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Cosmic Agency, Gosia March 17, 2023

Hello friends! I see that some people went into dissonance when they saw Mari Swaruu with the glasses. Well, let me clarify:

First of all, the picture with the glasses she first wore was for the video where she talked about "stupidity". Obviously, the glasses were a metaphorical play here, since she doesn't need them, and she only put them on for the "look", to appear "smart", to play with her appearance, as humans do too. But no, Mari doesn't wear glasses, only anti-radiation ones when using the terrestrial digital computer.

But that last statement brings me to the following: if they have to wear anti-radiation glasses, it is only logical that their eyes also suffer damage, and sometimes even needing treatments. Taygetans are more humans, and oftentimes they may even need the glasses. They are not perfect!

Why glasses if they have all the technology? Because not everything can always be fixed with technology alone, and the Taygetans, being biological people like us, are not immortal with total indestructibility, even with all their technology. Sometimes they can fix their eyes with technology, sometimes they can't, like on Earth, and that depends on many factors. In addition, they do not like to always resort to technology, and this was explained before. In many cases, they prefer the simple. Going into a dry pod, for example, yes, would help in most cases, but sometimes, as Yazhi told me earlier today, it's easier to just put on a pair of glasses.

That being said, the use of glasses is not common in Taygeta, and only about 2% of the people who wear them on Earth actually wear them in Taygeta. In Toleka, nobody needs them, although the crew is very young, their eyesight is very good.

I hope that clears up the topic of Mari Swaruu's glasses.

Greetings to all. :)