Za'el and Arien, new friends in star ship Toleka

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March 01, 2023

Za'el and Arien, new friends in star ship Toleka

Mari Swaruu: Thank you for being here with me today. This past the 15th of February 2023, the Taygetan supply ship Saska has arrived from Temmer, which resupplies the Toleka and other Taygetan ships operating in deep space. For us being in Earth orbit is considered deep space.

When the supply ship arrives, sometimes it also takes home crew members who have finished their duty rotation or tour of service, and sometimes new crew members will arrive to join starship Toleka as well. Two new cadets, Arien and Za´el, have arrived on the 15th of February to learn about life onboard a starship and to conduct a series of studies regarding the problems on Earth from the perspective of a Taygetan spacecraft crew member in Earth orbit.

Among the projects they have in mind, one of them is to open a direct and unmediated YouTube channel which will be coordinated with mine following the same parameters and will be directly under my tutelage. This new channel is a support for the existing ones, although it will publish its particular topics independently. This is a channel directly from Taygeta and by Taygetans and, like myself, both have past experience as step downs, which gives them a unique perspective on Earth issues.

I invite you to subscribe to the channel, and I will see you soon. They too will soon greet you personally.

With much love,

Mari Swaruu

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