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High Energy Waves

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 30, 2023

Hello! We have noticed that many people are talking about cosmic energy hitting the Earth these days. As Yazhi points out, that is true, "but it's just another version of the misnamed space storms. It's just coming in at a pretty high frequency. It's true that waves are hitting these days, but we don't see it as anything unusual, they hit the Earth about once or twice a month. It's the very arms of the galaxy as it rotates." 

Don't connect it to the Etorthan arrival, because they have no control over that. It has been hitting the Earth for almost 2 months now, at least. We've talked about how these storms work before (link below), but, basically, "they initially come from the arms of the Galaxy and, upon arriving here, hit the Sun which reacts as the energy relay that it is."

When asked what repercussions that has for us, she said, "Honestly, I don't think it will be noticeable. Hopefully it will, but realistically, it won't be. But you can use this time for meditation, it may help those who are already very sensitive and already have a high vibration. In meditation it can be helpful, yes. But this is nothing new. It comes once or twice a month. It is energy in the form of gravity waves. Gravity contains several frequencies, it is not just one, and it arrives with high frequency. I insist that it's nothing strange, it's just that the media is making a lot of fuss this time."

And Yazhi continues: "If you are in a low 3D mentality, those waves pass as if nothing, rather it only affects those who already have a higher frequency, that is, bad people with low vibration will not feel it and it will not affect them. It is only energy, it is up to each person how they take it. Just as there is an energy of the collective unconscious on Earth, there is one for the galaxy".

I also asked her if they feel anything up there, since they are of higher frequency, and she said, "Honestly, we feel everything the same. But we are already used to it."

The transcript where Swaruu 9 talks about this subject more, below, although note that we no longer use the term "positronic waves". Greetings!