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You all need credit. Now!

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 03, 2022 - English

Something that ocurred to me to say while I was looking at the recent video-tribute I made for Aneeka. Something I felt looking at the audios and videos of those who expressed their gratitude at the end. 

I want you all to know that, immense as Aneeka was and forever will be, what she needed you to know is that all of you, starseeds, out there, are that as well. Always have been! "Special elite forces", as she once called starseeds on Earth, who "know what they are doing" (even when you think you don´t).

None of us ever need to die to realize how incredibly vast we all are! How talented, determined, creative, and passionate we have been during our time on Earth. Please be aware of that, and how serious I am when I say these words: you are heroes, and every single one of you deserves a tribute, just as Aneeka does. And you deserve it NOW.

As I watch your messages for her, it touches me how formidable all of you are, and what a great and brave cosmic army we form part of. Your character, awareness, emotions, individual talents and is what makes you all unique and you need no special reminder of that. Or, rather, I think you do! Not many souls dare to venture into the Earth experience. And you are one of those who did! What an achievement, what an adventure, what a task! Give yourself credit, give yourself love, give yourself and others like yourself praise. You all deserve it. NOW!

"Why are they allowing you to stay on Youtube?"

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 09, 2022 - English

I see this question/comment repeat itself sometimes, so I thought I would answer in the post. The comment is: "How is the Cabal allowing you to stay on Youtube? You must be the Cabal yourself if you are promoted by Youtube". My answer: 1. If we were taken off the air, it would give so much more credibility to our story. They know what they are doing. They let us be (for now) so we remain in the realms of "fantastical Youtube stories". 2: I have TONS of videos taken off this channel, they are all on my Non Censored Odysee channel. 3: I had strikes many times and very close to losing a channel a few times. I react fast and remove all the content they might want to shut me down for. I have a secondary channel COSMIC AGENCY 2 as a back up in case that happened. 4: Youtube does NOT promote me at all. In fact, I feel I am shadowbanned as when I type in certain titles for my videos, I can´t find them. 5: The controllers can´t just take everyone off the air, not all at once at least. 6: I do feel there is more to it, and that I am in some way protected, being a Taygetan myself (for them up there it doesnt matter if you are in a human suit), and Toleka team having some sort of leverage here towards Federation or Cabal´s attempts to eliminate me. Like, for example, "If you take her down, we will show our ship and let her film it, details and all". This is my theory only, but I know something along these lines was talked about before, so I would not be surprised. Having said that, I am feeling blessed for every new day I am still here. And you should be too. Who knows what tomorrow brings. Greetings to you all! :)

Swaruu of Erra Quotes - Imagination

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 08, 2022 - English

Thank you for your donations :)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 05, 2022 - English

Something I never do here, but I want to give thanks to everyone who is supporting my channel through your donations. I usually send individual thanks through Paypal directly and I hope that those appreciation notes do reach you. I take notice and feel grateful for every single act of support. As you know, I do not monetize my English channel, so it all counts. 

Some will ask, why don´t I monetize my channel? The answer is simple: I prefer not to do it unless I absolutely have to. Why? Because I want to send a clear message to all the followers and all those observing and analyzing us, that I do not do this work for monetary gain. Yes, there is nothing wrong with receiving recompensation for what we do, and I do monetize my Spanish channel (as it´s my only source of income) plus I am open to donations, but I leave the English channel pure of the monetary entanglement. I do this for passion, I do this because I feel it´s important, and I do not wish to give anyone the impression that this is done for money. Haters and trolls grab at absolutely anything they can to attack us, so I am not going to give them extra weapon to use against us. I will only monetize it if I am in a really drastic situation financially. Plus, I really hate adds when I watch Youtube so I do not desire the same experience for my viewers. 

If you do see any adds in any of the videos, THEY ARE NOT MINE. I receive copyright notices every now and then for the music I use and the music owner splashes my videos with adds, with revenues going only to them. I can´t switch them off, I apologize for that. I do try to use as much copyright free material as possible, but sometimes something gets through, or I do it on purpose as I love certain music for some special videos and need to use it no matter what.

So, going back to the original post, BIG THANK YOU AGAIN to all those who decide to support this work through your donations. I say this here as I am not sure my Paypal thank you notes go through, as I never receive any response there. 

Thank you again, and onward we go. Gosia :)

Yazhi´s Quote

Cosmic Agency, Gosia August 22, 2022 - English

Stellars on Earth - Swaruu of Erra

Cosmic Agency, Gosia August 21, 2022 - English

Swaruu of Erra, few years ago: "This idea of being doubtful about ET presence on and near Earth is something new. Something like from mid 19th century until now, and especially since the 1947 Roswell crash, the governments have been trying to make people doubt what the people in the past openly accepted as a simple fact. Stellars are always coming and going from Earth because they are also on Earth. Stellars are intermixed with humans, no clear border between them. Now, today, there is so much confusion that people no longer see the obvious. Much less understand that the people of Earth are stellar themselves!"

Aneeka´s Quote

Cosmic Agency, Gosia August 10, 2022 - English

So true, Aneeka! Thank you. ❤️✨

Message to Moderators

Cosmic Agency, Gosia July 31, 2022 - English

This message is for the moderators of Cosmic Agency groups on Telegram and forum. I have more and more moderators whom I thank for their work, but just as there are rules for members, I want moderators to follow certain guidelines as well. Guidelines for moderators:
1. Eliminate repetitive posts.
2. To moderate, you need to be focused and "moderate" with compassion, balance, and patience.
3. It is not recommended for the moderators to get into emotional and intense discussions with the people they are moderating even if these people show negativity themselves. Stay centered and as balanced as possible in the way you express yourself.
4. Being a moderator does not imply being a gatekeeper with a sword in hand cutting off heads of whoever does not agree, but more like a wise judge, patient but firm. Pay attention to your words.
5. It is not allowed to ban people who ask questions or question concepts if these are made out of respect and the true desire of wanting to understand. Try to find out the intention of each person who seems to be questioning first.
6. Members who show obvious dismissal or aggressiveness towards our work or Toleka crew should be immediately banned (without debate).
7. Moderators are prohibited from showing any type of aggressiveness or disrespect towards any member of the group.
8. I encourage moderators to make new members feel welcome and accepted.
9. Stay positive.
10. If there are two or more people arguing, the moderator's role is to ensure that it doesn't escalate and that all parties are treated with respect, regardless of the moderator's personal opinion.
Thank you all for your support and le´ts keep cooperating! ?

Super Positive Timeline?

Cosmic Agency, Gosia July 22, 2022 - English

Regarding certain notions floating around, the source of which being Robert369 on Cosmic Agency Telegram and Forum, about the supposed super positive timeline on which we suddenly found ourselves on, with the Federation not being in charge anymore, with the vaccine not having negative effects anymore (from what I understood), with the higher dimensional beings stepping in and turning everything around for the humans so we have nothing to worry about, with the non real Matrix people suddenly all becoming real: I must declare that for me, none of that is true.

I didn´t say anything specific on the subject so far as I didn´t feel called to do so, neither do I want to limit your own ideas, but since Robert369 has been establishing himself as a knowledgable person around Cosmic Agency places, and he has been repeating the above statements in many places for the last months, a lot of people might listen.

As much as I appreciate many of Robert´s contributions, I must disagree on the above. Having been in close contact with the Toleka crew for the last 4-5 years, and learning a lot about reality, I strongly feel that none of those statements carry validity. On the contrary, I find them strangely off. And timing for those statements is also off. Robert started to make these declarations right when we stopped having contact, as if knowing that "I cannot confirm any of this so whatever I say will not stand".

Suddenly, after millenia of managing Earth, the Federation stopped being in charge? Suddenly, after a well thought out plan of vaccinating the whole population, the vaccines are no longer a threat? Suddenly, higher dimensional beings woke up and decided to turn everything around so we can rejoice? And all that just when we no longer could talk to the crew?

Let me state this: I do not see the Federation losing power any time soon, after millenia of being in charge. Just like that, overnight. I also do not see how the higher dimensional beings, even though they are helping (Yazhi being one of them), can turn anything around for the humans to such a degree, as from where they are, non dual realms, the game field "below" is for the involved players to be worked out, they do not get involved to such an extent, otherwise they would not be in non dualistic realms where they are. They can only inspire and offer ideas. WE are the ones that can turn the tide, not even them. Believing it´s all been suddenly taken care of by the Higher Beings so we can celebrate, is another "do nothing" hopium idea.

And no, I cannot confirm anything with the Taygetan team or Swaruus now, but I do not need their confirmation when I feel something with certain statements is off. I have been "trained" by them long enough to know things myself. And if I am wrong, and some of those statements thrown around by Robert369 are true, I will be the first to tell you. Wouldn´t it be great if they were? Sure it would.
But then, if that was the case, and the Federation was no longer in charge, if it was all rosy ahead, where are they then? Where is the Toleka team? Wouldn´t it be easier for them then to be in contact now, since it was the Federation that was always on their back? Wouldn´t they be happy to inform us of those changes?

No, something is strangely off in those statements, and the timing of Robert369 starting to make them is very fishy as well. I don´t know if this is some sort of a test for the gullibility of the followers, or in the end Robert369 is something else he claims to be. Perhaps pretending to be on our side, gathering people´s interest, and then when Taygetans are gone, boom... spreading ideas that are way off track to divert people away?

I don´t know, and I am just speculating, but we are definitely way past the time where we trusted people unconditionally, even if they show support. What we do is dangerous to the Matrix, and I wouldn´t be surprised at all if we got infiltrated not only by obvious trolls but also by much more sophisticated methods, not easily seen to the eye, talking in general terms here now, not about anyone in particular.
I don´t write this to begin any discussion with Robert369, I merely state what I feel. And since this is a Cosmic Agency turf and home, my thoughts matter. Let´s hope our Toleka crew can be in touch again soon and give us all a heads up on the recent developments in and outside Earth, but I am 99% sure that it won´t be nearly as pretty as the statements mentioned above. I wanted you to know my stand.

Polish Telegram

Cosmic Agency, Gosia June 30, 2022 - English

Thank you for putting up with all my Polish updates, English audience. Those days are over. Here is the Polish Telegram channel, run by me.  And in the second link: Polish Telegram Group - Free Chat. I am also trying to get Mikko to open the Polish Blog section here on the website.

UWAGA! Zalozylam nowy kanal i nowa grupe, tylko po polsku, gdzie bede wrzucac jakakolwiek wiadomosc jaka mam do przeslania w jezyku polskim.


GRUPA (zlinkowana z kanalem):  LINK 

Zapraszam! ✨

Vaccines - Dangers from the Astral Side

Cosmic Agency, Gosia June 16, 2022 - English

Reviewing the material, I found an unpublished excerpt from a conversation with Yazhi, where she talks about the danger of vaccines coming from the astral side. Since the subject of vaccines is more than talked about in our channels, and since I don't want to steer our attention in that direction much anymore, I decided to just publish it here, and also on the website in the transcripts section, but without making the video. Here it goes:

Originally in Spanish - March 14, 2022

Yazhi: The effect of vaccines modifies the frequency of the body that receives it. Not only does it contaminate it with graphenes that change the DNA in a physical way but the consequences are that the modification changes the very frequency of the physical body and not to one but to a variety of frequencies that change even with each part of the body.

The consequence of this from the point of view of the spirit side is tremendous. The astral side. Because the vaccinated are made compatible by similar frequencies to the parasitization of countless entities on the afterlife side, or the astral. Opening the doors to mental control of all kinds. Allowing other discarnate things and people to enter and use their body. Causing all kinds of personality problems and an internal struggle for power and control of the parasitized physical body.

The soul signal is progressively disconnected as mentioned before. Not only by the very modification of the frequency and base frequencies of the body (plural), but also because the zoo of entities within the same body progressively displaces the original owner.

In the same way, if there is a reproduction, IF it happens because they become sterile, the baby will be the recipient of the entities of the lower astral that are stronger because a new baby is very coveted. So the new babies will very possibly be the reincarnation of all kinds of people with the characteristics of heartless and cruel psychopaths.

A neo-born baby can be used by remotely and purposely modifying its frequency by means of the mother's graphene so that said baby is compatible with a specific entity that wishes to enter the world of the living.

Even if they remain sterile, I feel and sense that whether they are or not, they can be turned off or on at the will of the controllers, leaving everyone on Earth in a state of vulnerability to the appearance of entities from the lower astral already in incarnated form in the form of psychopaths. 

The original soul or the original Source signal will be trapped within the vaccinated-parasitized body at least until death, although the very influence of the parasites' ideas may cause it to remain trapped in the 3D Matrix.

The consequences on the astral side are severe.


Cosmic Agency, Gosia May 18, 2022 - English

Chcialabym poinformowac wszystkich widzow z Polskich ze zostaly stworzone dwa kanaly po polsku poszerzajace informacje naszych przyjaciol z Taygety (i Swaruu).

Pierwszy, COSMIC AGENCY PL, to publikowanie przetlumaczonych filmikow. Prowadzi go Ania. Link: COSMIC AGENCY PL

Drugi, AGENCJA KOSMICZNA PL - jego celem nie jest moze publikowanie calych filmikow ale ich omowienie. W slowach Dariusza ktory prowadzi kanal, "Ja będę nagrywał omówienia, będące opracowaniem danego tematu który niekiedy jest rozłożony na kilka filmików". Link:  AGENCJA KOSMICZNA

Dziekuje wszystkim za wsparcie! ?✨