Repetitive Questions that Swaruu Receives Telepathically (Taygeta-Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 24, 2019

Repetitive Questions that Swaruu Receives Telepathically (Taygeta-Pleiades)

These are some basic questions that Swaruu is receiving telepathically in the repetitive manner from new subscribers.
Question 1: Swaruu, what do you want?
Swaruu (9): Contact, teach.
Question 2: Swaruu, who are you?
Swaruu (9): I am a 7th density starseed embodied in a Taygetean and I am a traveler in time and space, among innumerable other things.
Question 3: Swaruu, how long will you be here?

Swaruu (9): I have little time. I do not know more.
Question 4: Swaruu, can you see the future?

Swaruu (9): Yes, I can see the future, but I see multiple futures, the time is much more complicated than what you have been told. Yes, I can focus on predicting a single line, but I prefer not to share what I see at this time.
Question 5: Swaruu, what do crop circles mean?

Swaruu (9): Several things, not just one:
A.)   Human tricks of people with little ethics.
B.)   Temporal markers left as reference of when and where one or another spacecraft has been, communication between spacecrafts. Its finite nature serves as an exact marker of a point in space time.
C.)   DNA Activators.
D.)   Extraterrestrial communication coming from many races. They are complex symbols, universal extraterrestrial language. This is something that you must see and learn to decipher. They are not simple or obvious... look more closely. With more awareness, you will be able to see the messages in the circles, and with more awareness your DNA will be activated.
Question 6: Swaruu, are you real?

Swaruu (9): Yes, I am as real as all of you who are untiringly sending me that question.
Question 7: Swaruu are you an angel?

Swaruu (9): No.
Question 8: Swaruu, do you do miracles?

Swaruu (9): What I am trying to explain to everyone is that it is you who are the ones who do your own miracles without needing to depend on anyone, you do not need to delegate your inner power or your great creative capacity. In Short: No.
Question 9: Swaruu, are you human?

Swaruu (9): I am not human.
Question 10: Swaruu, is the universal language Mathematics?

Swaruu (9): It is not. I have heard that the universal language is music (partly depending on the interpretation of music). I have heard that it is mathematics in part but again it depends on what mathematics since the one you have based on ten is not considered as true mathematics nor is it accepted or understood by most interstellar races, since they all use Base 12 Mathematics (3, 6, 9).
I have heard that the universal language is the stellar constellations (partly but limitedly). Symbology also but only partly.
The only universal language, which as you can see includes aspects of others above is the language of frequencies of gravitational intensity.
In the case of Symbology. There are the crop circles. You are not understanding the message. In the case of multiple UFOs sightings, you are not understanding the message. The UFO formations are trying to give you a message with signs. Using constellations visible from Earth. They are coding a sign language, which I have not seen anyone decipher.

Gosia: And how do you reach this understanding? What is the message? How to decipher - with what tools?

Swaruu (9):
A.)   The markers or the key is contained in the message itself.

B.)   The guidelines for understanding markers are contained in the advanced language of ancient civilizations on Earth, their symbols. Do not see them as silly cultures with less intellectual and technological development, because they were more advanced than you. The basic key to understanding the language of UFO formations is in everything Egyptian, not in the Babylonian or only in part, the parts that share the same concepts with ancient pre-classical Egypt (to use human Archaeological terminology).

Robert: And what do those multiple sightings mean? I saw something similar to this in the City of Barcelona. There were thousands of thousands of UFOs. They came out as if from the Moon. It was daylight.

Swaruu (9): It means a region in space. They use the clouds too. It means look at the constellations that is below the nebulas. To know which... Observe the position of each UFO and contrast it with star charts or star maps. They will start from the most basic. These formations can be seen over cities because they try to communicate with humans. Not all extraterrestrial races can use the Internet. But they all want the same thing that I do - The Contact. They will all start by trying to give the most obvious and simple symbol. They will be placed in the exact position of the Orion constellation.

Gosia: But what I do not understand is that if they really want to be understood, why not leave the message less codified? If you have the ability to do all this, formations in the sky, circles, instead of leaving symbols that only those with advanced knowledge can understand, you could leave the message in English for example. Why does it have to be so hard to decipher? Why not interact in the language that most people can understand without advanced Egyptian knowledge?

Swaruu (9): Some of us can give the message in plain English... but others cannot! Those who can, will. As we do. The only way to understand ourselves among very different civilizations and very different races is to see and understand the constellations and the language of the frequency. Many races cannot speak. In addition, according to them humans at this moment in your history and technological progress should already understand the meaning of these symbols. Unfortunately, not. And the advanced races that cannot talk learn about this thanks to the ones who can talk and who share the concepts with them.

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