Nanotechnology and EMP Pulses in Vaccinated People - Aneeka responds questions from Dr Alex

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 29, 2021

Nanotechnology and EMP Pulses in Vaccinated People - Aneeka responds questions from Dr Alex

Originally in Spanish:

Dr. Alex: I am part of a group that has built a 1 000 watt electromagnetic pulse generator and we want to do tests on vaccinated people who are repentant. I know Anéeka said the benefit would only be temporary. But we want to know exactly how long the effect lasts. Minutes, hours, days, weeks? How do we know?

Another question: Many vaccinees are detected with a MAC Code which is a number, I think 8 digits long. Only some older cell phones detect these numbers. We want to look for this number in vaccinated people, apply electromagnetic pulse shots and see if the MAC number disappears. Then check them periodically to see how long it takes for the MAC number to reappear. How many shots should be given to a person, where should it be applied (pricked arm, head, thorax...) and at what distance from the skin? I repeat, the device is 1000 watts.

Ask them what they think of this project. We want to record it on video and distribute it through the net so people can see how the identification number disappears (if it happens) so they can see that they have something technological inoculated inside and wake up!

Last question, in some vaccinated people the number doesn´t appear. Here we are considering the possibility that graphene should be charged with energy, for example with WIFI or other energetic waves. If that is true, we could make someone who does not get the number get close to a source of radiation that charges the graphene and the number would appear? I don't know if I've made myself clear. That's before the electromagnetic trigger. And finally, we are rising the power to 1800 watts. Would that be enough to disactivate the graphene temporarily?

Anéeka: The electromagnetic pulse issue is the one we studied the least here when we had the samples. The reason is that we were disheartened to see the results.

What we saw is that the nanotechnology only deactivated while the pulse was being generated, and its re-activation was almost immediate, I'm talking seconds.

The watts, or the wattage we used was small, 300w to 750w only, so with 1 500w there might have been better results, but I can't really give an opinion for lack of more information. I just remember K'áal'el saying that the result would be the same in theory, on "paper", so we didn't go down that road.

What we did investigate was disabling them by reversing their very output frequency with which they would communicate with 5G microwave networks and the like, using the principle of destructive frequencies.

The result was that while these are applied the communication between the nano-graphene and the 5G was logically reduced to zero, restarting when that frequency was removed.

So we do recommend the use of isolation systems for the subject, such as being inside a Faraday Cage, or removing the 5G and other microwave communication fields from the subject's presence.

I accept that this field needs more research, so I am fine with them doing experiments.

According to what we investigate here, graphene is not charged with energy from any electromagnetic field, but it does become activated in the presence of the signal from such an electromagnetic communications field. This is because the nano-graphene uses or is powered by the bio-electric field of the inoculated person.

Robert: But is it true that they emit that code number?

Anéeka: Yes, it is true that they emit a code, like a cell phone ID. For us here this is not only like a car license plate in a digital form that identifies the inoculated people, but it is also a proof of the transmission of the nano-graphene with the electromagnetic communications field.

What they are detecting is not just the "license plate", but a transmission test, comparable to a TV broadcaster transmitting a color bar image with a view to transmitting a more complex image or program a little later. It is a "systems ready to go". The nano-graphene will transmit much more data and detail when it is fully up and running.

Robert: So it's like they are relaying their aura? To know how healthy you are among other things. And I imagine that number is fixed for each inoculated person, right?

Anéeka: No, I mean that the TV stations used to transmit a signal in colored bars before starting their transmission and regular programming. Like in the 70's and 80's. It is a "systems ready" that the graphene transmits to let the electromagnetic field know that it is ready to receive instructions.

Yes, it is a fixed number, but the data transmission of the nano-graphene is complex and dynamic when it is activated with the field.

Robert: So now they are tuning them to see how this identification system works?

Anéeka: Yes.

Robert: What do you think they might transmit, Anéeka?

Anéeka: It is not what I think... it is what I have seen in the laboratory that they transmit:

ID of the inoculate, its geolocation position, its bio-medical data in detail, environmental microphone functions (in theory video as well), status of the genetic change processes that the nano-graphene is performing inside the cells of the inoculate, and any other two-way system, receiving and transmitting.

Example of this are the transmissions of Synthetic Telepathy, of two kinds of the open one, where the subject realizes and perceives it, ‘voice of god’ for example, and the one of modification and control of behavior at total level, where the subject is guided in his way of thinking, reacting, before the external stimulus, and even what he should think.

This is not only dependent on nano-graphene and is not an exaggeration in any way, since this technology has already been used without the need to be inoculated.

An example of this is the modification of human behavior and conduct by remote control, to reduce or stop street riots, or to cause them at the will of the controllers. The possibilities are vast.

Robert: Total Farm.

Anéeka: It is the ultimate plan, yes. It will depend on the people whether they allow it or not. On how many of them are awake, and fight for their freedom.

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