Stellar Navigation 2 (Swaruu) (Part 2): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 25, 2019

Stellar Navigation 2 (Swaruu) (Part 2): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades)


As I have described above all matter is created as the result of a frequency and its harmonics forming standing waves making a concentrated energy point known as a node, all within a potential energy field medium known as the Ether.

A node is an object, solid matter. For a frequency to be one it must have a time laps or variation between its energy troughs and valleys, for all frequency is a series of waves within an energy field, and that variation is given by an observer with consciousness as it depends on a time frame, or interval that is a direct consequence of the observer’s awareness level that determines the Density of Existence it perceives, as described above. The harmonics of a Frequency is the mathematically precise combination and sequencing of frequency changes that create both a perceived solid object and a dynamic sequence of movements between those perceived solid objects. All dynamic sequences in precise order are harmonics of a frequency and function in a linear sequence of waves within the media of potential energy moving to form a standing wave or a node. This movement to form a standing wave or to form a node is a flow or a current in the Ether, and this current is Gravity!

All objects, big and small, are the result of this gravity flow. A Planet, a star, or a black hole are formed in their precise locations because there is a gravity flow in that location converging there, and its harmonics of a frequency create a standing point or node known as the object. So, no object, big or small, has gravity. Gravity is not the result of mass and matter; gravity is what forms mass and matter and it is directly proportional.

I have described what an etheric map is, also known as a quantum field map, I’ve also said up to now how everything is represented, and everything is done managing and manipulating frequencies and I have said that they all correspond to precise mathematical interactions between them. Now we will see how this is done.

Tractor Beam

Nearly any ship, big or small, comes equipped with a tractor beam. It is used for many things, from simple cargo hauling, bringing things up and down from a ship, or it can be used to pull or push large objects or even another ship. The beam that is used to achieve this is a controlled gravity field. This is achieved using a spherical shaped turbine with an opening on one end. This turbine has a series of internal concentric spheres like an onion would have, each one of them spinning in the opposite direction from one another, one in one direction, the next in the opposite one, the next in the former, and they are made of a special none-magnetic ceramic and metal alloy. Each sphere is filled with enriched mercury in a high fluid state.

Each individual concentric rotating sphere is fed with a computer controlled high energy electric current and the counter rotating movement at high RPM among them creates a magnetic vortex inside the core of the main sphere. When the energy is high enough this resulting magnetic plasma will start to glow with a very intense brilliance out of the large hole in the main sphere, and this light is then passed through a series of lenses that are used to focus and concentrate the light for it to be able to be projected as a large beam of concentrated low diffusion light, as a laser would be.

These special lenses are inside a cylindric drum made up of several thousands of high energy computer controlled nano-electromagnets placed in a hexagonal honeycomb pattern, and they are made of, or formed by, high energy hologram projectors embedded within the honeycomb. These lenses are not made of any material, such as glass, they are a hologram, but their high-energy nature has the same effect over the plasma-light-beam as if they were solid objects but with the added advantage of them being completely modifiable at will to control their effects on the exiting light-beam. These hologram lenses combined with the high energy nano-electromagnets change and control the internal frequency of the exiting plasma light with high precision.

The exact relationship, distance and relative speed on each concentric counterrotating spheres results in a change in the frequency output of the plasma-concentrated-frequency-light-field they generate and are controlled by the computer and they are spun using the same principle of an electric motor. These frequency changes within the plasma light of the beam are the equivalent of a controlled gravity field within the light beam in relationship to its surroundings because of their controlled high energy nature. The ship using the tractor beam has special frequency sensors that provide the main computer with the necessary information to determine the exact frequency of the gravitational flow of the area surrounding it.

Once you have determined that frequency you can now generate the exact opposite with your tractor beam and all objects within will no longer be affected by the gravitational field of the surrounding area, they will be under the influence of the tractor beam, and manipulating the frequency output of the beam will determine whether the objects inside will move up to the ship or down from the ship and minute changes in the frequency control the speed these objects will move while inside its area of influence.

While the main counter rotating concentric spheres control the main frequency total power output of the Tractor Beam, the high energy magnets inside the exit drum, combined with the holographic lenses control the minute changes of frequency and details within the beam.

The high energy holographic lenses can take any shape and form to make the tractor beam serve also as a projector. The holographic lenses can result, or form, an exact shape, to a subatomic level, all controlled by the computer. This shape is formed by exact frequencies of magnetism and light in an exact relationship between them, that exact relationship between them is what determines or forms the shape of the object. This can be seen or explained as a mathematical frequency construct as explained above. This means that the tractor beam can project any shape onto the ground and onto a frequency field at will.

The controlled high energy frequencies of the tractor beam, resulting as a gravity field, if set at enough and at an exact power rate can change the frequency of the matter under its influence using the Dominant Frequency Principle: When an object has one specific frequency of matter and is exposed to another of higher power and energy it will change to match the stronger one.

The combination between the computer controlled high energy electromagnets and the holographic projectors that are capable of minute detail at a molecular level results in a precise frequency matrix formed within the exit honeycomb cylinder of the tractor beam that will subsequently transfer it into an external frequency matrix or into the so called exterior world.

The precise gravity field matrix inside the Tractor Beam can form an object, first as a hologram of it, then as a frequency matrix map complete with all its internal frequency changes and its complex harmonics controlling those frequencies. This means that we can create an object with our computer and then successfully graft it on to an exterior world as a solid so called “real” solid matter object, where from the point of a ground level observer, such an object would have manifested there out of thin air!

This is essentially creating hard matter out of energy! The energy used to create the so-called hard matter comes from the Tractor Beam and from the energy reactor of the starship involved in the process. And we could describe this function of the Tractor Beam as an energy-frequency based advanced 3D printer. Adding complexity to the process and imprinting a numerical sequence within the harmonics of the frequencies used, as described above, we can also insert a dynamic situation, or sequence of events, into another frequency matrix, known as exterior or real world!

As the tractor beam manages the exact frequency and all the harmonics of a frequency involved in the process and the mathematical frequency relationship with the environment as well the once hologram or holographic object will remain as a solid piece of matter as the harmonics of the frequencies involved continue to feed the standing waves, and therefore the nodes created that way do not dissolve back into potential energy. The object remains as solid matter long after the tractor beam has left the scene.

Harmonics of a frequency in a potential energy soup, be it the ether or the interior of a tractor beam, will cause standing waves who form nodes and nodes are hard matter, to a subatomic or to a molecular level, piece enough of them together with the correct harmonics and to the correct precise relationship among them and you have created an object out of energy.

As I have said above there is no matter, there is only a complex energy-frequency soup forming everything. If this soup is understood and modified using technology, you can do virtually anything with and in it!

As an example, to make a crop circle all you need is to choose a geometric shape, any one you like, then the computer will pass it to the projectors in the magnetic exit drum of the tractor beam that will modify the high energy plasma-light-gravity output of the main spheres that will imprint the chosen geometric shape onto the crop field below as each area within the tractor beam has a different gravity value and strength according to the chosen geometric shape following what the holographic lenses dictate.

The printing of the geometric shape onto the crop field can be done using this gravity stumping mechanism only, but it would result in a messy mechanic effect on the plants. But if we change the value of the harmonics of the frequency of matter at a precise distance from the ground using our tractor beam, we can force the nodes in the plants stems to change from straight to a bent pattern at our will. This is not bending the crops; it is reshaping them to a bent pattern using our technology!

As this process is not absolutely perfect, and it may involve some elements that were not taken into consideration, such as dust, dirt and debris on the stems of the plants which structure we have modified using the tractor beam as well as small variations within the energy matrix during the whole process, some unused or excess energy will usually remain in the area resulting in a small, but measurable, amount of ionizing radiation present there. This also occurs when an object is created as well, using the process described above, but this radiation is usually not a problem and as it is very weak it is not harmful.

Frequency Sensors

For the computer of a ship to detect and determine the exact frequency of matter in the surrounding area very sensitive magnetic based frequency sensors are used. They are placed along the hull of a ship in special places such as the nose of the craft, wings, stabilizers and leading edges, tail fins, spine and underbelly always in specific places that are subjected to different flight dynamics or different exposure-pressure dynamics with the surrounding area the ship is in.

These sensors detect changes and disturbances in a magnetic field like strength, direction of flow, rotation, angles and flux. They work with two aspects or detection components, one that detects the overall magnetic field and the other that detects variations within that field called vector components, these are the individual points of the magnetic field and how they relate to one another.

Magnetic fields are closely related to gravity fields, being essentially the same thing. As light has its spectrum, does does magnetism, with a metallic common magnet on one low frequency side, and gravity as from a planet on the high frequency other. The gravity is a background high frequency flow as described above and a magnetic field is a concentration point within that flow, usually of a much lower frequency. The only difference between them is only their power differential, or localised points of view, vector components. So, we can detect a gravity flow of a location by comparing the known magnetic flow value within an instrument with the changes that occur in it when exposed to an external environment.

Every electric current has a magnetic value, and having a wide array of electric current strengths inside the sensor, voltage and amperage, and observing minute changes within will determine the value of the gravity-frequency field that is surrounding and affecting it by recording the changes in the electrical resistance of the magnetic field. These wide array of minute electric currents and their magnetic fields continuously fluctuate with a set of precise parameters. This type of sensor is very effective for detecting large magnetic and gravitational fields in large areas but not for minute and precise locations. In order to measure the precise gravitational frequency of a very small place, like a square micron or even smaller we need even more sensitivity and precision and to achieve this we use another type of sensor called a superconducting quantum interference device.

This device measures the interference or the influence a gravity field or a magnetic field has upon the flow of individual electrons “tunneling”, or moving through a very thin, 30 angstroms or less, non-superconductive insulation material, from one superconductive current carried material to another using exact known parameters. This device is so sensitive that it can detect individual electric depolarisations and their magnetic-gravitational changes happening among individual neurones in a brain.

Superconductive: A material usually metal alloy or ceramic that does not present any resistance to the flow of an electric current. This capacity of the material usually is present at very low temperatures, but we Taygetans use normal temperature superconductive materials as well as super cooled ones.

Even though these sensors are very sensitive, they cannot give us the complete values of frequencies involving locations and objects to a subatomic scale, nor can they detect each and every magnetic-gravitational-frequency value of an area, but we don’t need them to detect that data as we know that matter in an overall energy-frequency soup or environment will always depend on predictable mathematical parameters and our computers can make the necessary calculations to fill in the required data to a very precise and accurate degree, using what the sensors can provide and that is more than enough to fulfill the data requirements of the same computer for it to be able to determine the necessary harmonics of frequencies to be taken in account or as parameters in order to achieve an effective manifestation or grafting of a holographic object into an external field.

To be able to manifest a solid object using technology, two critical things are needed: 1.- Extremely powerful computers, 2.- a medium or a machine able to control magnetic and gravitational frequencies with molecular precision.

Starship engine harmonics as exactly the same as spirit and consciousness, emulated with nano- particle accelerators mimicking neurons like the ones on a biological being with a soul

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