War in Ukraine - What Hashmallim Saw - Athena Swaruu Informs

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 31, 2022

War in Ukraine - What Hashmallim Saw - Athena Swaruu Informs

Originally in Spanish - 23rd of March 2022

Swaruu X (Athena): As you know, the Hashmallim team went down to Ukraine in the past few days. Last night we picked them up. Myself included. What they saw and we saw there... is going to be talked about for days to come.

The war in Ukraine is a Covid style war. All media made. Of course there are refugees. That's for sure. But the Ukrainian government is in collusion with the Russian government and the Cabal to create this media thing. There are dead yes, but not as you are told and not for the reasons you are told. And even that is murky and we still can't know what exactly is going on there or what they are up to with that.

Robert: From the Russian army more than 10,000 casualties.

Swaruu X (Athena): That is simply not true, it is more lies with agenda as in this example comparison: There are 10,000 dead for Covid in Germany, there are 10,000 Russian dead in Ukraine. Same lie. Thousands of refugees YES. Fleeing from war executed in a media way. And as an important side note, the refugees, although they are in the thousands and thousands, are not the total mass of the Ukrainian people, not even close

Let me inform you of what they saw and we saw. Alenym sent her Special Forces to see what is going on from the ground. Four Hashmallim went down. They wanted to go see that supposed Pfizer lab of graphene that the Russians reported. And it turned out to be a former bioweapons facility of the former Soviet Union.

(Alenym´s note: However, that's not to say that there aren't labs, which we know there are. However, not of graphene specifically but of chemical or biological weapons development. Just that the Hashmallim didn't see them. Ukraine is big. They weren't down that many days).

Swaruu X (Athena): What they saw were destroyed and burned villages. Small villages, not big cities. No people anymore. But the Hashmallim are military, they know what they are looking at. Those villages were destroyed not by war or combat, but on purpose. What they saw there makes no sense. And so village after village, all near the borders with Poland and Romania. Further into the Ukraine they saw nothing unusual, nothing out of place. No signs of war. People going about their almost normal lives just with a lot of police presence, not military. Presence of barricades in the streets, barbed wire. But no fighting and no armored cars destroyed. But a lot of airplanes passing overhead as I reported before.

The situation was more marked when arriving in Kiev, because there was NOTHING happening there. There is plenty of food in the supermarkets and normal traffic in the streets. Just that they have curfew from 8 pm to 8 am. Internet only local. That is to say, the signal does not leave Ukraine, the same with mobile and landline telephony. That is, what happens in Ukraine does not leave Ukraine. No civilian can report anything. But these services are working internally. There is also electric light, and everything normal.

What they did see in large numbers in several Ukrainian cities especially in Kiev were: entire convoys, hundreds of trucks of CINEMA equipment. Sets, cranes, lighting systems etc. All full of Matrix journalists. Hotels filled to capacity with journalists and film crews.

Then they saw cars purposely burned on streets and old armored vehicles, some burned and artificially placed at each location, cranes putting armored vehicles on the street, with directors telling them to put them further down please. Crisis actors, trucks and trucks of make-up and special effects facilities. Lots of trailers or caravans for actors too. As the Hashmallim say, there are more reporters with cameras than soldiers with rifles there.

Kiev received a large influx of refugees from other parts of Ukraine, and the police put them underground for the night. And at night, last night, and I saw this myself, they close all the doors of the underground and journalists come in to take pictures of them, all crowded inside. While outside a single police pickup driving around the block with the siren on every now and then, creating the illusion of danger. With only one policeman inside.

The suffering is real, people are in crisis, losing their homes, their lives, but the war is fake like the Covid. And it is the second war of this nature, the first was the 1991 Persian Gulf war, which was semi-mediatic. This one seems to be completely fabricated.

Even so, NATO is on the borders waiting for orders, it looks like a hornet's nest with so many planes and so much armor. The same on the Russian side. Surely the soldiers believe it is real, it should be this way. But what you see on the news is Hollywood.

I extracted the Hashmallim with Suzy II. I was there on the outskirts of Kiev. They have an old departmental building complex, very Soviet Union-style, from that era. They have cinematic vehicles around it, and they put pyrotechnic explosions inside. It looks destroyed because they've destroyed it on purpose. They set fires here and there, creating the illusion of war. All to make people believe that the Russians attacked apartment buildings, people's apartments, civilians' apartments.

I was there. With my feet on the grass watching all that in the distance as the Hashmallim brought up their equipment. No sounds of war. Just crickets and insects, as spring approaches.

The problem is that we still don't have the full picture. Nothing fits, but war as it's on the news, that´s definitely NOT happening. It's another false flag.

But I insist that people do suffer and they do believe that something is going on, especially the refugees. They believe there is war mostly thanks to the media, and what their local government tells them.

It is highly probable that Ukrainian soldiers attacked civilian villages to make people believe that it was the Russians. Still it is quite possible that there have been real but brief and local clashes between the Russians and Ukrainian forces. But never on the scale they say in the news.

Given that I saw convoys of refugees on foot being escorted by Russian armored vehicles, and from everything else we know that Russia is cooperating in this heinous plan. So I don't contradict my previous report. I just add to what we know. But it's all media.

Gosia: Thank you Athena. One question, I don't understand one thing. What are the refugees, and thousands of them, escaping from if nothing or not much is happening?

Swaruu X (Athena): For the same reason why people wear masks. Because of the fear of war, taking it for granted that it is happening "next door", and those "next door" believe it is happening in the first place or another. As with Covid, they believe that the other person is dying, and the other person believes that it is the first person who is dying. They always take it for granted that it's happening somewhere else, even if it's not happening anywhere else. The media war is what causes them to flee, because they believe in the Hollywood TV theater they show on the news.

That, plus who knows who, the Ukrainians or the Russians, or both, attacked small villages to start the exodus.

(Alenym´s note: From the drones we conclude that there is some fighting, in border areas, in areas basically evacuated of civilians. Inside Ukraine, we haven't seen any signs of war).

Robert: And those 500 prisoners that Putin wants to hand over, is that real? I would imagine so.

Swaruu X (Athena): It is not known. It is very possible that even that is not real. We don't know what is going on. We just report to you what we saw and put the pieces together. Not because we've been to Ukraine, or flying over Ukraine, we know everything that's going on. But what we saw there doesn't look good, it's not war. This looks like a false flag to move their pieces to install their New World Order. They are generating economic collapse, or so it seems, because that could also be just theater.

Gosia: And if there is no war, why are they flying all these planes and having all those tanks and there is NATO on the border?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because we've already seen that either they don't know either, or they feed you lies that go with the narrative. Or they could be creating the illusion of war that we see to provoke a larger conflict. It is one of the main purposes of creating a war with the use of the media, to stimulate the war economy, to create separation and hatred between the two sides because the soldiers there do believe that there is a real rivalry between the nations.

Gosia: Okay. And the soldiers that are there, all of them, I'm sure at some point they would say: We have NOT fought against anybody. No?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes exactly, but soldiers could also come out saying that they fought. And maybe they did fight, but not on the scale they are telling you. I mean, a skirmish between Ukrainians and Russians in some village will cause five Russians and Ukrainians wounded and all bandaged that the media will use to make believe that the war is something bigger. Or not even that, because they may very well use crisis actors to portray said wounded soldiers.

Robert: Of course they fought, because the info is compartmentalized.

Swaruu X (Athena): Exactly.
We don't know and have no way of knowing on what scale they are really fighting and how much of it is just lies part of a False Flag. But most of it is fake and media, that's true.

Gosia: And what about the supposed dead Russian generals, supposedly killed, plus whole regimes killed, can that be falsified? Because you could know if such and such general is dead or not.

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't have the answer. But nothing fits. It could be that those were already dead. I speculate. There is a lot of uncertainty, everything is murky. And people look to us for answers, but at this point we can't have them all. We're just reporting what we saw, we're not jumping to conclusions. And it's very difficult for us to get more information.

However, it clearly looks like it's all media. I have exposed what we saw directly without intermediaries, and directly from Ukraine. There is definitely no war going on, on the scale that the official mass media show you.

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