Space News 10, Galactic Federation Update for January 10 2024 (English)

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January 11, 2024

Space News 10, Galactic Federation Update for January 10 2024 (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello my friends. Thank you for being here with me again. I hope you are all doing very well. I am Mari. This information can be seen as science fiction or as the viewer sees best, and I post it for entertainment purposes only. Still, I take my information very seriously and for whoever has eyes to see.

In this kind of video, and the last one especially, I must use human terminology and names wherever they may be necessary to make myself understood by all of you. And this is a constant everywhere because I have no other choice. I say this only for you to have this in mind as I go on.

First of all, if you are new here and to my channel, I advise you to watch my other videos about this subject. I will place links to some of them on your screen above to your right around now.

Several large starships of the Orion Council have arrived at Earth's high orbit officially here to witness the Etorthan detachment and its audit, watch over or whatever. I must stress that this is not an invasion force. It is only a very large multiple Orion race diplomatic group, at least officially, as we are all suspicious of other intentions, as you know. And although the races are known, we decided it is best not to publish them, at least for now, as it is best to be prudent at this time.

For that same reason, I must omit other names, those of known people and Earth politicians. There has been intense activity in and all around Antarctica in the past few days and continues until today. Intense air traffic of private jets is detected, military aircraft and countless starships moving in and out of the area. And this is even corroborated by eyewitnesses from the ground in the southern hemisphere who have detected almost swarms of starships in formation at high altitudes coming from or exiting Antarctica and moving north.

Although we don't have a direct line of sight to Antarctica's region because our orbit is more equatorial, space traffic control keeps our navigation department on our control bridge informed with the positions of all starships close enough to us, especially to avoid a collision. And through that system, we can see that the air and space traffic towards Antarctica is very intense, both towards and exiting it as well.

All aircraft, including starships and of whatever race, use an identity transmitter called a transponder that serves others to be able to know who is who, flight path, destination, and so on. Our navigation center on Toleka's bridge indicates that most of those starships entering and exiting Antarctica are Alfratan, Centauri, although an increasing number have Orion Council identification codes.

I just received confirmation that the Etorthan detachment has been holding meetings in deep Antarctica with world and Cabal leaders using remote presence technology. This means as a high-definition 3D hologram and not in person. Yet, there is a very important meeting scheduled for this weekend where the Etorthans decided to attend in physical.

It is pertinent to say that the United Nations Secretary General and the Chilean president have been traveling to Antarctica since November 2023, although it is officially stated that only once.

The Galactic Federation officially stated that the subjects for the Antarctica meetings and audits are media and communications, including artificial intelligence, climate change, energy management and delivery of world resources, health and food supply chains, and global power distribution through government-controlling societies.

Furthermore, the Etorthan detachment, who represents the higher Galactic Federation, whoever those may be because no one knows and no one is telling, has been systematically asking for meetings with the representatives of each star race that is in Earth's orbit at this time, all of which have complied. They have all gone to talk to the Etorthans in the biosphere ship Viera, who then also ask them for an inspection tour of their main starships.

These Etorthan inspection tours have been taking place since January 3rd. And up to now, only one star race that has been called upon to talk to the Etorthans has refused to meet them: the Urmah. The Etorthan detachment has now repeatedly asked the Urmah king Ruhr to attend meetings with them in the biosphere ship Viera and for a Galactic Federation official inspection tour of their mothership Avyon 1.

The Urmah have officially stated that they will not cooperate with any so-called higher Federation detachment if it is represented by the Etorthan race or by any other from Orion, and if all of their questions are not answered to their feline satisfaction. Questions that include who is sending them, the Etorthans, for what reason and who they are, as well as where and how they can talk to them directly.

King Ruhr has officially stated to the Etorthans that any further insistence on this subject will be met with the same answer and any attempt to force them to comply will be seen and taken as an act of war against the Urmah people. He also requests not to be bothered again with the same dubious Galactic Federation Etorthan nonsense because he is busy with more important things like his midday snooze. The unmovable and emotionless Etorthans have only answered back insisting on their request, and King Ruhr only answers back again with his same inflexible demands.

As for the Taygetan people, the Etorthan detachment has asked queen Alenym to meet them at the Viera in person as she is also the official representative and ambassador of the Alcyone Council here, of which the Taygetans are members. Queen Alenym has officially stated that she will not attend those meetings in person and will not attend them through remote presence either and would only consider attending through a two-way video conference through human-made screens and systems, and only after she has reached a consensus with her colleagues at the Alcyone Council and on board starship Toleka.

Up to now, when I'm writing this report on the morning of the 10th of January, the Etorthan detachment has not replied to Alenym yet, and they have not requested an inspection tour on board starship Toleka either.

As for the letter we published here on my channel, as well as all the other messages you have all been sending, there has been no response at all. And knowing how they act, I honestly don't expect them to answer at all. Yet, we know that the Etorthan support team, mainly from the Alfratan, or Centauri race, do listen and monitor what our group shares, transmits and does. We know that they listen and then pass on a report of what we are doing and what we are all saying to their Etorthan overlords.

We have been informed that the second in command Etorthan has fallen sick and is now delegating its job and schedule to other Etorthans in their support group until its recovery. I do not say his or her because Etorthans don't have genders. That's why I have no choice but to use the word “it”.

As for Toleka, the repairs are well underway, although the estimate is that they will still take several weeks to be concluded. Yet, everything is under control here, and we are all good, healthy, and in good spirits.

This will be all for my present report. As always, I will keep you informed of any further developments. As always, thank you for watching my Toleka news video and for liking, sharing and subscribing. I appreciate it a lot, and I hope to see you here next time. Take care.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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