Super Manifestation (English)

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January 03, 2024

Super Manifestation (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again. Thank you for being here with me once more. I am Mari. I hope you are all delighted and okay after the New Year celebrations, although most of you, if not all of you, know it's all artificial and there is no New Year other than what is socially accepted and agreed upon. The real New Year would be something like when winter ends and spring begins because it is there where everything alive is renewed. Still, this is not entirely so because this doesn't happen in the southern hemisphere as the arrival of spring is not a planetary event. So there is no real New Year other than your birthday, for you that is, and that is what matters.

During all my past videos about the Law of Mirrors and Manifestation, I always insist that to get what you want, you must be proactive and not only sit and wish you had what you desire so strongly. This means that you must focus and be clear with what you want and think about the necessary steps you must take to bring it into your reality and actually accomplish each one of those steps.

Then, I have also stated many times that you must be what you want and not only wish what you want, or the universe will only give you the experience of wishing what you want. As so many others who talk about this subject rightfully say, you must act and think as if you already have what you want. Wishing something, focusing on it with good concentration, and then becoming proactive taking the necessary steps to accomplish what you want sounds logical and it works for most people living in hard and slow existential densities, which are defined by experiencing your reality through the lens of a biological body.

It is a good logical system because it still observes and respects the laws of physics and the laws of cause and effect, as they call them on Earth. This means that what you wish cannot simply appear in front of you at will and as if by magic. There has to be a process with which what you desire is built or formed and then goes through the process and the logical action which is needed for it to be in your reality.

When observing this, we can see that manifestation on Earth and in all other places in the world of the physical can only follow logical and even scientifically provable steps, where magic is secluded only to science fiction. In the world of the physical, you must take those logical steps so that whatever you want to manifest will become your reality, or else you will remain waiting and only daydreaming.

Although all this is valid for most people, especially on Earth, there is a very big problem with what I just said above because several people there and elsewhere are capable of super manifesting. This means that they seem to have a near-total control over reality where they get what they want nearly instantly, bypassing or jumping nearly all of those necessary logical steps I was talking about above.

There are many people capable of this there on Earth, but we cannot know how many, as part of their manifestation strategy is not to tell, not to share their plans until they are ready, as I was explaining in a recent video, do not share your plans, share only your results. An example of such a person may or might be Helen Hadsell, who was recently featured in Mindvalley's YouTube commercials. I'm quite sure you saw it, as it was everywhere last year.

It is hard to believe that someone can have such a high manifestation power that whatever he or she wishes will come true. This looks like something that happens only in higher existential realms where manifestation is much simpler or easier because of the lighter density. But in this material world, it is hard to see as something true.

Yet, many people are perfectly capable of bending reality in their favor, and whenever they want. They have managed such a mastery of their vibrations, that is of their thoughts, that they all align with being a frequency match with everything they want and need.

As I have explained before, the material world is more astral. The world of the living is nothing but another illusion designed to give souls a set of experiences that are defined by the strong perception, an illusion of being limited. But that is all it is, an illusion. As said so many times, the only thing that limits you is the idea that you are limited. This means that there is no need to wish you lived in higher densities to be able to instantly manifest everything you want and need.

Many people miss being in higher densities, even feeling uncomfortable having to wear these heavy and clumsy biological suits necessary to function in the so-called material realm or world of the living. Although I said that you must be focused on what you want to manifest, know what you want with as much clarity as possible, and then get proactive working towards your objective, I can tell you now that there is a level up in this game of life.

Once you initiate the chain reaction I described in my last video, where you eliminate the blockages, everything that is stopping your progress, you exponentially get better and better at knowing how to concentrate and how to manipulate the Matrix of the world of the living. And with this become something like a super manifestator.

It is clear to me now that several people have incarnated on Earth with full knowledge of who and what they are, as well as retaining full memory not only of their past lives but, more importantly so, memory of what happened in between lives. That is the memory of how it is like to be in the higher astral as a light being planning to manifest itself in a biological body for a short learning experience or as a guide for others.

These few people look human, or of whatever species, animal, or non-human extraterrestrials alike. It's all the same. They are all only biological suits for souls to operate, to function in the world of the living.

As they are conscious of what and who they really are, they work as guides for the rest of the souls who choose to have the experience of forgetting who they truly are. They become beacons of light to show the others a way home so they can stop going round and round in an eternal cycle of reincarnations, which are always looking for a dissolution of past karma as if that were what is really holding them back.

It is only their ideas about guilt and karma they must pay which keep them going back over and over, incarnation after incarnation, seeking forgiveness, while they create other things they will later need to seek forgiveness for, blind to the fact that all they must do is let go of everything, dissolve their ego identity, and embrace the absolute they have always been.

They seek forgiveness for what they perceive as wrongdoings when most of those were committed while under the law of man, of the artificial Matrix, and not of the eternal universe. To escape the cycle of reincarnation and to obtain absolution and forgiveness, they must first realize that they are the only ones who can forgive them. They are the only ones who can forgive themselves.

They seek forgiveness outside of themselves, for example, forgiveness from a god, a saint or a deity, from something or from someone that is not themselves. When in reality the deity they seek, the god or goddess to whom they beg for mercy and absolution, the forgiveness of their sins is in them. They are such a deity, such a saint, and such a god or goddess. As an infinite fragment of Source consciousness, they are all the deities they need, as all those gods and goddesses with names were at least mostly created as egregors on Earth, spawn from the very imagination of those souls who later will beg for forgiveness from them, their own creations.

Same with the Law of Mirrors, the same with manifesting whatever you need. It is not the universe that is going to give you what you want. Realize this. It is only you who is giving yourself what you want and need. You are that providing universe so many people pray to. That “give me please” prayer is giving away your divine power and true potential. You are the providing universe for yourself, and the only thing that is keeping you back are all those sets of beliefs that make you fall into the negative thought patterns of "I can't," "that is not possible," "they will not let me," and so on.

It is only you who is allowing the abusive dynamics against you which are going on in your life now. You are stuck there because of something called guilt because other people made you feel not worthy. Still, you chose to listen to those other people. You chose to fall into that family dynamic or whatever dynamic that is holding you back, be it in this lifetime or as the result of inherited bad habits and conditioning you may be dragging along from your past or past lives.

That is why your mind and your body are full of conditioning that continuously keeps you repeating the same program every day, repeating the same activities and reacting to the same emotional triggers. It is guilt and doubt in yourself because others have made you fall into that thinking. But those others are only a mirror of who you are.

You are a priceless piece of Source consciousness; therefore, you are valuable beyond belief. So don't take more abuse of any kind. Remove yourself from all those toxic dynamics and you will become a super manifestator. Master yourself, master what you want, and master your emotions and mind and body triggers, and you will quantum jump forwards in your life at a speed you won't believe. Master your mind and body. That is the key.

And always remember that whatever you do and however you act will reflect back to you. So treating other people badly will only rebound onto you tenfold. As I said before, take no abuse, but remove yourself from those toxic situations. Running away from them is not being a coward; it is protecting your vibration and the focus on what you want.

Defending yourself is also a viable factor, and it is not negativity when you are in such a frame of mind that you know with clarity what is wrong and what is right. And you will come to a point where you no longer will even need to defend yourself against whoever and against whatever was abusing you before, because you no longer will be a vibration match to any of that.

You will only see other people as reflections of yourself, as you again in other stages of your own spiritual progress. So you will no longer be able to hold any grudges against others, because you will come to the point where you understand that there are no "others". And even those negative people are only a reflection of your own negative aspects. Aspects you now understand about yourself, accept and work on to improve because that is the whole point of being alive: to improve ourselves eternally.

I insist that you must also learn to defend yourself against your reflections, but remember that all the bad things other people say about you describe in detail who they are and not who you are. They say everything about them and nothing about you. A more expanded being can understand a lesser expanded one, but a lesser expanded one cannot understand a more expanded one, or only to the point of their own spiritual and awareness level.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing, and I hope to see you here next time. Take care and have a happy beginning of the new year full of accomplishments and quantum jumps.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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