Pluto and why it was degraded to Planetoid - Swaruu of Erra

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 30, 2023

Pluto and why it was degraded to Planetoid - Swaruu of Erra

Originally in Spanish – 2019

Swaruu (9): Jumping a few million kilometers, Pluto. Also with at least three bases of the UFoP "United Federation of Planets". It resembles or is almost the same case as Ceres. It has two moons, Charion and Hydra, but from there on it is a cold rock.

There is debate as to whether or not it is a planet. What is needed for it to be a planet is not to be anyone else's moon, to orbit the sun, and to have a certain mass. Pluto is on the edge and many have already downgraded it to a dwarf planet.

What happens now is that the definitions of planet for humans differ from those of the Federation. Pluto for the Federation and on the star charts of virtually all interstellar races, if not all, is still a planet.


Swaruu (9): You know they downgraded Pluto from a planet to a planetoid. A planetoid is at least a mostly spherical mass that could be categorized as a moon or as an asteroid if it were not for being alone, and in solar orbit. Moon is one that orbits a planet that in turn orbits the sun. Asteroid, although I do not doubt that there are other definitions, is a mass that could be a planetoid or moon if it were not that it shares orbit with a number of elements or other masses that are equal, larger or smaller than itself, the asteroid belt or the Kuiper belt.

My point here is that there is no justification for demoting Pluto from the aspect or stance of astrophysics. It has been demoted for esoteric reasons and we will expose them here.

These psychopaths in power within the Cabal function entirely esoterically, as you know. Everything is astrological for them. But the astrological concept or representation has little or sometimes nothing to do with an actual object or rock floating in space. In the case of Saturn, it has portals to its negative worlds and had bases, that is the only really physical thing that the "rock" in space called Saturn had. In the case of Pluto, it currently has a large Federation base, again it is the only physical thing it has.

So, in their astrological charts and in their astrological worlds, Pluto represents an energy of change. It represents the destruction of the old paradigm, the exposure of the lie, the dissolution of corruption. Pluto's energy, astrologically speaking, represents the god Shiva, destroyer of worlds, but nothing is ever destroyed, only transforms, universal law. So, they consider Shiva as a negative destroyer, but he is not. It is transmutation.

Shiva represents the destroyer of their world, destruction of the Cabal, of the lie, of the mental control over humanity. That is why they have demoted Pluto to a planetoid, so that it does not have so much influence over people.

Its energy is one of transmutation and dissolution of lies and deception on a mental level. It means that it works from unconscious aspects and at both collective and individual levels. It signifies the act of cleansing the self and the unconscious. It represents removing the veil from the collective eyes - it signifies planetary collective awakening and planetary as well as individual ascension.

Shiva represented as Pluto brings changes to the collective and individual ego concept ---> transcending the false. It also represents the inner world, inner reality, letting go of emotional attachments that anchor in obsolete destructive concepts, releasing karmas and attachments, not relying on old ideas.

Gosia: Why is it Shiva that means this?

Swaruu (9): Because Shiva did that. Shiva is a real person or was. According to Federation records, he was Andromedan, that's why they paint him blue.

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