Taygetan Pleiadians Communicating Online - Why and How is it Done?

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 03, 2022

Taygetan Pleiadians Communicating Online - Why and How is it Done?

Originally in Spanish – between 2019 – 2020

Robert: Anéeka, why the keyboard? Many ask this question. And why are you limited this way and all that. People think you type with your mind on some holographic screen. They watch a lot of Tom Cruise movies. They see that and they think that everything is just like that.

Anéeka: “Minority Report”, yes. Yes, we do that but with the holographic system. Digital and holographic ones don't mix. If you connect them, they saturate the digital to the point of collapse.

And because it's by design. We are supposed to be known to be much stronger mentally and can be invasive and even unfair. Typing keeps us on equal terms and even when you talk and we type, then you have the advantage. If it were not so, we might unintentionally have a mental hold on you, too strong. It is happening as it is.

Robert: The same goes for the weapons of the Hashmallim. They have to have human weapons. So they don´t lose any, among other reasons why. And to be on "equal" terms.

Anéeka: That's right. And because if we used direct means we would give too much evidence and you don't want that on many levels. For example, if you could see me, you would understand that I'm on a ship right away. If it were video conferencing, or even if I were to speak, I would have too much influence in general.

Swaruu (9): This is when I am realizing the volume of information I have to pass to you and Gosia with just a keyboard. Wow! They are supposed to limit us to the keyboard to limit the speed of data transmission. That's on purpose. Or we could overload people (so they say).

Robert: Why do we use this means to communicate and not in person? In the case of the Ummites it was done through letters. Don't you think that it would be better in person?

Swaruu (9): If the interaction were face-to-face, it would be a definitive proof with all the problems that it confers. And even if I were to pass for a human, I would be the one putting myself at risk as the controllers wish to capture people like me.

The least invasive and circumstance-matching method is this, writing, by keyboard. My direct face-to-face presence may also be too much for the average human nervous system. That's why, as Nai'Shara says, we are limited to the keyboard.

Anéeka: But the truth is that these computers are highly toxic to us here. Being that it is impractical to try to intertwine Taygeta computer technology with the primitive devices of Earth. Comparable to the average person using an Earth computer having to pass several large encyclopedias to another population or culture using only a telegraph.

The truth is, whether I like it or not, these are the rules of contact. Strictly by keyboard only. I don't make the rules, this comes from even higher up than the command and control crew of the ship. They are Federation directives and they are there for a reason. I personally don't agree, because they generalize too much. It shouldn't be that way with everybody. But it is. And this is what we have for better or worse. I'm just thankful that I can type very fast. But I personally don't agree with these contact rules.

Robert: And if it were your decision, how would you approach humans? How would the contact be? Directly by going down with the ships? Or maybe you mean the video connection?

Anéeka: I understand well why these restrictions are in place and I partly accept that they are logical. But what I would change would be to be able to approach a small, controlled group of people who are already more than ready for more direct contact. While it is not yet possible to stand face to face, perhaps, but with the use of full video calls. Image and sound.

This would be the next step to continue with the already cancelled First Contact program. Already cancelled but continuing on a small scale, because at this moment there are less than 20 people from Taygeta that could actually converse or chat with someone from Earth being that the actual contact group can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I am mostly referring to video connection. Going down is dangerous for us.

Swaruu (9): I am referring to removing or dispelling stereotypes about "Pleiadians". That they are androgynous, that they are all white-haired, that they are etheric energy, all New Age. That concept has done a lot of damage because it impacts credibility.

While the term "Pleiadians" is an extensive one, and there are many races, I can only speak for my own. We are different yes, but we are physical, we are biology. We are tall, short, long dark hair, light. I mean, we are people. Just more people.

I use a keyboard because I have fingers. The keyboard is plastic like yours. But this changes the whole concept of "ETs" that you may have. The concept of "more humanity".

And this at the same time attacks the Darwinism that plagues the Earth which, while it serves to filter out some individuals stronger than others within a species, cannot generate a new species from a previous one. This sounds like creationism. The humans can only see two options, science or creationism, and do not understand a third option.

A more complicated option that has to do with the creative or manifestation intention of every consciousness that intentionally desires to enter into a physical world for the experience that this would give them. So one thing leads to another. Your clearing up old misconceptions about Pleiadians carries a consequence.

Robert: You seem very human, yes.

Swaruu (9): Because we are the same species. That's why our photos are used as means to attack us. Yes, we differ in genetics, but we are of the same Lyrian branch. That's why we say we are more people, not angelic light beings. There is more "humanity" outside of Earth. Much more, but people do not accept it because they have been under the mental control of Darwinism that was imposed by the Cabal (Charles Darwin was a 33rd degree freemason) to control the other naturalists of the 19th century.

It's just that, as you see, it's a touchy subject because of what I'm explaining. As Anéeka says, there is no ET more ET, more difficult to understand and accept as real, than the one that looks like you in the mirror. But that is also precisely why it is up to us to have direct contact and not to the Dieslientiplex (Arcturians), for example.

Humanity was not born on Earth. Far from it. We do differ inside, genetically. There are differences. But others, like the Centauri, who are 100% like humans, are only more humans.

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