Reptiles, Moldavite, and more - Mini Topics with Gosia - Extraterrestrial Information

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 23, 2022

Reptiles, Moldavite, and more - Mini Topics with Gosia - Extraterrestrial Information


Robert: About chromosomes. Someone asked me, how is it? Taygeteans - 24-12 and Swaruunians - 24-24 or 48-24?

Yazhi: I understand it as 24-24 but I would have to go and investigate why the Taygetans are saying that they are 48-24. What I think is that they add up 24 chromosomes plus 24 strands giving a total of 48, but then they count the strands again, as if the strands form the chromosomes (which obviously they do, they are just that) and at the same time they are a separate thing. This is my only explanation. I don't have the firm answer, but as you may have seen I have this in mind. There it is, Taygetan point of view and point of view Swa.


Robert: They ask me about what you think about cryptocurrencies, as a transition.

Yazhi: More control methods that go hand in hand with the agenda of taking away cash, physical money. Nothing good for the population because it's more control... towards total control. Also, if it is electronic money, it can be given an expiration date, meaning that people have a period of time to spend it or it will no longer be valid. In other words, goodbye to savings.

That's why I don't like cryptocurrencies, they only give illusory "benefits" to people who want to make quick profits, in exchange for causing more agendas to take away physical money.

Photo of the "alien" with Pinochet:

Gosia: Is this real?

Swaruu X (Athena): For me, you know what gives it away? First of all, the back wall is solid and easy to Photoshop, secondly the alien has no clothes on. I don't see the point of him being naked no matter how much of an alien he is. They always wear something. They usually wear grey jumpsuits.


Gosia: Do you know anything about the supposed blue lights installed on the street to activate nanotech or something to that effect?

Yazhi: I have not heard of blue light being used to activate nano technology.
What I do see as congruent is that blue light has a "flickering" or pulsation that can be easily encoded, it also has a great penetration inside the eye. So, I do see the possibility that it could be used to activate nanotechnology such as the one inside vaccines.

However, what I know is that they use radio frequencies in the microwave range to activate such nanotechnology, which I hope people understand is very real and not fiction and they better understand that now before it is too late for them.

As for the blue light that is in all devices with modern screens and in LED lights, which they sell everywhere instead of the incandescent lights they used to have, they are very harmful to health in general, not only to the eyes. What happens is that they alter the natural circadian rhythms of living beings, of people, causing them to alter their sleep and metabolic rhythms, directly and through sleep disturbance. Causing a number of physical problems ranging from weight gain, chronic fatigue, which triggers lack of exercise as a consequence, and hormonal problems, among many others.

So, in my personal opinion, I see that forcing people to buy LED lights to illuminate their homes is part of the same agenda of keeping everyone zombified, the same agenda of depopulating the world.

They impose them to use that kind of lights under the excuse that they save electrical energy over incandescent filament lights which, contrary to LED or phosphorescent tube lights, incandescent lights emit infrared light which helps to normalize and correct circadian rhythms, hormonal, metabolic and other problems. (In this case if infrared light is what is sought, a candle, kerosene lamp, or campfire also emits it in good quantities. Not to mention, of course, the Sun).

More about the Reptiles:

Robert: And those Reptilian "humans" normally "transform" into what they are when they are among themselves?

Yazhi: I understand that it takes them some effort to maintain a certain shape. If they relax they go back to the original. It is all mental.

Gosia: And another thing that occurred to me about Reptiles changing into humans. If they can do it with humans, can they also change into Sirians or Andromedans? So they could infiltrate up there.

Yazhi: Yes, they could.

Robert: Yes, they could but since they have their telepathy activated up there, other races would realize that those Reptiles are not what they say they are.

Yazhi: On Earth it is in their interest to pass for humans. And they are, that is to say that if the Prince of Wales goes to take a blood test in a normal human laboratory (to which they would never go), the results would be perfectly human, although they are not.

And exactly, Robert, here it's not so easy to impersonate someone else just by appearance. But yes, of course they do.

Gosia: But they try?

Yazhi: Yes, I hear they have tried that in the past.

Robert: I think you could tell by the way they think.

Gosia: And what is that way of thinking? What are their characteristics?

Yazhi: That it differs from that of the base race, thoughts that they wouldn't have, strange interests. For example, strange sexual tendencies. That's where the difference shows itself first. Because they have a hard time hiding those aspects or Reptilian characteristics.

Gosia: Strange tendencies? Like what? That they like children? Someone asked me if that could be pedophiles?

Yazhi: They like children, they like rituals, and they only get off on extreme sexual practices like torture or sado masochism. But the fact that a person likes this is also due to Reptilian influence without them being Reptilians. That is to say, there are manipulation and social factors that push a normal being to have these tendencies. But in the case of Earth, the Reptilian media influence that guides human beings to want, like and need strange or perverted sexual tendencies, is noticeable.

Robert: But what do human children have that others don't have?

Yazhi: An innocent soul.

Gosia: And what are their other characteristics? Other than sexual. How to recognize a Reptilian being by its "way of being"? What way is that exactly?

Yazhi: He is egocentric, exploitative, manipulative, wants to pass for advanced and will say advanced things that he does not apply in his life. Violent tendencies such as extreme materialism, not having scruples to kill people to obtain his own benefits, economic for example. Long list. But as said above, it also has a lot to do with the Reptilian influence on a "normal" human subject. So the purely Reptilian aspect is not so easy to see and that is the problem.

Robert: If a Reptilian came up on the ship, they would quickly realize that.

Yazhi: Yes, quickly.

Gosia: But if they pass for humans, like the queen, without anyone suspecting, for a long time, they are able to hide who they are. I think they would be able to blend in even among ETs. At least for a short time. Few people here saw the queen being a Reptilian.

Yazhi: Because they are indoctrinated, but not all, I am sure there are a huge number of people who have seen or know something, but they keep quiet out of fear. Also, they are threatened if they speak out.

Gosia: It is possible, yes. Or they attribute it to more normal, human, 3D causes. Also, on Earth these Reptilian tendencies have already merged with the ways of being of many humans. So it would be difficult to discern.

Yazhi: Yes, because if you look at what they do and what they are from another perspective, their existence overlaps with human and others. Question of frequencies. That is to say that humans with their limited five senses will only be able to see the "human" part of the Reptilian queen and the like, however from a more expanded range of perception-frequency, it will be possible to understand and see that, at the same time, they are also human. In other words, it is not that they are exactly "shape-shifters" but that they are human AND Reptilian, and you can tell who they are depending on the very capacity of the observer.

Gosia: Ok. And about Earth children, who are innocent. But, as souls, they also carry burdens, and a lot of traumas. Unless they like fresh starseed children's souls.

Yazhi: Yes, they have a preference for souls of starseed children. Fresh.

Gosia: Do those children have the power to burn them with just their presence? Because it is also said that high frequency burns them. So they wouldn't even come close.

Yazhi: Apparently that is true. With the "high existential frequency" comes a certain immunity to their tricks, leaving them vulnerable. They realize and sense danger and leave. They depend on their tricks and if it doesn't work with someone, they see their existence threatened, they see their security and anonymity threatened.

Gosia: What about Princess Diana? Who was she?

Yazhi: Royal blood, yes, or noble compatible with their needs. But apparently, she had an advanced non-human soul. I don't know what race (souls don't have races anyway, just tastes for being a race) and that's why they used her, because of her innocence. It is not known but circumstantial evidence points to her NOT being Reptilian.

Gosia: And can you somehow locate where the queen is now?

Yazhi: Possible but it is very difficult and inaccurate.

Mind reading machines:

Robert: Yazhi, are there machines that can read minds or is it just fantasy? How can they read minds?

Yazhi: It depends on the definition of "mind reading". But it seems that nowadays there are. But there would be two types mainly:

The invasive one that reads brain impulses with very sensitive sensors of the interferometer type, for example, and with that information the computer forms a group of concepts that are translated into the final result of "reading the mind". In other words, they make a map of neuronal impulses and, based on a table of reactions, they combine the results depending on the type and location of the neuron discharges.

The other type is more common, which is that the machine reads facial expressions, behavior, voice, timbre, everything, and again compares with a table that draws conclusions about what the subject is thinking. This is quite efficient if combined with a pre-made profile of the subject as knowing everything about them, and that's what the online tracking of everything they watch is for, videos they watch, what they buy, what online searches they have done, and the simple fact that their whole life depends on mobile and apps, all passed through a computer that decides the reactions of each person and can even anticipate them.

This system is very efficient, so much so that it is scary, and it is mainly used by Google. With this they anticipate what each person will do, even what they will think if... such-and-such a thing or if such-and-such a thing happens to them.

And the mistake of the population is to think that they're nobody important and that's why the big corporations won't invest in controlling them. That is a mistake that everyone or almost everyone makes and it is terrible because with that, they control them to the fullest. Even with apparently innocuous things, like looking at pictures on Pinterest, they are already being profiled in their interests, not to mention more diabolical things like Tic Tok.

You must also understand that these computers are of great power and there are not as many people in the world as they tell you, so the computer has no trouble understanding and profiling each individual in order to control their social group and thus their culture and thus control the Earth Matrix.

And Tic Tok is terrible because it also collapses people's ability to think, reducing their attention span to just a few seconds. It also saturates their brains with information, which causes them to go into a vegetative state from the micro dopamine hits to which they are subjected. It is literally zombifying them. And with it, total control of the population and with it, total control of the Matrix.

"You don´t have a soul, you have a body":

Yazhi: I recently heard a beautiful phrase: "You don't have a soul, you are soul, you have a body". Nice, yes, but the body is nothing more than an idea that you hold as a soul. So your body is also a reflection of what you think you are within a contained group of ideas that form the concept of the person you are. There is no body because there is no matter. It's all ideas.

But, having said that, yes, from one point of view or another, as from the point of view of the experience of what you may call an "embodiment", then here from that set of points of view "you have a body". In my humble opinion.

Gosia: Yes, precisely, that's what I always say too! I don't separate it. If you keep separating, you will always think there is a spoon.

Yazhi: Yes, exactly.

Gosia: Robert always says, "We are not this body." From one perspective yes, but that's not how I feel. I AM my body. Because my body is another expressed set of ideas that I have. It is all me. There is no separation. All ideas... hence all me. Body, world... all ideas, hence nothing there. No body, no world. There is no spoon. It's hard to grasp this but I feel it deep inside me.

Yazhi: Yes, you have understood. You are not only that body, but your body is definitely the result of the set of ideas that you hold that developed what you are fiscally.

Moldavite - Extraterrestrial stone:

Gosia: Are moldavites really more powerful than other stones?

Yazhi: They are mostly of meteoric impact. What happens is that the very dynamics of entry (into the atmosphere) "purifies" the stone of other things like dirt or dust thus leaving a nucleus that can be of many kinds depending on the initial stone of entry, the most common have a highly ferrous content and therefore have highly magnetic properties.
"Entry" as in they entered burning with the friction of the atmosphere.

But strictly speaking, others like the moldavites, hold within their own crystalline structure, in the form of molecular memory, high frequencies from outside the Earth. Although I no longer like to speak with these terms, it is a piece of "5D" in frequencies, within the terrestrial 3D. In other words, the crystal holds a much higher frequency than the Earth's environment in which they are immersed.

Their name comes from the Greek Tectos or melted. Because of the shape they take on when they enter through the Earth's atmosphere.

Gosia: Ah ok, so they are purer because they don't carry that dense 3D energy, ok. So, is it worth buying a moldavite rather than a terrestrial amethyst?

Yazhi: It is a piece of extraterrestrial origin. Even so, I would not say that they are "better" than terrestrial amethysts. Just that the latter are programmable or more programmable with your own frequency. Another thing is that ultimately, within the Earth's crust, far from the human Matrix, the Earth itself holds a much higher frequency, so they are also "high frequency" stones (amethysts).

Gosia: More programmable than tectites? And what would tectites be used for then?

Yazhi: To hold or raise your frequency, and they are also programmable. They just stubbornly hold the frequency of their origin. For example, there are countless stories of stones like Moldavite where the owner misplaces them and after an incredible and complicated process they return to his hands.

Gosia: They are not cheap, because there are not many, I imagine.

Yazhi: They come from only a place of impact. There is what there is and that's it. They are getting harder and harder to find.

I have a moldavite stone but it's not very big, it's about the size of my big toenail. Even so, small moldovite stones hold great power <--- <---

Robert: And how come you have one of those when you can have others?

Yazhi: Because they are extremely rare, more up here. Compared to the amethysts of Temmer which come in large quantities here. Alenym has one that weighs about 60 kilos in her office behind her chair.

Gosia: But I don't understand, how these meteorites full of moldavite, for example, are produced? Where do they come from? Were they parts of planets?

Yazhi: Moldavite was formed with the heat that was produced when it entered the atmosphere, from friction, and it is unique because its initial chemical components are not repeated, that is to say, the meteorite itself was rare to begin with.

Gosia: But there's my question... what is the meteorite really? Was it a piece of some planet that just floated away or what?

Yazhi: It can be a myriad of things, the most common ones here are meteorites from Tiamat's explosion, bits of dust or small stones from the asteroid belt. But still they come from farther places, and the material that composes each one is very varied.

Gosia: Oh, ok. Last super fast question from Matias! He is asking if she should combine the moldavite with other stones or wear it alone?

Yazhi: Moldavite does not like to be combined, the most it supports is white amethyst which serves as an amplifier. Generally, it combines well. But Moldavite doesn't need anything, alone it is probably the strongest stone found on Earth. In other words, it is "over kill" in itself. It's reactor level, even if it's a tiny stone.

Gosia: I'm going to carry it with me then, I've forgotten it. It's in my room but forgotten.

Yazhi: Yes and I have it too, among others. I will take it out. Thanks for the conversation on behalf of my moldavite.

Gosia: Hahaha and on behalf of mine!

Yazhi: That is THE stone of stones! Forget diamonds and what not. Moldavite is much more rare and powerful.

Gosia: And how do you know if they are fake or not, you don't know, do you?

Yazhi: It depends on the person, that's another topic, I'm going to look into it because since you say so, I think I heard that there are fakes.

But I would say, and this is valid for any stone, if you see it perfect inside, it is a fake. Moldavite also has small balls on the surface. If it is a dirty inside, it has something like contaminants or cracks inside, it is real. Even so, I do not rule out some perfect moldovite that is genuine too. Just watch out for those.

World Cup (Football):

Yazhi: I know that everything is staged and that everything is prepaid and that they buy the referees and the players, and that it is theater with political interests. And that football is made by psychologists to keep the population in a state of zombification, waiting for a desired dopamine hit with a goal, or to induce more frustration and anger, keeping humans down in case their teams lose.

It is part of the control over the population. An important and strong part. Distractor that gives them a sense of meaning to their lives. A meaning without any real gain for the population, other than the feeling that their team won, but it's not their team, it's the Cabal's, all of them. Giving a false illusion that they won, the population won. Delusions that they are "better". Whether their team wins or not does not reflect anything of wellbeing in the population, more than a passable excuse to party, get drunk and go into more debt.

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