Reincarnation: Direct Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (Swaruu - Taygeta) (19)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 19, 2019

Reincarnation: Direct Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (Swaruu - Taygeta) (19)

Gosia: The new age presents us reincarnation as something necessary... lessons we learn, etc. I always felt it was not the case... or least not exactly like that.

Swaruu (9): Yes, there are lessons to learn. Not everything New Age is wrong. But what goes on is altered in favour of the controllers. You must remain free at all times. Even the negative ones know they cannot infringe Free Will. So they Mind Control instead.

Gosia: Yes exactly, it’s how I perceive it. We must remain free in our decisions to reincarnate or not. But if you are led to believe that you must keep repaying your mistakes, and repeating the experiences to learn... it makes you want to go back. That’s the trap.

Swaruu (9): People want to go back. They reincarnate into lives full of hurt willingly because they do not know any other option. The necessity of a few to make the Earth a nicer place to live in is valid, but it also comes from the fact that they are wrongly assuming the Earth is the only place life exists, the only place to incarnate in as a "human" to have an experience.

The Earth is just... one... more... place of countless planets and civilizations full of people who are technically "humans". The Earth is meant to be exactly as it is. Don't like it? That's the point of having incarnated there, now you know as a soul that you don't want that kind of experience and so in your next incarnation you are almost guaranteed not to have one like that and you will have the perceptual capacity to appreciate that other incarnation as you know what you want and you have the contrast between a difficult planet such as Earth and your present beautiful life in Taygeta or in wherever.

Gosia: The Earth is meant to be exactly as it is. With all the 3D imposed... and us trying to break of... how does it fit with this statement though? Who means it to be exactly as it is? The trapped Lyrians 12,500 years ago didn’t mean it no? And the block was supposed to be temporary.

Swaruu (9): The Earth is there, as seen from an expanded point of view, as the only place in the Universe where you can go in and experience whatever you experience there. The fact that you even see the 3D, Reptilians, Cabal arcons abusing "poor little defenseless people" as "wrong" is because it fits into your personal belief system about what's right and what's wrong. Right and wrong are just points of view. If you don't like living in 3D you must understand that it was your decision to incarnate there or go in there. I know many disagree. But people who think that way have not developed enough consciousness to even understand that it is that way. No victims. You are making your life, you created it, arcons, reptilians banks, mortgages...

Gosia: But you also perceive it as wrong, no? That’s why you are helping.

Swaruu (9): Yes... we do as a collective see what's going on on Earth as wrong. We do agree with you and with the exploited humans. That's why I say that even here they fail to understand that Earth is exactly as it should be. But keep in mind I'm saying this from an even more expanded point of view, and as we've said before, you must get into a schizophrenic state of mind, understanding two contradictory points of view as both perfectly valid.

Gosia: But I mean... the 3D lock... the Lyrians who were closed in… they didn’t meant it for it to happen. For the Earth to be locked in in 3D. Or you mean metaphysically even they did mean it?

Swaruu (9): From the perspective of higher realms, from where each and every one comes from, it's exactly what they intended to live. And it's also our roles as "positive forces" to be against that. To work "for the liberation of Earth.” It's a role.

Gosia: If they intended to live in a 3D lock... I mean the Lyrians... at the time of the lock... this means their soul had to know this was going to happen. For them to want it.

Swaruu (9): That's right, and... know it they did.

Gosia: How? Because their soul is in the cyclic loop too and they lived it already?

Swaruu (9): Their soul is in a loop, yes. But the reason they know is because there is no time, so from the higher realms where the perception of time is even more plastic, they can know what they will live. And... Remember that everything you live and experience is a mirror of your own perception. And your perception is directly based on your frequency. So, you can only experience, you can only see whatever you are a vibratory match to. So that's the basis of my argument that the Earth is exactly as it should be. Don't want it? Then... Don't be a frequency match to it!

Gosia: Yes Swaruu, I am grasping the reality of it... and many people do too... but many will not... even there you said some people in your group don’t fully understand it. So imagine here... its ten times worse to see these things... the trap here is very deep, very sticky and drags people down from this understanding. So, I hope your people can be understanding with my people on Earth. And compassionate. And I think my role is to bridge the two civilizations in some way too. Bridge the understanding of both towards each other. I might be wrong. I may have no role at all. I might have just come for vacation here!

Swaruu (9): See it this way... The Earth is going to ascend anyway. And every one will ascend whenever each one of them is ready. Sooner or later. The ones who are not awake yet are not ready to be awaken, but they will in their exact time. You cannot change people. They can only perceive and understand what you are saying, what you are telling them if (and it's a big if) they are a frequency match to what you are saying.

If they are not, they will dismiss what you say as garbage lies or even not see it at all. Even if you speak the higher wisdom. And many are there on vacation, yes. You tell me what you are doing down there! And I think my role is also to awaken many here who are still stuck in old beliefs!

But as with yourself, all I can do is offer another perspective. And anyone who has another perspective, very different form the others is because they have lived in higher planes of existence so they are transmitting their personal frequency to others there. You, as well as others, are giving other people the opportunity to see a bit of 5D and above, just by being down there.

Reincarnating into Taygeta again:

Gosia: If you don’t need to die... just keep regenerating... why do you die and get born again?

Swaruu (9): Because you no longer see the need to continue as yourself as one person in particular, and you've exhausted all the possibilities of your present "avatar" so you need another one. You do want to have a fresh start somewhere else even if it's inside the same society. But say 950 years being someone can get tiresome. You want something else.

Gosia: But another one is also a Taygetean... that’s not too varied, no? I would understand if you went to be an Arcturian or something. Why always the same society? Not boring?

Swaruu (9): You can be as well, no limits. Everyone has been others. It's said that humans carry the DNA of at least 12 alien species... the reason for that is that the DNA holds information like a hard drive and the reason humans have those 12 species (or more) in it is because they've been members of all those 12 or more, species. On the other hand, it is comfortable to reincarnate in a species you know and like. Also, a soul, has no gender, and no species. But it definitively likes to be in one species and does prefer to be one gender over the other.

Gosia: That’s not an exploring spirit. To be comfortable. You can’t discover new things if you are always comfortable.

Swaruu (9): And Taygeteans is an explorer race so if exploring is your thing it is useful to be Taygetean. We are naughty girls here, always up to something!

Reincarnating into animals:

Gosia: You say animals are people. I have this question: do we reincarnate as animals too? And animals into humans?

Swaruu (9): An animal has one set of experiences, frequency we could generally call 2D. They eventually will acquire enough consciousness to advance into more complicated beings. But that's relative to the animal and you cannot generalize their frequency as taking for granted that they are in a lower state than yours or ours, this is the case of Dolphins, for example. Animals are just more people, they are in a body of an animal just because it's a match to their own expansion, to what they wish to experience.

But in the case of a highly advanced being, like yourself, there is no progress in awareness, no learning from the experience of incarnating into a squirrel, for example. You were that a long time ago anyway, you once were them all. All the animals or nearly all. You are past that "school grade".

Gosia: So, in general someone who is a person now in a human body does not go into the animal body, yes? But the animal awareness can expand and become a human, yes?

Swaruu (9): Yes in general, yes. But remember that many animals are more advanced than humans. And the term or name animal is only an Earth concept. Look at the Urmah. They are cats, very advanced cats with a complicated culture and interstellar civilization. Look at the Alpha Draco. Also, interstellar and advanced, they are Dragon lizards. Look at the Arcturians (Dieslientiplex), they are strange and amphibian like.

From the point of view of humans, they are all animals. So that's why as long as anyone eats animals, they cannot be interstellar, they cannot progress. Because that's only eating people. Animals are not food, they are people. There are only frequencies of consciousness. If a body fits the frequency, then it's a match to the level of consciousness of Source or the soul. There is an infinite amount of body configurations. They are all animals, including the human, the Lyrian, the Taygetan. It´s a progression from lower consciousness state to a higher one.’

You are not given a soul.... Even as a holographic fragment of Source... You make your soul as you go. Your soul is what you make of it, it's your creation. Your soul is a dynamic process, you build it as you go, incarnation after incarnation. The "animal" you are in is just a point of present attention. It will soon move to another so there is no death, just a new state in the eternal progression towards wholeness, Source.

You are both complete, and Source, eternal and already "it" and at the same time as you are "it", you desire more expansion, more awareness, more variants, more experience.

By saying animals are people, I mean that there is no difference between an animal body and a human body, it's just an avatar that serves that soul in that point in its progress. The concept "animal" is just a human term, placing humans as something apart from animals when they are the same.

We are all containers for souls. And there are no souls as in plural, as there is no time, we are seeing ourselves at another stage, all now, all at once. All the animals, all the humans, all the other species, they are all one being, Source, You. They are all you from your point of view, they are all me from mine, they are all your dog from its own point of view.

Reincarnation Loops:

Swaruu (9): I know you are aware of the Samsara wheel (Hindu concept) where you go round and round lifetime after lifetime. But it's much greater and much more complicated than that... there is a bigger next wheel.

As I was telling Robert yesterday... Many times people are in a circle or a spiral of reincarnations, and several people may be in the same spiral. I explained it to Robert this way: John incarnates into Jane... Jane into Thomas, Thomas into Elisabeth, Elisabeth into John (again), John again into Jane... and around and around we go (or a closed spiral where Francis reincarnates into herself over and over because she wants to do things right). And around and around we go until something like a growth in consciousness triggers an awareness that liberates you from that expanded wheel. Each time you are a person again things are also slightly different, but then again most of the bulk remains the same.

Gosia: How absurd and boring! Why do we do that? I don’t want to do that!

Swaruu (9): Because those people are very connected and they believe they have Karma to pay to one another, but they are the same soul, so they even can coexist. So the reason John and Elisabeth are such good partners and fell in love and have been together for the past "22 years" is because they are the same person just in different incarnations.

Gosia: Wow. So, in a way... if that’s so... when we meet them, we recognize ourselfs there... that’s why they feel familiar?

Swaruu (9): Yes! That's one of the reasons, but there are others. And how could I know this? I know this because it's empirically corroborated not only by me, but by just about all the others here, of my race and others as well. We remember.

Gosia: Must be crazy though to remember all this? All your past experiences, feel sentiments about them, feel nostalgic memories etc?

Swaruu (9): Most people here remember some two or three past lives... the others are like a dream, vague! But I'm one of the exceptions, I remember countless lives, I haven't even bothered to count them. Partially that's why I'm so weird! And yes! You feel nostalgic, I cry because of things I miss, and I suffer for the things I did wrong several lifetimes before. It's very hard not to forget... I wish I could, but I can’t forget.

The problem here is that I remember multiple lives as a "Swaruu (9)" variant because I've been going around and around as myself. I've died many times and I've lived those lives many times as anyone else does with theirs, the difference here is that I remember because I've done that too many times. So... adding to my time jumping in a ship that allows me to see events, I also have lived my life as Swaruu many times over, and I remember.

Gosia: Ok. Those incarnations into John, then Jane, then Thomas etc... does it include the ET incarnations? Or you talking about Earth cycles only?

Swaruu (9): It includes many places. The location is inconsequential for this, like in Taygetan ---> Yena ---> Human ---> Antarian ---> Taygetan again. But, in the case of Earth, you may fall into a trap that keeps you there reincarnating there, that trap is the religions trap implemented by the negative ones as means to control the people, and the etheric fence around the planet (Van Allen Belts) that make it impossible for a soul to escape the Earth's reincarnation cycle. (Except if you manage to have a high enough frequency to pass through the Van Allen Belts).

Gosia: So you mean you go back to being the same person as you were before? Not A to B then C then D etc., in the linear way... but A, B, C, D, and then A, B, C, again? In a circle? I can sense you being circular.

Swaruu (9): That's right in a vicious circle that can take thousands of years to repeat itself. It is circular.

Gosia: So even you are in your own sort of a trap.

Swaruu (9): I am, yes.

Gosia: Did we have this conversation then before then? You and me? And you remember it?

Swaruu (9): I cannot possibly remember all the details, much less an individual conversation, but the main notion of what will happen is there and I do remember.

Gosia: And what will happen? If you can tell me? Or would that predispose it too much?

Swaruu (9): If I tell you I will make it come to you because you have it in your awareness. Nothing bad, on the contrary. If I did tell you with all the details then, I would be sort of playing God, and also whatever I may predict, by the simple fact that I said it changes it.

By the very true nature of time you cannot alter someone else's timeline, only yours. This is why so many good psychics fail to predict things accurately, because they are perceiving things from their own timeline-point of view, and not the other's timeline. So having said this, for all practical reasons, I cannot truly know the future and what will happen even having lived this before many times.

The old axiom that things can only happen once is true. So in short. Even having lived this again and again, many times, I still cannot predict the future. That's the whole point of my work and what I'm trying to expose to the rest. That the timeline altering technology and theory is wrong. Look at the expanded Samsara wheel from another perspective...

Gosia: Ok. Ready for another perspective.

Swaruu (9): It's not a wheel from the expanded point of view, wheel only on Earth as recycled souls. It's a spiral, going around and around apparently a circle, but look at it from a more expanded point of view and you will see that it's never really repeating itself...

Gosia: I see yes! I love spirals... good perspective!

Swaruu (9): It's never really repeating itself...But it's ever expanding as it goes accumulating experience, because all a soul want is to achieve expansion, more consciousness... That's why I am as I am today after so much time jumping. Time is not cyclical, as many dare say. But the looping does make it look as if it were. But it's only an illusion.

Gosia: Ok, I understand. And why do those incarnations are circular… even if they are spirals, why do you go back to being the same person? And not simply to be other people? There are infinite possibilities of who we can be. Why go back to the same ones?

Swaruu (9): Infinite possibilities, yes! Yet, you go back because you constantly feel you could have done better. You go back to correct your mistakes. But you must realize that there are no mistakes, everything is an experience, and the best learning comes from the hardest experiences.

Gosia: Exactly, there are no mistakes. So why do we make ourselves go back? Why do you go back? Instead of going to explore to be someone else... elsewhere...

Swaruu (9): Because there are people who touch you, especially in your life. One time around you are you, next time around you are your mother, or your boyfriend, so you must let go! Not try to fix things for them, because you will never ever finish.

You fix something and you cause another thing to go wrong in the process. Forgive yourself. Let it all go to ascend. That's the way it is. Until you realize that to ascend you must simply take the best out of each experience and let go. That letting go is exactly: Letting off all the Karma. The real trick is to finally understand that you are perfect as you are. Love yourself as Source and let everything go = To no karma.

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