stem cells already pre-prepared within the same medical system. This device is the exact same one that also feeds stem cells in the regenerative Med-Pods, which we have already talked about.

It does have metaphysical implications. It is implying two people, and as compromising as sexual intercourse. They become that other person. In the case of one-way transfusion, affecting the recipient.

Yes, it can cause behavioural changes and soul entanglement, it happens on Earth all the time, but it is never talked about. Because it is more important to save someone's life than to be thinking about esoteric consequences.

I feel that on Earth blood should be donated when it is necessary. The one who is really affected is the one who receives it, the lesser being the one who donates it. The problem with this is that it does create links from both sides. But on Earth, or wherever, there are always etheric links. I feel that it is not so serious to donate. But to receive yes. However, you receive blood for something, and if you are in that position, the etheric links would be an inconsequential problem compared to and in the face of the medical condition that caused you to need to receive blood in the first place.

**New topic**

Photon Belt

Robert: Anéeka, what do you know about this:

"According to several researchers, this interstellar cloud was first observed in 1961 around the constellation Pleiades and was called the "Photon Belt" because of the white halo it projected. One of the proponents of the "Photon Belt" was Noel Huntley, Ph.D., who wrote an article in 2010 entitled "The Photon Belt Encounter," where he described its existence and great interest to extraterrestrials it had". What is this electromagnetic cloud, this golden nebula, which extraterrestrials sometimes call a radiant nebula? Its most universal designation is "Photon Belt' or "Photon Band,' which consists of many bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognized by extraterrestrials as being of great importance.

Anéeka: Again, that is distorted information or interpreted in another way, but I do not invalidate it. Pleiades as a group of stars placed close together have their own energetic dynamics between them, as would happen with any other cluster of nearby stars. It is the gravitational-energetic dynamics and equilibrium between all of them. It is what forms or causes the nebula to glow with its distinctive blue light.

Photon belts are the toroidal dynamics of the place, of course it is of interest to those of us who live there. But nothing new.

But in that chart they put this sun too close, again they include it in the Pleiades, but that depends on the definition of Pleiades, from where to where it goes. Not for us, because it is far, 440 light years away. The sun is something else, the Pleiades is something else, and between the Pleiades and this sun are the Hyades where Aldebaran and Cyndriel and all that are.

Robert: And by no means is it raising the frequency of all the biology out there.

Anéeka: That is relative. Again, it has to do with the influence with the energy emanating from the center of the Galaxy, as every other Galaxy emanates energy.

Robert: But they are talking about Alcyone.

Anéeka: In the graph above they put this sun too close, as part of everything. And among the stars in M45, of course it is Alcyone that is the center of mass and gravity.

Robert: So you mean that before SOL-13 there are many more solar systems, right?

Anéeka: Thousands.

**New topic**

Steven Greer and Regressive Races

Anéeka: Recently Steven Greer said that there is no such thing as regressive races. And he was called irresponsible for saying that.

But from the point of view that he meant it, it's true. That's what we say too. That everything is being generated in the minds of humans, and that the Federation dominates this whole sector, just that it is permissive to what happens on Earth for very complex reasons. So yes, it is true, speaking from that more absolute angle, there are no regressive races here, on, or off Earth.

It just that Steven Greer misses to mention that regressive or not, it is something relative to another person and their interests and goes hand in hand with living in duality, and if a person is of a specific race, culture, gender, identity then they are living in duality in one way or another. Therefore there will be conflict of interests at one point or another. What is interesting or what is important here is how those differences are dealt with. That is important.

**New topic**

Genetically Modified pig heart transplant into a human

Robert: "First successful transplant of a genetically modified pig heart into a human". How do you view the transplantation of genetically modified animals to be adapted to the human body? What are the mental, physical and metaphysical implications? Or do you see it as madness? Or as a solution?

Anéeka: I see it as a desperate application of low technology, having Med Pods that are not that difficult to make. In fact, genetically modifying a pig is harder by far than making a Med Pod.

Again, they only see the body as a machine, not that everything is connected together. So yes, there will be metaphysical implications, but it is almost impossible or impossible to know which ones. But it is crossing or intertwining the pig's life with that person's life.

Robert: That person would have pig memories?

Anéeka: Not memories, but in the astral yes, they will have to do with each other at the soul level, if they have souls of course, because this aspect would be required.

Robert: But the Med Pods are linked with great holographic technology that is not available on Earth, but it would be easier to clone organs separately.

Anéeka: Yes, it is holographic technology (high definition holograms) but for Med Pods such high definition is not necessary for them to work. Yes, it is true that the ones here are very advanced. But there are different levels of Med Pods that even when rudimentary would work very well.

For example, in the ones here you can alter in seconds the DNA configuration of the subject to change the hair or eye color. Or something more extreme, but that is not necessary for it to work on Earth as an organism damage repairer. But it does need to have some level of high definition and some kind of control of the hologram's energy output frequencies to work on the pod stem cells that will be used to repair the damage.

And then there are the secondary backup parts of the Pod, such as the stem cell replicator, and the life support systems. But it can be accomplished on Earth with what is known and available there, just that it is kept by the Cabal Politicians.

**New topic**


Robert: There is a Taygetan Colony in Cyndriel, isn't there?

Anéeka: It is the only Taygetan colony outside the Pleiades. It is a base of passage for ships as well. And a tourist center.

Robert: Why there?

Anéeka: There's Aldebaran, with a lot of metaphysical learning consequences there, and the planet is very strange fun and exotic.

Robert: Is it like Temmer?

Anéeka: No, Cyndriel is a desert planet, it's more like Tatooine. But even that doesn't categorize it well, because its biology is very strange and so is its terrain. Just for starters, the mountains are almost all sideways like fallen books on top of each other, and they are like gruyere cheeses, full of wide caverns, full of light and strange life.

Aldebaran is an orange giant. It is said that it opens your mind to be able to see other densities. It is said you go there and you are no longer the same. Swaruupapriyananda started her transformation into a Swaruunean there.

Robert: And is the biology of those planets dangerous?

Anéeka: Not for all of us. However, it does look dangerous, and almost everything. So the place provokes intense fear. More so with giant Aldebaran overhead dominating the whole sky.

Robert: But there are no animals like Yeti and all that, carnivorous animals, or are there?

Anéeka: Yes, there are but small ones, they don't hurt you.

A lot of little lizards there but they are not reptiles, they just look like reptiles. A lot of thorny plants, but if you touch them, the thorns are soft and don't even go through the skin of your fingers. So the place looks dangerous but it is very difficult to get hurt there, unless you fall off a cliff, for example.

There are plants that float in the air almost all their life. They have a ferrite core and as they grow, they wrap their roots and stem around the ground full of magnetic ferrite. Then they let go and are carried away by the wind.

And they accumulate in the valleys near lakes and rivers where there is humidity and remain floating by polarity inversion with the super magnetic soil. They are balls of long green leaves with yellow and orange growing in all directions. They can be up to 3 meters in diameter, but are usually about 80cm in diameter. There is nothing like it. Just an orange Mexican Maguey but growing as a ball would be the best description.

Robert: And the Taygetans meet there for activities like hiking, camping and all that?

Anéeka: Yes. That's exactly right.

Robert: And inside those caves, are there traces of any ancient civilization?

Anéeka: Yes there are, of the Amelie. But they are no longer there, only as energetic beings. They are an ancient race of Cyndriel. Similar to the Yena of Alcyone.

Robert: But did they leave any "ruins"?

Anéeka: Yes, there are ruins in caves similar to those in New Mexico in USA.
Very similar.

Robert: And did that civilization collapse or transcend?

Anéeka: It did not collapse. It transcended.

Robert: But they left no modern constructions?

Anéeka: Their civilization did not go in that direction. From simple living they jumped to spiritual. Without going through the high-tech era like Taygeta.

**New topic**

Photo sent by Mikko - what´s in the photo?

Anéeka: Well, in that picture it looks more like the sun is reflecting in that cloud, and the reason that it is reflecting so much may very well be because of the chemicals that are in that cloud, considering that the Earth's climate is artificially controlled by chemtrails.

Another point is that it might be a Thermal Inversion, i.e. the sunlight is reflected on a layer of denser cold air below creating a mirror effect like a ghost water on a road in full sun. This happens even when the reflection is not seen directly below the position of the sun. This phenomenon is well known to pilots and to us as with altitude it is easier to see.

Now, global temperatures are also being monitored by means of the weather engineering system. They can be connected to agendas to control drinking water, or to make people believe that there is climate change. The climate on Earth is almost entirely artificially controlled. You have to always take that into account.

It only seems like the climate is natural when it matches what it's supposed to be like in each place according to the season of the year, but even then there's a lot of control over the climate.

But it's still not total. I mean, with the technology that's available now, they won't be able to make it hot in Finland in February. But yes, they can guide the climate more towards the equator between the 33rd and 33rd parallels.

Between the red and blue grids the control over the weather is almost 100% and the degree of control decreases the further north or south you go.

Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, climate control is 99 to 100%.

The reason is that they do not have to deal with extreme terrestrial weather that is totally beyond their control, such as that caused by the natural tilt of the Earth's axis.

Gosia: From that picture then they don´t control Europe much?

Anéeka: Yes, they control Europe but not 100%. However, even though it is further north of Tropic of Cancer they do have their attention there mainly, so their control is greater there than at other points on Tropic of Cancer, with extra effort using HAARP microwaves and chemtrails in large quantities.

It would only be very difficult or nearly impossible for them to completely control the weather already at the poles. Yet, they can control it to some degree, as to facilitate their military operations in those places.

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