Not Real People: Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades (Taygeta) (7)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 22, 2018

Not Real People: Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades (Taygeta) (7)

Originally in English

Gosia: Hello Swaruu! Thank you for being with me again. Today I want to talk about a topic that is very much on my mind. You mentioned a few times the existence of “unreal people”. Who are they exactly and how do they differ from real people? Can you define the “real people?”

Swaruu (9): Hello Gosia. I am happy to be here today too. Real people are those who actually have a soul. People who have been in other places before. The rest doesn't have a soul. They react with a program only. A Matrix program. Take them out of the program and they don't know how to react. This is why so many simply cannot and will not awaken even if you explain what's going on using moppets! A collective essence. Hive mind. Computerized digital mind, AI. Not a true soul from source.

The program is complex, so they look like they are reacting sentient, but they are not. But you can defeat the program. You can see the Matrix in the reaction of the people. Watch carefully and you will be mind blown as you start to predict things, events and attitudes!

Many real people with souls are not meant to be awakened. They are there for the spiritual experience that they will be having being incarnated there. They are there for the ride, not for a mission.

The Matrix is real, and not a theory. I will not go into the technical matters on the how this is achieved, only on the effects it has as an experience. The Matrix reads your mind and manifests an illusion stimulating your 5 senses, so you experience the illusion you wanted.

Also, if more people want the same illusion, then it works faster because it's a collective. The same way they all manifest anything, a country with economic problems, a volcano, anything, it's all an illusion. The outside world is nothing but a mirror reflection of the inner world of the people in it.

What you see in the world, its problems, its wonderful things, its art, its wars, its suffering, is the perfect reflection of the mind of the people in it. What is outside is inside, you change the inside, you change the outside.

So, the false people are nothing more than more of the same, you see more people, but they are more Matrix, and they don't differ from more volcanic eruptions, or more taxes, or more of anything. They differ from real people because although they look alike and are almost undistinguishable from the real ones (they are detectable by anyone with practice), there is no one inside them. No soul, no person having an experience. They are just energy. It appears to be that only one in five people on Earth is real. Those are the key people manifesting the Matrix. The unreal ones are working with a single hive mind brain. The memory in that brain is like the Akashic Records.

Gosia: Ok. Let´s dissect this. Do the unreal people get born like everyone else?

Swaruu (9): Again, from what perspective? In this case, your perspective only. You are one of the real ones so it's your perspective we are discussing here. From your perspective, they don't.

Gosia: I mean, do they begin this life as babies.

Swaruu (9): They appear as energy in your way in the street when you are walking, and they disappear when you no longer place any attention to them. They are not born. They appear as a person in form, and then they are gone forever. You may also see the same person over and over every day, and it's only a program. And you can also interact with them. They are a program inside a program.

As there are buildings, there are people. As there is wind, there are people. In certain areas there will be some people as recurrent programs. This also ties with the debate we were having the other day. What is reality? If something is not in your attention... is it there?

Gosia: I no longer place my attention on them, they disappear, but then I see that person again in a week. How are they back to life?

Swaruu (9): They are not appearing into life, they only appear to be alive. But at first you can never know if they are real or not. Some are real people having their experience.

Gosia: Are they my individual program or collective?

Swaruu (9): You can see this both ways. But for you, it's mainly (if not all) your personal program. It's you who is seeing them. If you go and talk to them, they will react, and if you insist on following them, they will follow another larger program you are activating with your attention and they will lead you to see their department, their lives and kids. They can see you, but it's only the Matrix who is seeing you. I know this is very out there.

Gosia: It is, but it´s ok. I want to learn this. Ok, you said it was mainly my personal program that is seeing them. But what if many people can see them?

Swaruu (9): That's collective, from one perspective, but it's also your program to be able to see them interact with one another. If you interact with them, you will be giving them a larger role in your life. Even the horrible ones like the criminals are also a reflection of the collective mindset of the real ones. Their outer reflection or manifestation of a problem they have inside, in their minds. Some only have a small role, like a lady selling you your groceries in a store over and over. Others a larger one. 

But then again, she may be real. We cannot know at first. So, we must treat them equally. If you find someone you do not know in the street, you cannot know who that person is, so you must always treat everyone with the same respect.

Gosia: Ok, so the unreal people can also be seen by many people simultaneously then?

Swaruu (9): You made an agreement to be able to see those people. As you can also see the same car or train. So, they can be seen by multiple people, the exact same way multiple people can see the same empty phone booth.

Gosia: I made an agreement with who?

Swaruu (9): With the Matrix when you went in. Now, how can you tell which one is real and which one is not? When you go deep with them, in a talk, they will never be able to think outside the box. They are the ones deep into the system that go to work every day and hardly complain. Those who attend church faithfully every Sunday, those who strive to fit into the system. The ones who cannot wake up to higher knowledge, the ones who cannot create outside their scripts, who cannot think outside the box. Those who conform to the system are the unreal ones.

Gosia: Very good, thank you for explaining that. Now, let´s go back for a moment. You said they are not born. Does it mean that whoever is born is a real person then?

Swaruu (9): Not from your perspective, no, they were not born. They only appeared in front of you walking down the street, and once you pass them, you will never see most of them again. But while you do not know about those people, they represent nothing to you but potential energy. No difference between a man you don't know walking down the street, or a post in your way on the sidewalk.

Gosia: So our family, friends, the ones who we know were born... are they real? Since they were born, and they don´t disappear?

Swaruu (9): No, that's not the way to detect them because stopping anyone in the street, you will find out they were born and had a life. But it's you who is animating them. Giving them a larger role in your experience.

The moment you research the history of anyone of them, you will discover that they all were born and have interests in life and so on. If you dig into their lives, it's you who are activating other portions of the program giving them an added value.

Gosia: Ok, but the ones you know were born, like your parents. They had to be born because they gave birth to you. Knowing for sure they were born... that´s still not the way to determine they are real?

Swaruu (9): No, that only means you have a larger role for them.

Gosia: But what happens if I see someone getting born?

Swaruu (9): They may be unreal or they may be real. That's not the way to know if someone is real or not! You are just seeing another part of the program. That's irrelevant here because the minute you investigate their lives, they all will have a history and a birth.

Gosia: Ok, wow that´s hard then. So, you said that the ones who don’t question anything are very likely not to be real. But also, they could be real and just loving the experience of sleeping, no? Because you said the other day - some of them don´t wake up on purpose.

Swaruu (9): Yes, that's why you cannot know! But as you know someone more and more, you can notice that that person is incapable of higher understanding. Go ahead, try arguing metaphysics with a traffic cop. Most probably there is no one there, it's just a program to repress the people.

Gosia: Yes, I understand that. It´s sad though because they still seem to have a personality and emotions, they feel pain and joy. Or do they? Do they feel emotions?

Swaruu (9): They will mimic having those emotions. There is no one inside, it's a program for you (and/or others) to see. But I insist, you cannot know so treat everyone with equal respect.

Gosia: So the emotional reaction they display is fake? There is no one inside to feel that emotion?

Swaruu (9): Correct.

Gosia: Do they know that? Everyone seems to have some sort of awareness. They do work, watch TV etc. So they do have some kind of thinking there. Even if it´s basic.

Swaruu (9): The Matrix knows. They are part of the Matrix. The thinking is collective. And it is not done locally, it comes from the Matrix mainframe. So they will have the same opinion about everything. With only slight variations. All scripted.

Gosia: Can you explain please how it works more technically? Coming from Matrix mainframe?

Swaruu (9): There is one CPU (brain) with all the programs. It's in the lunar mainframe that controls the Matrix. It then goes down using frequencies to the decoder in their heads (brain). What they think, everyone thinks. Only with the variations they have previously set depending on the situation.

It's an interactive computer set-program with limited capability. Go to our traffic cop and ask: How is your Matrix Tachionic-positronic function for today? They will not know how to react because it's not in their script and the Matrix will not have a reaction. It will only dismiss with an excuse. Nothing intelligent.

Gosia: Haha, insane, but I´m starting to capture it. Slowly.

Swaruu (9): All those who dismiss conspiracy theories, UFOs, monsters and ghosts are Matrix or Matrixed people. Because those things are not from the Matrix. They have no intelligent reaction but what the Matrix has taught them to do, to react. And that's with the very same comments and reactions:

Ghosts: "Oh yes, my aunt Matilda said she saw one once long time ago in Scotland." May not be an aunt Matilda in Scotland but it may be uncle George in Devon the next time, but it's all a program!

UFOs; “Never proven, but possible. I think it's all hogwash, but I try to keep an open mind. What's the game for today on TV?”

Monsters: “That's a Disney movie, isn't it? Oh, you mean the real ones! That´s to frighten the kids."

These are examples of Matrixed pre-programed people.

Gosia: Super interesting and it does makes sense. Thank you, Swaruu. Let´s go back to our families now. You said unreal people disappear. My family doesn´t. Does it mean they are real? Or again... it has nothing to do with it?

Swaruu (9): Are they in front of you now? Are you looking at them now? You are not! So they do disappear. You are only assuming they don't!

Gosia: But they will come back tomorrow. I will speak to them for example.

Swaruu (9): Only if you want them to!

Gosia: So they go in and out of existence? If unreal?

Swaruu (9): They do for you, yes they do. Even the real ones do. The unreal ones even more so! There is no past, there is no future, there is only now. What you see is what is now. Everything else, real or unreal, is not, you are only holding it all in your mind.

The fact that you can call someone is because you hold that someone in your memory, in your mind, but most of them, should you forget them, they will not become real for you again. Your mind, your perception, your personal way of seeing the world, the Universe, is all there is for you, and you are all what matters now. If it's in your attention, it exists. All the rest doesn't.

What I mean is that only the things that are relevant for you exist in your world. The rest does not. This is where the unreal people come into play. They are unreal for you because they are not relevant for you and for your life!

Gosia: And if they become relevant… does it make them real?

Swaruu (9): If we both place enough attention to that concept in the Matrix, it eventually will manifest. Yes, then it will become real. Enough attention-energy and it will manifest into reality you can see with your five senses.

Gosia: I see... somewhat vaguely but capturing it more and more. So if I give enough attention and relevance to the non-real person… it makes him real?

Swaruu (9): The experience of that person will be real for you, but the person will still be either false or real.

Gosia: I must say that this topic is a lot more complicated than I thought. Because I thought it was just a matter of them being biologically real... just without a soul. Sort of organic portals. But biologically “real”. And from our conversation I see many of them are purely mental constructs... disappearing at some point. No biology there.

Swaruu (9): Ok, let´s see this from a purely metaphysical or spiritual concept point of view, and no Matrix. You, Gosia are the only one on Earth, nothing else exists from your point of view. You cannot access other people. Concentrate on your identity, your Ego point of view. Is your mother there with you now?

Gosia: No.

Swaruu (9): No, so she only exists where? In your mind and memory.

Gosia: She exists in Poland.

Swaruu (9): Ok, that's in your mind. There is no Poland. All there is is what you see now. That room, as long as you focus your attention on something. See how all the rest of the world is held only in your mind? There is no world, only the idea you have that tells you there is a world out there.

Gosia: But you were there before I found out about you. You weren´t in my mind but you were there. Do you mean this relates to various individual pararell universes perhaps?

Swaruu (9): That's also just an idea. And yes, that as well. That's the truth from your perspective, from your parallel universe. But what I mean is that all there is, is you. That's what I want to convey. You, Gosia, are all there is. Everything else is also you. All the other people are you again, so are the rocks and the trees. You are Source. So all there is is in your head.

Gosia: Yes, but this, I feel, is from the highest level of consciousness. It might be hard for many people to grasp this. I worry that they may feel it´s not very practical to their lives. It´s a very high philosophical and abstract contemplation of what is reality.

Swaruu (9): If they could only understand this, their lives would change dramatically for the better and all the problems of the world would cease to be. That's how things are. So there is no point in feeling any separation as everything is also you.

Coming back to the unreal people. From that perspective of what you, Gosia, perceive, what are those people you pass in the street and you will never see again? Or even those who you will see, but limitedly? They are nothing but potential energy for you. Same as a post or a phone booth. No difference except the one or the meaning you are giving them. For you and your world that is also you, you are the only one that exists. All the world outside yourself comes from your limited five senses.

It's nothing but electrical impulses interpreted by your mind program. Program you made with your experience through life. But it's only a subjective interpretation and unique to you. In your case, nothing else exists but you there in 3D. You may be interacting with people who look real because the stimuli on your five senses is the same as the one a real person would give you. But it's all in your mind.

Gosia: But this way, all people are like that then, mental. There is no one but me. Real or not, they are all me. But still, you keep calling some unreal. What makes real ones different then? Why do you call some real and others unreal if it´s all in my mind anyway. What’s the different between a real person in my mind, and nonreal one in my mind?

Swaruu (9): Interacting with them casually, you cannot tell the difference. Only when you interact with them at a deeper level. The false ones are the ones deeply embedded in the system. Those who fit in, who defend the system. There is no one there, you are interacting with a program.

Point a soul spectrometer at them and it will bring the same results as a lamp post! The other is someone having a physical experience there. You cannot notice unless the other person gives something away that is a clue to knowing what is inside. Like someone asking if he or she is a real person and even getting worried about the possibility of not being real... that is a real one! But remember, they affect you the same way. You must treat them with the same respect.

Gosia: And if they get cut physically, will they bleed? This topic is quite complex for me but I´m trying to understand. Thank you for your patience.

Swaruu (9): Yes, they will bleed. That's part of the program. If you punch them in the nose they also will respond with a "What the fuck is wrong with you?" (sorry I'm using slang). That is also part of the program. May also hit you back! But now... the fact that you are observing them also changes them as you are giving them more "script" in your life.

Gosia: Can animals be unreal?

Swaruu (9): Same as with people. Some animals of the same species are real, others are not real. Now, this may be shocking: Many real people marry, have children, love and live with unreal people. One of those unreal people may become a portal for a walk-in. So, at some point or another he or she may become a real person. And likewise, being a real person does not guarantee you being one tomorrow.

Gosia: Yes, you told me it was possible to lose a soul.

Swaruu (9): You can lose connection to your higher self. You soul is not in the body, it only works through the body. So, someone who gets lost, say an artist that was very happy until something happens and they must take a desk job selling insurance for years. Depression after depression. Doing the same in boredom over and over. That soul loses all interest in going into that body.

Gosia: Then a body can function without a soul? I thought all that lives organically, feels, contains some sort of consciousness, or soul. So now I learn that the person who was real can lose a soul and it continues to be a biology of a previously real person?

Swaruu (9): Yes, but those are not even biology, they are a god damn hologram (sorry), Matrix people. If you look closely, they all look the same and you can even find another almost exactly the same or the same living in the next town.

But yes, you are right, a real biological body cannot function without a soul. Just cannot. It keeps on going with a tiny little thread of connection (the silver thread you know of). And it will fall to cancers, and other things like dementia and Alzheimer, even autism comes in here. But it does not for long. This is also the reason for many illnesses.

Gosia: How do you know if you are still “real” or not?

Swaruu (9): It's an inner knowing. It's the "spark of life". You know because of what that other person does and says. The passion for living. Questioning everything like you do now. That´s a real person. You just know it.

Gosia: Ok. And what happens with the children between the real one and unreal one?

Swaruu (9): Some may be unreal, some real. For what it all matters, in the end the experience is what counts, as we said earlier. So, for all it matters they are all real.

Gosia: Can the unreal ones love? Feel love? Or is that emulated too?

Swaruu (9): Everything is emulated. But to fully notice what's going on, you probably need a 5D point of view.

Gosia: And if you end up loving one? Unreal person?

Swaruu (9): You can. And it happens. If it fulfils the real person, it is meaningful. In my opinion, never as fulfilling as having a real partner. The dichotomy about all this is that people can be both unreal and real to you, the real one.

Gosia: The organic portal here is understood as something more negative, used by the archons. Is that so?

Swaruu (9): That is correct. Those are the ones that use the organic portals the most. But not only.

Gosia: Are some Reptiles unreal too?

Swaruu (9): Yes, the same for them. Some real, some unreal.

Gosia: Are Reptiles manifesting the Matrix too? Do they have that power?

Swaruu (9): Yes, but not exactly. They cannot because they are not entirely in it!

Gosia: Where are they?

Swaruu (9): They are behind society, not in society. They do manifest the Matrix through influenced people.

Gosia: Is it possible that some real people that seem Matrixed are Earth beings, Gaians, just not interested in higher matters, and not necessarily unreal people?

Swaruu (9): Yes, and most are. Most are real people in the Matrix and living as best as they can with it and they are real and having an experience. They are also influenced by archons whispering things to them. They will perceive them to be like their own thoughts.

Gosia: What is the purpose of those unreal people? You said once that it was to instigate the emotional reaction in the real people. Can you say something more about the purpose of them being here? Apart from maintaining the Matrix?

Swaruu (9): The purpose is the same one of any set like in a film. To give you background to whatever you want to live. They are complements. Extras in a movie. They are not even people, they are just energy that looks like people.

Alike energy sometimes looks like a newspaper stand or a garbage bin. No different. To give you more context to your story. But they are all in your mind literately. And yes, to instigate an emotional response in you. That is to give spice to your life's "sauce". Make it meaningful as an experience.

Gosia: Are they being projected strictly from our minds or is the technology on the Moon involved? Like them being holograms or something projected from there.

Swaruu (9): Basically, your minds are creating them. But then, the Matrix reads your mind and projects it all out. Your mind is so much more powerful than what you can imagine. As I never get tired of saying, the idea that you are limited is the only thing that is limiting you, because you can create anything because you already have. You are Source. You are not even part of Source as many on Earth say. You are it. Even the other real people are just yourself in a mirror.

Gosia: It´s what I feel too. I have always sensed myself this way, as I was the Source itself in creative movement. The next question is related to children dying somewhere in Africa for example, could some of them be unreal too?

Swaruu (9): Yes, they are unreal. Maybe some real ones there as well, but mostly unreal. They are to set an example of what not to be and what not to do. If you know about them on your TV, they are not part of your life. But they do remind you that you must not create that.

Gosia: Ok, the last question about the unreal people. So even if the unreal ones are good and positive, there is no way they can become a real person? Get a soul?

Swaruu (9): Yes, they can gain a soul. Mainly as a Walk In. That's because they are portals. And it depends on their frequency. It will determine what frequency match they are compatible with. And their frequency depends on the role the real people around them may give them. The roles around them, assigned to them.

Gosia: But if they are not biology... how can they suddenly become a biology after they walk in?

Swaruu (9): They suddenly become biology because you and the other real ones manifested that for them. That's how powerful you are! And this is literal!

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