Vaccines and Dangers coming from the Astral Realm - TEXT ONLY

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 16, 2022

Vaccines and Dangers coming from the Astral Realm - TEXT ONLY

Originally in Spanish - March 14, 2022

Yazhi: The effect of vaccines modifies the frequency of the body that receives it. Not only does it contaminate it with graphenes that change the DNA in a physical way, but the consequences are that the modification changes the very frequency of the physical body and not to one but to a variety of frequencies that change even with each part of the body.

The consequence of this from the point of view of the spirit side is tremendous. The astral side. Because the vaccinated are made compatible by similar frequencies to the parasitization of countless entities on the afterlife side, or the astral. Opening the doors to mental control of all kinds. Allowing other discarnate things and people to enter and use their body. Causing all kinds of personality problems and an internal struggle for power and control of the parasitized physical body.

The soul signal is progressively disconnected as mentioned before. Not only by the very modification of the frequency and base frequencies of the body (plural), but also because the zoo of entities within the same body progressively displaces the original owner.

In the same way, if there is a reproduction, IF it happens because they become sterile, the baby will be the recipient of the entities of the lower astral that are stronger because a new baby is very coveted. So the new babies will very possibly be the reincarnation of all kinds of people with the characteristics of heartless and cruel psychopaths.

A neo-born baby can be used by remotely and purposely modifying its frequency by means of the mother's graphene so that said baby is compatible with a specific entity that wishes to enter the world of the living.

Even if they remain sterile, I feel and sense that whether they are or not, they can be turned off or on at the will of the controllers, leaving everyone on Earth in a state of vulnerability to the appearance of entities from the lower astral already in incarnated form in the form of psychopaths.

The original soul or the original Source signal will be trapped within the vaccinated-parasitized body at least until death, although the very influence of the parasites' ideas may cause it to remain trapped in the 3D Matrix.

The consequences on the astral side are severe.

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