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"Miami mall creatures"

Cosmic Agency, Gosia February 02, 2024

Ok guys! Just to let you know it´s been a while since I had a long chat with Yazhi since they are all super busy on the ship, but she popped in yesterday and we chatted. She is fine just overwhelmed, while also continuing with mischiefs here and then Yazhi-style. We talked a bit about brand new Suzys, not even flown yet, and I also asked about the "Miami mall aliens" since we never got a chance to ask about that yet, with so many other things in the way. This is what she said:

"That was Etorthans opening portals during a test, all from Antarctica. Portals for transit on Earth at will. It was a small useable worm-hole. Those are not nice guys."

I asked if they were sure and she said: 

"Yes, for sure. It´s easy to detect that sort of things with the electromagnetic anomaly sensors in Toleka's nose boom."

I asked if it was done on purpose. Yazhi responded:

"The Taygetans were reseraching that, it´s not known yet, but they believe it was on purpose. We know it was the Etorthans who caused that, but we do not know if the creature that was actually seen was one of them or something else. That is important. And it was semi-material, that is borderline astral. But remember that all depends on the perception of the observer. Material for some humans, astral for others, depending on their vibe."

And why did they do that?

"Probably to study the people's reaction. We cannot know what exactly their plan was."

That´s it from Yazhi on this. Cheers, guys!