URANUS - Solar System - Information from Swaruu of Erra (Extraterrestrial Information)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 26, 2022

URANUS - Solar System - Information from Swaruu of Erra (Extraterrestrial Information)

Originally in Spanish - 2019

Swaruu (9): Uranus is a gas giant that, like the other giants of this type, will have a light atmosphere above and progressively becomes denser and denser as we go down. But it differs in something important compared to Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune, that below it does have a solid surface with a clear differentiation between that and the atmosphere which has such a great pressure at this point that its surface is literally made of diamond. At many points you can see rocks by compression of less density than diamond, such as quartz formations and crystals.

From the 5D point of view, which is the one that matters because it is the standard of the universe in terms of material density, it is similar to the fauna of other gas planets in that they are beings that spend their entire lives flying without knowing solid ground, since they cannot descend to the surface, or at least that is what is believed from here.

From higher densities, they contain beings of light, 6D and higher, with their corresponding advanced civilizations, if it can be called such a thing, since the rules of interaction are different in those densities, being superfluous a civilization as it is known for example in 3D or 5D. They are, as in the other cases, bioplasmic beings, concentration of energy of consciousness very advanced in the process of becoming something that no longer needs any form. They take the one they wish from their point of view.

On their moons we also find bases of other interstellar species, mostly below the surface. Especially the big ones: Titania, Umbriel, Ariel and Oberon. Miranda, on the other hand, has its own strange flora and fauna. It is full of life, which makes it different from the others that do not contain much indigenous life in them (that is unique to them).

Miranda has an extensive variety of strange animals beneath its surface and beneath extensive ice sheets. This is fueled by internal tectonic activity. Impressive for a small moon, even more so when compared to Oberon, the largest of Uranus' moons which is geologically quite stable.

Life on these moons is sustained in the form of energy precisely because of the tectonic activity of the moons themselves. Being so far from the Sun, they receive almost no energy from it, they are self-sustaining worlds.

I insist, Miranda has a lot of life under the ice, it is an orchard of strange life, it teems with life.

Robert: Doesn't it act as a mirror like Tiamat? Does Miranda have intelligent life like Earth?

Swaruu (9): No, it is full of life, but animal and plant life. Eco systems based entirely on geo-thermal springs, both terrestrial and aquatic. (Geothermal springs hold pockets of hot, liquid water in specific areas under the ice. These are the cores of much of their primordial life that serve as the basis for the food chain of larger animals that inhabit their seas, far below a methane-rich ice shell).

Miranda contains no bases of other civilizations. It is not necessary as other moons are better equipped to support a forward base.

Robert: And why are the satellites named after angels?

Swaruu (9): Because they are human names, given by humans. They are gods and characters from ancient mythology, mostly Norse, Phoenician, Greek, and Roman.

Robert: Uranus also has an asteroid belt, right?

Swaruu (9): Neptune, also because of Tiamat. The rings of Uranus are very small, I don't know if they can be included as rings.

In fact, all the big planets have rings. But Neptune's, as we will see, are more special. I have seen images of Uranus' rings, but they don't match my data here.

The problem is that there is a discrepancy between my data and the data there, but only with respect to size and arrangement, since I have them as very small here. They would only become or look larger if more space debris or rocks in a less dense state are taken into account. That is, widely spaced apart.

Robert: Are there any artificial "moons" - anything that's hidden from us?

Swaruu (9): None, but that changes with the ships that park there sometimes.

Robert: What material are the rings made of, ice rock?

Swaruu (9): Yes, well, they are also debris from Tiamat and other things or rocks that it has captured throughout history.

Robert: Same material as Saturn, I guess?

Swaruu (9): Yes.

Robert: This blue color is from the gas, not from the water, is it? Didn't it have the same effect as mirror Tiamat?

Swaruu (9): It has many moons, but it depends on how they are viewed. In total, it officially has 27 moons. The thing about Uranus is that its gaseous surface has low reflectivity. Tiamat, which means "The Aqueous", had seas, so it was practically a mirror. Also at that time the Solar System was in a denser arrangement. The planets were all closer together, yet in harmony.

Robert: Wow, thank you, Swaruu, are all those 27 official moons of natural origin?

Swaruu (9): They are all natural.

Gosia: What are moons precisely, satellites of planets?

Swaruu (9): Moon is a dense mass as a single unit large enough to exert a significant gravitational effect on its surroundings and on the planet it orbits.

Robert: Are there extraterrestrial races that extract minerals from Uranus and its satellites?

Swaruu (9): Sure, there are bases there. Naturally they extract their resources from the moons and rings, mostly moons, because the rings are too sparse. Moons can have different origins.

Gosia: Excuse me, moon equals satellite?

Swaruu (9): Some are formed at the same time as the base planets. Others are captured. Still others are taken there by interstellar races with a purpose to use them later as bases. Or simply to compensate some problem of instability of the region in general, by its gravitational effect, as ballast or counterweight.

Similar, a moon is a satellite, but some satellites are not moons.

Gosia: What is the difference? I don't understand some basic things sometimes.

Swaruu (9): Satellite can be something small, but to qualify as a moon certain mass criteria must be met. Size and mass criteria that Phobos and Deimos, the moons of Mars, barely meet.

Robert: Thank you, Swaruu, and mostly what types of minerals do they mine?

Swaruu (9): Base minerals for alloys, iron and carbon. And gold of course. And construction material, although less so, because they use the material from the site where a base is built as it is mostly underground.

Gosia: Okay. I have a question. It can relate to any planet. It's about these beings that live there, in high densities. One thing I don't understand. You have said at some point that these high density beings no longer belong to any race or location. So how are they "located" here or there? On Uranus or on Jupiter?

Swaruu (9): They are not that high, I am talking mostly about the lower 6D. And those same beings are everywhere. Not just there. They're just somewhere because it's a concentration of energy attention that largely emanates from themselves as creators, or part of consciousness like that of the planet, consciousness of the planet. From our point of view they are located there, from theirs, they are not. <---

They no longer need places, unless they desire it as to communicate with beings of lower densities. For them, the universe is their home, they are free. Those beings present themselves as beings of light... therefore something that compares to something else that is not them. Like a being of light that has been seen in the forest... being of light being the "creature" vs the forest (not the creature). That contrast of what is them and what is not them comes from your interpretation of things and they know that because they understand the dimensions below them, and they manifest that way so you can interact with them, so you can see the difference between them and what is not them (forest).

They don't even need form, they just are. Those who need names and give names to things are the beings with lower understanding, since the more advanced ones deal with concepts only.

Gosia: They could pass for the whole forest? And me walking through this forest without knowing that I am walking through one of these beings?

Swaruu (9): They do not pass for the forest... they are the forest. They are a planet... interpretations of them or about them, seen from low densities and low density points of view where you still have to think in duality, because it is still duality if you need to contrast it with something to know what it is. Uranus, the planet, is not Miranda, its moon. Uranus is not Mars, nor is it a cake. That is also duality.

They only manifest themselves this way because they want you to see them as something. They are the Whole. They are everywhere but you cannot interpret them as a being. That would be your understanding. Not theirs.

Take a little ant as an example. It is a 3D being but imagine it is 2D. It only knows how to move in one plane. You understand the ant but the ant does not understand you. You can do something manipulative that looks like that ant and appears in its life in front of it. You will have lowered yourself to the ant's level of consciousness so that you can be seen by it, a robot ant, for example, that you control, yet you are not that other ant.

As light beings they let themselves be seen as something, an angel glowing, for example, but it is by lowering themselves to the perceptual and understanding level of the people with whom they wish to interact.

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