Aircraft exhaust contaminants (English)

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October 09, 2023

Aircraft exhaust contaminants (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, thank you for being here with me once more. I hope you are all doing very well. I am Mari Swaruu.

Once again, I cannot talk with direct words, but I'll make sure what I am going to say is understandable, at least for the people who already have a good level of knowledge on this subject.

Whenever something is censored and ridiculed, most often it is because it is right on the money, and it is dangerous for the system and for the controllers of Earth if the people know too much about this kind of subjects. Yet, not everything that is being said out there about this subject is correct. Although any information that may help wake up and inform the greater public is welcome, a lot of this subject is easily debunkable, which wrongly leads the general population of Matrix-minded people to think that everything else about this matter is also false.

As is often the case with many of these kinds of sensitive subjects, the hard truth ends up being a lot more complex than what the general population can handle as something real, as this subject once more does not end only at the human level; it goes a lot further. What I will share with you today is the result of what I have studied about this subject up to this point and the results and knowledge this Taygetan crew has on this matter.

First, let's look at the easy facts, which are also necessary, but please stay until the end because what I will say next may be misleading about how I really view and explain this phenomena.

Whenever a solid object such as an aircraft passes through the air at speed and force and there is a certain amount of water suspended in the atmosphere, it will have the tendency to condense into water particles at the points in the aircraft where the air pressure is the highest, such as in the places in its structure where the air is compressed or is forced to pass at a higher speed, such as vortex points at the base of the wings.

This kind of water condensation is usually very short-lived, sometimes only lasting seconds at the most. And it can usually be seen forming at the wing tips, the base of the wings, the vertical stabilizer, and in the case of high-speed aircraft, at their nose, forming a cone in front of the airplane, especially as it breaks the very real sound barrier. In this case, the water condensation is shaped as a cone because it follows the contour of the highest pressure areas in the air, which are caused by the shockwave of the aircraft as it passes through the atmosphere.

Then there is a much longer-lived version of visible water condensation as a side effect of an aircraft passing through the air. At high altitudes, where commercial aircraft reach their trip long cruising speeds, the air can get very cold, sometimes in the vicinity of -40°C. Even at this high altitude, many times over 30,000 ft and closer to 40,000 ft ASL, or Altitude over Sea Level, there is a variable amount of atmospheric water depending on weather conditions and location.

When a large high-flying aircraft passes through, its engines emit exhaust fumes, mostly hydrocarbons in various stages of oxidation, as the engine's combustion is not perfect. These are forced out of the engine's exhaust nozzles as the normal result of the operation of a turbofan jet engine.

The atmospheric water condenses around the hydrocarbon molecules the jet engine naturally emits, creating small ice crystals that form the cotton lines you can see in the sky all the time. The presence of very small solid ice crystals in large amounts can cause a chain reaction, which causes other atmospheric water to condense, forming a larger cloud cover effect over the area the aircraft passes through.

Without being able to say an exact percentage, the vast majority of those lines are completely benign and are not dangerous for biology as they are nothing but crystallized water. However, they do have the tendency to stay in the sky for a long time, even as they are scattered by high-altitude winds. If enough aircraft pass through any area and the atmospheric conditions are appropriate, these can easily end up clouding the sky, much to the annoyance of the population down below who previously were enjoying a sunny, clear morning. And all this without any further conspiracy.

This condensation atmospheric effect was first discovered at the end of World War I when aircraft started to reach high enough altitudes to cause it and was even used in air-to-air combat tactics using aircraft engine condensation as a cover before attacking the enemy machine which was forming it. So the popular theory around the web stating that these high-altitude cotton-like lines appeared only recently is false.

Having said this, let's go deeper. Although this effect is a normal side product of aircraft jet engines at high altitudes, it is being used to mask and hide much darker things. Because it is very convenient to hide other things with, like when the Cabal is scattering and sprinkling chemicals using this effect as a mask. It is extremely convenient to use commercial aircraft to sprinkle an area with desired chemicals where it will fly through as stated in its flight plan. And concluding that adding those desired chemicals of all kinds to the aircraft's fuel would be logical. With few exceptions, like in the case of graphene and barium, most of the chemicals and biological agents which need to be sprayed for their obscure reasons would easily be destroyed by the high temperatures and pressures inside an aircraft jet engine.

Many extraterrestrial races take samples of aircraft cotton light trails regularly. And as I said above, the results show that it is nothing other than hydrocarbons, expected additives, water crystals, and something else I will mention in a few seconds.

Yet, it is also well known that many aircraft are equipped with chemical sprinklers installed in their wings, and some commercial aircraft may also include them. These are used to sprinkle a very large amount of chemicals, meaning that the variety of them according to each area may be very large. These chemicals are used mostly for cloud seeding, which is part of the weather modification and control programs of the Cabal and its governments.

Weather control is nothing new. It goes back to the 1930s before World War II, and neither is cloud seeding, which is not even a secret. The problem today is that science has advanced a lot since those early days and to the point where the weather on Earth is so highly controlled that it is difficult to distinguish when it is a natural phenomenon or an artificial one.

The chemicals suspended in the atmosphere, which are considered innocuous and part of the necessary components of aircraft fuel, react with one another, creating and sustaining the water condensation ice crystals to float around for a longer period of time, which alters the temperature and therefore the wind dynamics of an area, controlling the flow and formation of weather.

Advanced weather-altering systems, which use energy beams and microwaves, need a certain percentage of energy-reactive elements, mostly graphene, aluminum, and other heavy metals in the atmosphere to react with, and those are detected as being added into the components of jet engine fuel of commercial aircraft. As I said above that I would mention, yet not all the aircraft's fuel has these components. An aircraft is fed with one or another component according to their flight plan and the desired effect the controllers want.

Yet, and as I said above, this is on a very small scale where the vast majority of the aircraft passing above are not sprinkling anything onto the human population other than the logical contaminants of any burning fuel.

The Cabal and the powers behind them use dedicated aircraft to do most of the sprinkling, and this includes military aircraft, mostly large equipped with air spray nozzles. It is these aircraft which also spray biological components onto the areas and population below, if you get my drift, as I cannot say it directly. Yes, maladies and things that cause deteriorating health effects can be added and sprinkled, but they need dedicated flying machines to be dispersed as they cannot be added to the fuel of commercial aircraft, as they would be destroyed by their engines' heat.

Another component which is being sprinkled at a large scale is graphene strands, which may be simple or with nanotechnology. Even the simple kind ends up falling onto all biology, plants and animals, as well as people, and as it is so small, it mingles and intertwines with their cellular structure, causing them to be more reactive to electromagnetic waves that controllers emit using several mechanisms such as telecommunication towers. All this to control the reactions and even the thought patterns of the weak-minded population, this including animals and plants.

This propitiates the integration of artificial intelligence and the attempt to link cellular biology to it so computers can control people, animals, and even plant growth and reactions to whatever is programmed, as this rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than only the control over the human level of the population. I am talking here not only about transhumanism, I am talking about transbiology as well, and this will be a subject for yet another video.

These graphene molecules have a tendency to adhere to one another when in large enough amounts, causing spiderweb-like structures, which are easily seen by the general population in the affected areas, such as Spain, for example.

Going even deeper, it is not only the Cabal who is doing all this sprinkling. In fact, they are only obeying higher-up orders. Earth is a highly controlled Matrix realm created to give the souls incarnated their desired strong emotional experience. Therefore, important factors such as weather are being controlled from off planet by the Galactic Federation, and this is no surprise.

Weather on Earth, including hurricanes and other extreme effects, are hardly naturally occurring, not only nowadays but they have always been strongly controlled by non-humans, by the real overlords of Earth, by the gods as the ancients used to consider them, who are only more people by the way.

Simply, the weather control part of this phenomenon needs synchronized global-scale sprinkling of the necessary components and chemicals for weather control to work. And with such precise coordination and needed exact placement at several altitudes and stratus of the atmosphere, it would be impossible to achieve only using commercial aircraft or even military dedicated machines. They need something else, some other machines that are far more efficient and capable than the best existing military aircraft.

Now, I must address my listeners who tend to hear my videos as a podcast, mostly without looking at your screens. Please look at the following exclusive images I'm showing you now, captured and provided by a member of the Taygetan team. As one image speaks a thousand words.

The only way the true controllers of Earth can effectively and efficiently cover an entire area to alter the weather or to sprinkle enough elements is by using much more advanced aircraft, which are better called starships, which are unknown to the public. And their efficiency can explain why all of a sudden the sky can end up being covered in a checkboard mesh of clouds which no commercial aircraft's flight paths can explain. These dedicated advanced spacecraft, which are starships, have been sprinkling chemicals on the human population for decades now and even further back, as in ancient times, as they are used to control and modify weather patterns and phenomena to create desired effects on the areas below, and with it, alter the life experience of the souls incarnated in human bodies. This gives them the wanted drama and experience they sought as souls before incarnating, but with much suffering and despair of their human incarnated avatars.

Most of the large-scale sprinkling of cotton-like trails are coming from non-humans from the Galactic Federation agendas and their plans for Earth and its population. Not every chemistry, trail or contrails are coming from airplanes, and your commercial airliners are mostly not at fault, know this. UFOs do most of the heavy global-scale sprinkling, but they are hard to see as they operate at high altitudes where most people simply cannot detect them. They do so by avoiding commercial aircraft or using them as a cover whenever possible. They are hard to detect as they are very stealthy, but we can, my group and I. And mostly non-humans are at their controls and in their cockpits, all from Galactic Federation obedient races I prefer not to name, but you can imagine who.

And what they spray and when is so variable it is nearly impossible to know, as sprinkling this way is only a means to deliver substances which change according to each agenda and each effect they want to cause or create. Reality turns out to be a lot more complicated than what those mainstream conspiracy theorists imagine and say.

Enjoy your aircraft, they are mostly not to blame, and the entire industry is heavily under attack by the Cabal, which wants to remove travel privileges for the general population. They don't want people to travel, much less long distances; they want you all inside small spaces such as quarter of the towns. Blaming commercial aircraft for global changes is also part of the strategies they use to limit your rights, as always blaming the human population for everything. Go out there and travel with no guilt. Enjoy your life and enjoy your flights.

Thank you for watching my video. Thank you for liking and subscribing, it helps me out a lot, and I hope to see you here next time. Be very well and take care.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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