Possible Developments for Earth - Aneeka of Temmer (Based on Intelligence Agencies) (NOT ON YOUTUBE)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 27, 2020

Possible Developments for Earth - Aneeka of Temmer (Based on Intelligence Agencies) (NOT ON YOUTUBE)

Anéeka: But not only will there be a second wave, but a third and fourth and however many they need. This is to destroy the population and the economy and to create a social discontent. It will cause famines all over the world, because the distribution and manufacturing systems for food will collapse. Because every wave will bring more strict measures every time.

Then the people will be desperate and with this they will turn against the awakened ones, those who have organized themselves already to say that all this is false, because it is already foreseen by the controllers that there will be opposition. The very people will attack them. And they will beg for the vaccine to get back to normality.

And as they make each wave, they implement the vaccine in every possible place. They have already started in Africa; I have information that the Gates Foundation is bribing African governments with billions of dollars to let people in for vaccinations. Ghost dollars that they then will take away electronically. And that's already started.

People will immediately begin to be sick from the vaccines, but they will only use it as an excuse to implement more vaccines. And the masses of people will not easily relate that it is caused by the vaccine and those who do, who won't be few, simply will not be able to do anything because they will be asked for it, the vaccine, for everything, even to renew driver's licenses.

So, the Cabal knows that there will be opposition, and if such opposition is out of control in one place or another, or worldwide, then they will release a non-viral bacteriological bioweapon over those areas, using the chemtrails and/or other methods as it is possible or appropriate.

They already have it ready and these bacteria will attack the airways, to make it look like the virus and they will give other symptoms, that´s true, but they will say that it already mutated. Then those in the opposition who deny that it was all because of a virus will have their arguments collapsed because the others will say "I told you so."

All over the world there are reports of them killing healthy people in the hospitals. People enter for any reason, and never leave. This happens already on a terrible scale. And people have to understand this, that it is the truth, it is happening because they give large sums to the hospitals and the doctors. I already have an innumerable number of individual testimonies, or stories, that support this.

I have information that in Mexico there are at least two or three places where this happens all the time. The Puebla Puebla zone. The Xalapa Veracruz zone, the Cardel Veracruz zone (this one has a DUMB under it). It's widespread in other places too, but I don't have a complete list because it would include the whole world.

The New York zone.

The Bogotá zone.

The Buenos Aires zone.

The following information is critical. The idea is to impose the vaccine. That is the main objective. And establish a single world government because they go hand in hand. Everyone talks about "the vaccine." But they make a big mistake. What is happening is much more serious. It's not about imposing "the vaccine" as in "I've already had it and that´s it!". It's not a vaccine ( 1 ). it's a series of vaccines.

For months now they have been imposing the idea that the CoVid-19 does not cause immunity, that an individual can be re-infected after one month. What they will create is an immunity passport, a vaccination card. And the people will have to be vaccinated various times, every so and so. My sources indicate from every 6 months to every 6 weeks. Note again the "6." Emphasizing what many already say: "the sign of the beast."

Contrary to what is said in conspiracy networks, it will NOT be mandatory. But it will be even worse... I wish it was mandatory. My contact, who is an elder person and who knows much, and who knows who I am, explained to me that it is a move against the possibility of any legal action towards those who impose the vaccine; the WHO and subsidiaries.

It is to say that by NOT being mandatory they can NOT be sued for the damages that will come with the vaccine. It will be "optional and voluntary" but it will be a "required" by other departments. You will not be able to go to school without the vaccine, or have a passport, nor a driving license without the vaccine documents. Be it paper and microchip, at first only credentials with holes that are given with each inoculation, while the chip remains.

They will progressively advance with those requirements. To the extent that an unvaccinated person will not be able to collect any money, he or she will not be able to buy food or anything, not even a banana. But it's still "optional."

This way they will get less opposition, and there is no way to get at them legally just because of the technicalities involved. To get to that point, as I said above, there will be a second wave in October and November, according to sources. November according to Yazhi.

Third wave and fourth and fifth. They are patient, it may take one or two years for all this to come out. In the process or in that time the collapse of the economy and the food distribution networks will be increasingly accelerated. Food will be used as a weapon against the people, because they will ask for the vaccine in order to return to the normality that they will never have again.

As I said above, the regions that have managed to become independent by fleeing the system, awakened communities or regions, cities under hypothetical control of opposition to them, will be controlled with the bioweapon they have ready.

(This part of the bioweapon still raises many questions for me, because I don't see it as necessary for them. So let's just say it's their weapon of last resort in case things get out of hand).

The masks. They are not for protection. This is the excuse for the ignorant.

The real reason they "suggested" the mask, because note that the WHO never said they were mandatory, but that they have managed to impose them locally, by local government, is for the same reason: they are defending themselves this way against the lawsuits and against doctors coming out saying that masks go against medical science. This is why they are not officially mandatory by the WHO but are imposed by each government.

The masks are a burka, they are a symbol of submission and obedience to the system (they are called the "Fauci burkas" in intelligence circles). They also serve so that they can see the regions that are more submissive and where they should impose more the idea or agenda of the Covid-19.

That is to say, places where people are not putting on their masks much, will be the ones where they artificially, with their propaganda control systems and secret societies, will increase the cases of Covid-19, so that people enter into submission. It is an indicator of obedience for them. Like a speedometer in a car.

It also serves to make people who wear them panic, and attack those who don't use them, accusing them of being the cause of why the pandemic doesn't go away. In the same way that it will happen to those who don't get the vaccine.

And people will know who is or is not vaccinated with the use of mobile phone apps, by proximity. They'll be the "leppers”, and no one will go near them. The masks are used to see how obedience has progressed and who is asleep. The mask can be used to see how obedience has progressed and who is asleep, and those awake ones who put the masks on while going into a shop will be the same ones who will get the vaccine in order to stay alive.

In addition to what is described above, the symbolism of "shut up and obey" should be mentioned again. And the unhealthy consequences they bring because they cause lack of oxygen, triggering CO2 in the blood and respiratory infections by stressing the system in general and because they are a breeding ground for germs because people have them on all day and they reuse them because they don't buy new ones because that's an extra expense and because people are out of money as it is.

As an excuse they say that the masks are to control the droplets of saliva that people expel while talking. It does control them, but in the first place the benefits of that are very few compared to the damage they do by being used. These very same droplets are what cause the masks to become a breeding ground, which will make you sick.

Secondly: It has been proven that with or without the mask, any virus in the respiratory system comes out and reaches the same distance. I mean, it's useless against viruses. With the mask a respiratory virus (any) jumps about 4 feet (and no more) and without the mask it jumps the same 4 feet. No virus jumps 6 feet (reference: Dr. Rashid A. Buttar).

Also, the use of the mask does not filter out any viruses. Same reference.

One more thing. Not only do cloth masks not protect against anything, even less so than surgical masks. Instead, the person is constantly breathing in fibres from the same fabric, polyester, and paint solvents, which cause the same kind of problem as breathing in asbestos.

Trauma damage to the entire respiratory system. Which will then increase the likelihood that the individual will become infected with anything right there. And anything IS CoVid-19 today.

And one more thing.

Yazhi mentions that doctors, physicians, are at least the key to defeating the system with their expert statements. But the Cabal has already acted on this with amendments and legal manoeuvres like the FEMA act in the U.S, but there are equivalents all over the world, where doctors have NO authority over the statements and measures that governments decide to impose during a health crisis.

The use of surgical masks, not cloth masks, is what I would recommend if you are going to wear one. It is to look for the ones with higher air flow, forgetting the filtration, that doesn't matter.

It has been proven that increasing CO2 in the blood for short periods, combined with exercise, increases the oxygen transmission capacity in the blood as being equivalent in effect to acclimatizing at altitude on a mountain. This is for short periods only.

So, by using them for a short time doesn't cause any major problems. Especially if you cheat somehow, by breathing outside and then putting it on, every time no one sees you.

And one more thing:

The Cabal, with this, is using psychological tricks proven by the intelligence agencies. They have expert psychologists in mass manipulation working for them, so when the vaccine comes out and is ready, they will say it is NOT mandatory and people will be happy about it. Especially so called ¨conspiracy followers¨. But it's only a psychological and legal trick, and people will fall for that trick like a rodent in a trap, because they will see that the threat of the vaccines is no longer valid. Falsely.

Vaccines alone will cause thousands and thousands of deaths but will not necessarily be the primary method of extermination. That will be the lack of food, coupled with the social problems. What the vaccine will do in addition to what is known, is to render the population sterile and ill, causing them countless syndromes and health problems, which in turn will cause more vaccines and more dependence on "Big Pharma."

But one of the main effects will be to make the population sterile. This is only logical, because they wouldn´t be able to exterminate everyone with the vaccine, since in one way or another humans are spreading the word. Rather, collapsing fertility will be more “discreet."

But I repeat; the vaccine itself kills. It contains nanotechnology, nanochips for mind control of the population, using the new 5G networks mostly in space so it is not much help that in some places they ban such technology.

I compared all this data with what Yazhi sees, and it goes hand in hand completely.

Yazhi sees something in September, then something bigger in November.

My source sees something serious starting in October and November.

That's all I have for now.

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